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Friday, January 11, 2013


I'm taking a wee break from taking my Christmas tree down today. I was getting tired so I sat at my computer and while I'm here, I may as well produce a post although it's just a boring one.

For some reason I enjoy looking at my priceless ornaments and wrapping them with tissue papers and putting them ever so carefully in the right boxes. They are priceless because I received them as gifts from my children. I have the name of who gave it to me and the year marked on the box. When I'm gone, they can all have their beautiful ornaments back. Each one were chosen with great care and love and given to me as Christmas presents. Every Christmas I've been receiving ornaments. They come from all over the world wherever my girls travels. I'll only show three as the rest is all packed in the totes. Some were bought locally when my kids were young and they mean the world to me too.

This is called a Li Bien Ornament and is painted from the inside through a tiny opening in a mouth blown glass. Because it's painted from the inside, the skill painter paints it in reverse... In Chinese, the phrase Li Bien means "inside". The skill of painting inside originated in the Qing Dynasty and has been a respected art for over 200 years. Each ornament is a work of art and no two are alike.

It came in this beautiful box with information.

This is a side view.

It was difficult to get a good picture because of all the light I have in my house.  I'm not complaining about all that sun  though.

This is a ship in a bottle and again not a great picture. I think this one came from Italy

This is another beautiful glass humming bird ornament.
I've been so not bothered by having my Christmas tree still up but it's really time that I put it away until next November.

Here is my latest update on my Childhood Memories rug. I ripped out the sky and built a section of the back of the house with my dad salting fish in the barrel. Somehow things looks out of kilter now but it's just a collage of vignettes...  My next step is to make a mud puddle for my pig.  He he.

I didn't had green split pea and ham soup for a while so I made a small pot. It was so yummy.

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Hope that your day is going well. Enjoy your weekend.