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Wednesday, April 11, 2018


I thought it's about time I give you an update on my rooster rug chair-pad and on my seedlings.
I finished hooking Mr. George the Rooster yesterday but I still haven't finished binding the edges. I'll do that on a rainy day. He measures 14 inches from side to side.  My rug hooking friends all tell me that I should hook a Julia hen chair-pad to keep George company. lol... That might have to wait a while.

Next an update on my seedlings. All the seeds have sprouted except the pepper seeds but I saw a little sprout coming out so they shouldn't be too long. Soon it will be time to transplant and that's another job. I have to scrub a bunch of little pots before transplanting. I like to see how fast the seedlings grow more than I like the work. It always amazes me every time I see the tiniest seeds of the lobelia sprouting green leaves.

I couldn't show all the seedlings in this shot

The geraniums had a head start because they need longer time to bloom and once they get their second sets of leaves, they really grow fast.

Now for signs of spring: On my way home from the barn, I finally saw a flock of Robins on Saturday and I was so happy that I forgot to make my wish, lol...  a few daffodils and tulips are out on the south side of the house. We still have lots of snow in places but we can see patches of brown lawns everywhere.

A view from my front door. The St John River is fully opened.

Daffodils poking through on the south side of the house

 Tulips eager to grow

A bleeding heart plant poking through by the front steps.

I hope that you are all seeing some signs of spring even if they are slow to show up in places. No green grass here yet.

I was in the process of uploading pictures for my blog post yesterday afternoon and we lost our internet connection in our part of the city. It was still out when I went to bed last evening but it's back this morning. That's it for my update today.

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