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I'm a mother of four grandmother of seven and great grandmother of three. I live with my husband in the house that we built with the help of my brothers and will have been married for 57 years this February.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015


To give equal time to Cypress, I'm presenting this  mini silent movie. (Sorry guys but I need to be fair to my little guy)
Cypress has had this love and fear relationship with my big rooster for a long time.
This rooster was given to me by a special  friend while I was receiving Chemo for Breast Cancer  in 2003to cheer me up.... and it's been carried around a lot by the grandkids and has lost his crest, some feathers and just now, his eyes. He looks pretty ragged but he still command attention...

Cypress has been totally obsessed with the roosters and especially this big one... and was really afraid of it.  Always on the look out before entering the room. I even had to hide it in my bedroom, he was so afraid of it...

 I gave him smaller roosters to play with but he still would say Oooouu Ooou Ooouuu. He wanted it yet he was afraid. He spotted  a rusty metal  rooster way up... at the Co-op and he was obsessed with it too every time we went there, he wanted to look at it and wanted to stay there longer to look at it...

I collect roosters and each time he comes in he points to all my roosters. It's rather annoying to us grownups...

I been working on getting him to loose his fear by tickling him with the tail feathers  the last couple of times. It was slow progress...

Just scroll down to the end like a silent movie.

Cypress is playing with a small rooster an the small green  square frame on the table has a rooster in it.

Cypress is showing me the small rooster and wants me to take a picture of it.

Here Cypress is pointing to some of my rooster collection on top of the window shelf.

Yesterday I put the big rooster beside him and went to get my camera . Cypress loves to have his picture taken and he's smiling.

Smiling that is, until I asked him to pet the rooster... His jaw dropped...
He's 21 months old and although he understands, he only says a few words but mostly grunts and does body languages to gets what he wants.

Ever so gently he timidly started to pet the rooster.

He noticed the eyes had been removed (for safety reason) and he was a bit upset until I said the rooster was sleeping and he was OK with that.   (Yes I'm a fibbing great grandmother)

He was so happy with himself.

Thanks for watching all the way down. I know I go overboard with the little ones but it's a grandma's privilege.

Thanks for staying to the end.