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I'm a mother of four grandmother of seven and great grandmother of three. I live with my husband in the house that we built with the help of my brothers and will have been married for 57 years this February.

Sunday, June 9, 2013


Life seems to be filled with lots of things that needs attention. Weeds, the lawn and hay fields seems to screams the loudest right now. With all the rain, the grass is growing so fast.

It's haying time so the men are buzy and I have to hold the fort sometimes. I've been cleaning the small deck in the back of the house and my pressure washer  busted... I've managed to clean it off enough to paint the small back deck rail. I picked up a new pressure washer today. I personally own  all the  handyman toys to get the yard work done but it would be nice to have a professional handy man doing all the hard work.

I clipped  one side of the evergreen hedge with a small pair of pruners. I have the hedge trimmer but took my time and did a reasonably OK job. It just needs a bit of tweeking here and there with the hedge trimmer. This is the same neglected hedge that I clipped off the top last fall. Sorry, no pictures. I was chased in by the rain.

  I've picked up my hook again and I've tried to hook at least 10 minutes a day. I know that it's not much but it's a lot better than what I've been doing this winter. The rain has kept me inside so I managed to dye a bit of wool for the last vignette. I still have some grass to hook around the rocks.and water. I really find it hard to choose the right color.

I was stuck... Anyone who hooks rugs, knows what I'm talking about.  It something like writer's block. I was stuck on hooking water. Everything that I was trying didn't seem to work. I did some shuffling of the pig and the little fishing girl (that's me) and I'm not happy with the pig and the mud puddle is just not to my liking. It looks like the pig is on a brown rug. yuck...  I left it for now and the pig also needs a tail. I need to dye some wool for the mud puddle.

 I still have no idea what background to put in the upper right corner under my berries.  I'm sure that it will all come together once I'm done fiddling with the brook. I started to hook the hazelnut with leaves. I'm satisfied how they are turning out. They were actually fun to hook.

I've been using the green worms that I have already cut. There were so many marker drawings under the little brook that I had to totally ignore the lines and just hook as I saw fit, trying to make some ripples and curent.

I hope by posting an update it will force me to hook more often.

My daughter Christine is flying home with the boys in early August and Nicole my oldest daughter will fly from Scotland for Christmas. My oldest granddaughter is having a baby boy in September and that will make me a great grandmother.
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