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Sunday, November 7, 2010


 I just realized that this is my 101 post so I thought that since it's been raining and raining I would post some pictures of the last flood of 2008. This flood was very costly for our farm business. We got compensated for a fraction of our actual cost because we are in a flood zone.

 When the Power Commission turned off the power without warning, our sub pump stopped pumping and our basement flooded badly for over a week. Since the water came through seepage and not through the windows  I was covered through my insurance for my ceramic business. Lucky for me that the water stopped rising within one inch from the bottom of the window.

          View of part of the backyard  from the the roof top looking toward my little shed

 Looking from the lower roof, unto the deck. A pot of something cooking on the  camp stove
                  Looking down at the double flower beds near the back of the garage

Our sole mode of transportation to get to the main road so we can  drive  the car half an hour to go milk the cows and half an hour to come back, twice a day. The tractor was on the road which is next to the river in front of our yard. You can't tell where the river 's edge begins and the road is.  The hedge which you can't see was the guiding mark.
                                         The house next door was sold just days before the flood.

The blue house was sold and you can see that the water was coming through the windows. Our  farm  is in the background. Photo taken from upstair window.

                                           Paint cans floating on our basement steps.

To give you an idea of the depth of the water, this fan is a tall floor model.
This photo was taken from between the upper step on the basement stairs. The kiln room door is open and my kiln is totally under water.

Prior to the flood which we thought wouldn't be any worst that what we were used to, we put up stuff on higher ground so everything is not where it belongs. The water came higher and higher.

This was an old sink in my ceramic shop and you can see that the water had gone up almost to the switch.

When the water receeded my heavy wet molds were too heavy and the shelvs colapsed under the weight. All the molds that were submerged were a total lost and damaged beyond repair as the plaster got all pitted and the details were desolved by the flood. I had about 3500 molds in the basement and the rest were ok in the garage. I had some stored  in a building at the farm too that were a total lost. 
                                           Two electronic kilns, a total lost.

                                       Slelves all warped in the pouring room.

My small pouring Machine damaged and on its side. Not shown, my large pouring table was also damaged. I still have many more photos but my post is full for this evening. Will continue tomorrow.  JB