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I'm a mother of four grandmother of seven and great grandmother of one. I have many hobbies and interests but gardening and rug hooking are my main interest at the moment. I live with my husband in the house that we built with the help of my brothers and have been married for 51years.

Thursday, June 13, 2019


The week went so fast I can't believe it will be Friday again tomorrow. Nothing special happened since my last post except that I'm feeling grounded with all the kneeling in the garden I've been doing lately. I've weeded six large flower beds.  A great place to ponder on my life.  It's a wonder I don't have roots growing on my knees. All day, I've been listening to a poor mourning dove, sitting alone on the wire. I wonder if it's mourning its companion.

The other Azelia has just finished blooming and this one is now in full bloom.

It's been a slow process to repair the flood damage in the gardens and yard.  I'm making some progress but it's hard on the poor back. I was chased inside when it started raining and I was kind of glad so now I can do a blog post. Luckily, I remembered to bring my camera outside for a few pictures.

I had about 20 bags of garden debris to mulch. I now have two left to mulch. I forgot about them as they were in the carport.

Nothing much to report except I've been mowing the lawn,  making mulch,  planting,  weeding and moving tonnes of soil and I'm not done yet. The garden is growing well and my beans are up and mulched. Oh yeah, I cooked a few meals now and then cause we have to eat, but not much cleaning in the house.

I mulched most of the garden but I'm only showing some of the basil. I can walk on wet mulch and my shoes don't get muddy. Those were started from cuttings and are taller.

These were started from seeds but they will catch up to the bigger one in no time. They got a bit sunburnt but the new growth is getting greener.

For the third year in a row, I gather garden debris like leaves and dead daylily debris and I  put it in bags until I'm ready to mulch it with the lawn mower and then I put it on the garden after I weed to keep the moisture in and the weeds out. I should clone myself so I could work faster.

The peonies are starting to bud and I used some bark mulch for these. It was so sunny today, all my photos are washed out.

I planted 2 large pots of begonias with trailing lobelias. I'll show the other one later.

and I also planted 2 pots of marigold with blue trailing lobelias. I have more flowers to plant and I hope that I can do that tomorrow. A local plan nursery gave me three trays of flowers to plant and I had already many of my own to plant. They are getting root bound in their little trays.

I've been looking online for these tulips I got many years ago and I can't find any. They were called Mounties. They have survived well and I will divide them this fall. The leaves are wavy. They are my favorite.

This double bed has been weeded since I took this photo and now my Tall bearded Iris are starting to bloom but I didn't take any pictures.
Sorry so many pictures but they are for my record. There will be more to come later.
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Sunday, May 26, 2019


Today, it's raining again. We have had a day of sun and a day of rain, a day of sun and a day of rain all spring it seems.  While waiting for fair weather to work outside I've been working inside making a bed skirt from a very old bedspread. I won't say how old it is, you'll think I'm crazy for holding on to it for this long. It was way too short for the newer thicker mattress and the backing was falling apart. It was quilted from the factory and the thread was very flimsy so it was relatively easy to take apart.

Since the skirting was too short, I had to add another section to make it long enough. I used a white cotton sheet I bought at a Value Village a long time ago, it was like new. It's been sitting in the linen closet all this time. You can see the mattress on the floor on the right. Now my boxspring doesn't show.

I baked some lemon pies from scratch. 

While the sun was shining I put together a raised bed I bought on special at Princess Auto about a month ago.  I bought 6 in all...I planted some carrots called Yaya. I hope they are as nice as they claim. I have a blogger friend called Yaya. I hope they are as nice as she is.

I picked fiddleheads on our land by the side of the river. We couldn't pick last year because the flood came while the fiddleheads were up and Health Canada thought that they would be contaminated. This year, the flood came early before they came up so they were deemed okay to pick.

I know they look disgusting but after many, many baths the little brown skins that protect the tender fronds will all come off.

Here they are blanched for 2 minutes and then drained. I used my salad spinner and it makes the job so much faster. This is a delicacy that we look forward to eating every spring. At our Co-op they sell for $4.99 a pound.

The peas, onions, spinach and kale are all growing nicely.

The spring bulbs and flowers are growing as well as the lawn and dandelions. I've been pulling dandelions every day to try to keep them at bay.

Today, a rainy day, I posted on my blog to pass the time before dinner.
I hope that you all have a great weekend and Happy Memorial Day to our friend in the USA.

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Hugs, Julia

Saturday, May 18, 2019


I think it's high time to show you some progress on my seedlings.

Here is my Morning Glory growing along with the ginger indoors. This was my first blossom and as of today, I have had three blossoms. There are a lots of buds on the plant. It wants to twist around the ginger leaves but every day, I just make the tendrils climb on itself.

There are more shoots coming out from the ginger plant.

My seedlings have grown and I've been putting them outdoors to harden.

I 've been digging sod with lots of weeds at the end of the garden and I have amended the soil and planted 8 blueberry bushes.

I have three double rows of assorted peas, three rows of assorted onions, some spinach and kale planted. Everything is starting to grow. Today I planted two rows of Cylendra beets. I like them because they are long beets and are great for slicing.

I'm still cleaning up from the flood damage on my lawn and gardens. I'll spare you from showing flood pictures but instead, I have included a mini sample of the damage that I have to deal with.

The Daylily flowerbed has been cleaned but I haven't replaced the soil yet.  I didn't lose as much topsoil as last year because I didn't clean the dead debris last fall.

Branches I picked up from the back lawn. They will be cut for kindling.

The path to the back garden behind the hedge. There is mud everywhere.

Everything is toppled and covered with mud in the garden shed.

My swing seats move from the gazebo to the back flower garden by the hedge. I wanted to move them up before the flood but my husband thought that the flood would not be as bad as last year, but it was. I was disappointed. My tulips were buried under mud and debris.

I have cleaned a lot but haven't taken pictures yet. I'm just doing what I can and the rest. I have pruned two of my rose bushes, weeded and removed all the bricks and replaced the landscape fabrics under the bricks and added some mulch. There are two of them but I'm only showing one bed.

Thanks for stopping by. I'm sorry for waiting so long before posting. I wish you all a great weekend. I hope you'll enjoy doing whatever you choose to do. For us, it a long weekend. Victoria Day.
Hugs, Julia

Monday, April 15, 2019


I've been busy enjoying my retirements and not physically exerting myself too much. I planted seeds and I wanted to document how they are doing. I always plant more than I need because they are so small until they grow and then I have too many. lol... I do that every year. I didn't plant tomato seeds this year because we were over-run by tomatoes last year... I may buy a few plant varieties from the grower for my own vegetable garden to have some handy.

I had some old Morning Glories seeds that I wanted to see if they were still good and I planted them in the same pot with the ginger roots, along with some other old seeds. The Morning Glory and the carrots grew but nothing else came up. I pulled out the carrots as they were spindly. As you can see the ginger and the Morning Glory are doing very well.

I bought a sweet basil plant at our local nursery to speed up my basil crop

I took cuttings of the basil plant and rooted them in water in a sunny window.

Here they are at different stages of rooting and to my surprise, the tiniest cutting had more roots.

Here they are potted. I planted some Sweet Basil seeds also just because I love pesto so much.

Here is the progress of my Geraniums.

And Bada Boon begonias that are just emerging.

some Impatient seedlings

Gypsy Broccoli sprouts,

These are Brussel sprouts, I also planted cauliflower seeds and some other seeds but no photos yet because my camera battery died.

If you remember last fall, my sewing machine broke and I inquired about getting it fixed. I found a lady who would look at it but she charges $99.00 to have a look at it. To have it repaired she would have to send it away and it would cost more.  So I bought a new one at Canadian Tire on sale for probably less than it would have cost me to get the other one fixed.  It's just a basic sewing machine since I don't sew much.

Our snow is almost all gone and I've been cleaning some of my flowerbeds but I took Sunday off as a day of rest even though it was nice and sunny. Today is wet and cool.

I wish you all a HAPPY EASTER and some good weather.
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Hugs, Julia

Tuesday, March 12, 2019


The weather has been amazing and the snow has been melting these last few sunny days. What a sudden change from extreme cold to nice warm days. The sky is so blue, it takes my breath away and it gives me hope for Spring.

I planted some Geraniums seeds on February 13th and tomorrow they will be a month old. I can't believe it's been a month already. Time sure is going fast. Yesterday, I transplanted them in small pots and transferred them in the basement under my grow lights.

Here is a specimen of my Geranium seedling.

They are slow so it's important to start them early. Not all my seeds germinated as some dried up because of low humidity in the house but I still have more than I need... I had them in my sunroom but didn't put plastic over them as I was afraid it would get too hot inside the plastic bags.

I cleaned out my grow light unit that was under water for 8 days in the last spring flood and George only had to replace one fluorescent tube. It's amazing that the unit still works after being toppled over and under water for so long.

On March 11th I started some pink and red Inpatients and I put them on a heat mat under the florescent lights with plastic bags over them to keep them from drying out.

I love ginger and use it often in stirfries. This year, I tried a new experiment and planted some ginger roots that I purchased at the grocery store. I cut the piece of ginger in two and planted them with the little nob up

I watered the pot well and covered the roots with an inch of soil and put it in the sun in my sunroom.
I follow the sun with it so it can get as much as possible since the daylight is still short.

This is how much they have grown since I planted them a month ago. So far, they look healthy.

The other day, I also planted some old seeds to test if they were still good and I can see two have rooted on the edge. I think they might be blue Morning Glory.  I have some lettuce and lupins seeds in there as well but they did not sprout yet.

Another first, I ordered some blueberry bushes this year. It was a project that I was going to tackle last spring but severe flooding got in the way. I ordered 2 varieties, 4 Chippewa and 4 Northland and it will be several years before I can pick blueberries from them.  They say it will take 4 years to produce berries.

I haven't been very productive but I've been having fun playing cards with my husband every night rather than get on the computer. We play a game of 45.

I hope you are having some spring-like weather where you are also.
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Hugs, Julia

Friday, March 1, 2019


The last week of February, in a nutshell.

We celebrated our 53rd Wedding Anniversary and I made a carrot cake for us and one for the church. I help serving tea at pancake supper which was a week before Shrove Tuesday. It was well attended despite the bitter cold and blowing wind.

We attended the funeral mass for a dear friend who lost her fight to cancer at age 56. We lost another dear friend after he fell and broke his hip in his home. He went through surgery and because of medical complications, he died several days after.

I babysat my great grandkids while their mom and dad went to the hospital for the birth of their new little sister. Here miss W. setting up the track by herself. I had a lot of fun playing with the kids but by night I was all tuckered out. My son Vaughan took over for me for the overnight babysitting.

Big brother is enjoying an ice cream cone at the table.  He's so well mannered.

Then the new little sister arrived.
I couldn't take a great photo of our new little great granddaughter in the bassinette. She came earlier than her due date because it was deemed safer for both mom and baby.  She weighs in at 6lb 5oz.

The happy big brother wanted to hold her while his sister is content to sit close to mom.

Can you see that big smile? He was over the moon with the new baby sister.
I asked him if his heart was getting bigger and he said "Oh yeah"

Here is the happy family.
The last picture before I left the hospital. Sorry about the poor quality of the photographs. I had forgotten my camera and used my cell phone. My hands are not very steady.

We had extremely fluctuating temperatures during February, warm days and very cold days, lots of snow, wind and blowing snow, frozen pipe, and hoses at the barn but also we got lots of sunshine which made thing a little bit easier to bear.

Welcome, March. Only 19 days to Spring. Thanks for your comments, they are very appreciated.
Hugs, Julia

Wednesday, February 20, 2019


This post is a lot lighter and shorter than my last post... I know I was stirring a hornet's nest but I went ahead with it anyway. Thanks to all those who have been brave enough to comment. I know it wasn't easy for most of you who commented... It was much appreciated. It stirred a lot of interest because I got 180 views and the number will keep going up...

I took a photo of the moon last night with my zoom lens from an upstairs window but still, it doesn't show the face in the moon. It was very light outdoors with the brightness of the moon and all that snow but bitterly cold.

These are Orange Maverick Geranium seedlings planted on February 13

Today is sunny and still a bit cold but I wanted to show you my little Geranium seedlings. One sprouted on Feb. 15th, then one day apart the other three sprouted which was amazingly fast. It said to soak the seeds for 24 hours before planting but I didn't do that. I planted them in these little peat planters and placed the plate on the heat mat and covered them with a glass dish.
I planted another 10 Red Maverick Geranium seeds on Monday and none of those has sprouted yet.

I have these under glass in the sunroom and they are sheltered from direct sun with two small potting soil bags so they don't overheat in the sun.

This is the first time I'm using these tiny pressed peat pellets. Before planting, I soak them in warm water and they swell up before planting the seeds in.

I have other seeds to plant but it's still a bit early for home planting unless I had a hothouse.

I hope your day is going well. Thanks for your comments, they are much appreciated.
Hugs, Julia