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Saturday, April 30, 2011


I've neglected to blog lately as I've been busy sorting through boxes and boxes of ceramic paints, glazes and underglaze and boxes of bisque that were hastily packed in boxes and stored in a room upstairs when my basement flooded in the last big flood and since I couldn't deal with it because of major surgery, everything just stayed there in it's chaos. Nothing was labeled so it would have been a monumental task to find any particular bottle of product.

Now I have made a decision and I'm not going back. Everything, I mean everything must go but first I have to sort and wipe the clay dust  and label everything so I have an idea of what I have. I have enough of Duncan Ceramic products to supply a ceramic studio for years.  There used to be hundred of ceramics shops around the province but they all closed and all that I can see are Ceramic Cafe where you can buy a piece of bisque that you paint and they dip it in the glaze for you and then you pick it up, paying a hefty price. Things are not like they used to be. I'm not sure how I will proceed but I think that I'll call an auctioneer to take care of the whole thing once I'm done sorting through molds and everything.  I want my house back until that too gets too much for me.

Sorry, no pictures of my huge mess. Maybe later.  Here is where I found God this morning.

This is a picture of my Regatta Lobelia seedlings. As you can see the seed are so very tiny and even though I can barely see the tiny seeds, there is parentage in the DNA that goes way back to when God created this tiny flower. It has been manipulated by plant breeders to come up with this variety but man did not created it. It may be very small but God cares for it as much as He cares for the big things. So leave your cares to the Creator when it gets to be too much for you to bear.

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