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I'm a mother of four grandmother of seven and great grandmother of three. I live with my husband in the house that we built with the help of my brothers and will have been married for 57 years this February.

Monday, February 28, 2011


Little by little I've bought some of my dyeing equipment that April had on the list but I still need a crock pot but I'm not ready to use one just yet.

 My large canner  holds 7 wide mouth quart jars  and my hooking binder where I keep all my information and prices of all my rug hooking supplies. My sewing machine is only partly visible. I use it to zigzag the edge of my backing to prevent it from fraying.
 My Cushing dyes and TOD dying spoons which I got from The Cushing company

My small color wheel from Michael's

 Two additional enamel pots for dyeing, one was $4.99 and the large one was $5.99
 My cheap projector to enlarge my designs on the wall.  It's not the best but it works good enough for what I need it for.
 I got my large safety pins to hold my color palettes together and some round tags to identify the color palettes, a pair of Friscar scissors that I bought at half price a few years back at Fabricville and some permanent fine markers to write on the labels, and even a bit of precut wool ready to dye.

   All what I need to get started dyeing my wool.

Thanks for stopping by and leaving some comments.  JB

Sunday, February 27, 2011


I've been wanting to dye some wool since I got back home from Ottawa as I had a new bolt of wool, lots of dye, TOD spoons, wide mouth Mason jars and a large canner with rack and April DeConick's  Virtual Color Palette  directions. But I had to spend a day cleaning things that only the lady of the house would see after being away for 5 weeks, yeah!!! then I had a two day meeting in Woodstock, N.B. for Soil and Crop and a banquet to attend, My husband was one of six nominee for Farmer of the Year from the Soil and Crop N.B. Club.  Needless to say, a younger and more energetic farmer won the honor after trying to win for three years. All our expenses for the entire two days were paid for and we stayed at  the Best Western Hotel and even visited some friends while we were there.

I had brought a bottle of my own Gewurzt to drink in our room with some friends but I didn't need to open the bottle. There was enough wine and beer to let say, wet the appetite of everyone there.

Now that this business is behind us, I decided to set up a dye kitchen upstairs and I no longer need to use my kitchen for dyeing my wool.
 It's still messy up there as  I've been using that room for storage for my ceramic bisque and paints and glazes and  some supplies after the flood. I didn't take any pictures yet as yesterday and today I was busy dying some color palettes.

This is my first attempt at dyeing 8 values of green palette.

 This is the red palette I did today. It was great fun and I'm pleased with the color and I didn't stir the wool much as I wanted to have some mottled effect as it's desirable for hooking rugs. To get an even dye, I would have to make sure the wool was stirred while the mordant is doing its job of setting the dye.

Maybe I should dye my hair while I'm at it... Just kidding...

I also drew my pattern for my Grandmother's trunk Challenge rug but haven't transfered  it on backing yet. Sorry, I can't reveal the design yet and I can't show a picture as we are sworn to secrecy...  Not until the final cut off date. I don't know why I got myself in this challenge as I don't have much spare time to hook and I'm starting very late in the game but I had fun in the last challenge.

Check out Rugs and Pugs great giveaway. A rug kit that is sure to please.

I hope that all that snow will melt shortly. I'm also dying to see some grass outside. Have a great week everyone and thanks for stopping by and leaving comments.  JB

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I'm back home finally and haven't been to the barn yet and I know that I'll have a big mess to clean up as I hear that my babies have grown and have been into mischiefs in my absence. Yep, they got out one night and open the small gate by lifting up and tearing it out of it's hinges and got into things that they were not supposed to and in the powdered milk replacer and made a lot of messes.  My husband has cleaned some of the bigger mess and left the minor one for me. And they don't wear diapers like my cute little grandson that I left behind in Ottawa. I miss him all ready.

 Little James sitting in a Babysan vibrating and singing chair
 I love the little cow label on his sleepers. Sleeping so peacefully.
 He's very alert and is listening to mama talking to him.
 Bath time is always a shared responsibility.
 Having some quality time with James, my little man.
 How the heck can he sleep so peacefully in that gas relieving position.
 The cat has claimed the box that the stroller came in and is watching James having all the attention gracefully.
 Are we still complaining of all the snow we are still having?
These photos were  FWD to me by my sister Delcina. These were from Lead South Dakota January 5th 2011 of 1-90 close to Rapid City near the Wyoming border. I don't know the authors but must have come from the web.

I feel for those folks and hope that the snow melts slowly enough so that they don't experience a flood.
Thanks for your patience at waiting for my return. Wishing you all a speedy spring with lots of flowers poking out of the ground.  JB

Friday, February 4, 2011


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Here is little James having a bath. He's not particularly enjoying his bath time yet. But mom and dad has made it a joint venture.                                                                                                                                                                                                      I'll be here for another couple of weeks to help until mom feels up to par, in the mean time, I'm enjoying the slower pace and will return to my regular busy schedule once I get back home. I want to welcome all thenew followers who have joned my blog.   I hope that you will find something of interest.  Have a safe and wonderful weekend everyone.  JB