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I'm a mother of four grandmother of seven and great grandmother of one. I have many hobbies and interests but gardening and rug hooking are my main interest at the moment. I live with my husband in the house that we built with the help of my brothers and have been married for 51years.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019


Halfway through January and I'm back to normal or semi-normal. I've adjusted to my new easy schedule and I've rested my tired body and stressed mind. My damaged shoulder is feeling a whole lot better. I had 2 falls in November that had set me back. I couldn't scrub or lift and I got bored and felt blue.

It's not easy to do to keep still when a person is so used to being busy all the time. I've always liked to keep busy, even as a child. I either was always cleaning or taking care of kids or trying to make things better. But starting in December, I was feeling restless and lost interest in doing anything. I needed to snap myself out of this mindset.

After twidling my thumbs once too often, I decided to finish hooking my Julia Hen chairpad and finish the edge. I could only hook for about 10 minutes and my heart just wasn't in it. There wasn't much to hook on it but I persisted and got it done.

This was a rug that my Rug Hooking Daily friends, The Great Stash  Deworming Marathon suggested I do after I had done a challenge rug using leftover wool worms. You might remember George Rooster chairpad rug, named after my husband, lol. They suggested that I needed to do a Julia Hen chairpad. Well, here they are.

I've pestered my son-in-law to show me how he makes Samosas. His chicken Samosas are to die for. They are so moist, unlike the ones we buy at the market.

I made a batch of Veggie Samosas and they tasted better than the ones I bought.  Of course, I didn't take pictures. I'll take pictures next time I make them again.

 I bought a compact deep fryer to fry my Samosas but found out I didn't have enough oil to use my deep fryer so I used my wok. I don't recommend deep frying on the stove because it only takes a spatter of oil to ignite the whole pan. I forgot to take a photo of my Samasas but they looked the same as my son-in-law. I had a little flare up but luckily, my oil didn't catch on fire.

I've cleaned the wallpaper paste of one small section of my kitchen wall near the stove that was unfinished a while back. It was very dried up and needed a lot of elbow grease.

I've spent a lot of time more time cooking in the kitchen now since I'm retired.  Today I made 2 meatloaves, one for us and one for my son Vaughan. I've put on a few pounds but I still stand to put on a few extra more.

I can't wait to start planting seeds although our gardening season is still far away. I plugged in my grow light unit that was under flood water for 8 days in the basement last spring and to my big surprise, the lights lit up. They will need cleaning but I'm so happy they still work. I really thought that they were damaged.

We have a sunny blue sky and the snow is dripping off the roof this afternoon. I hope that you are blessed with good weather too today, wherever you are.
Thanks for visiting, caring and leaving comments.
Hugs, Julia

Friday, December 28, 2018


We had a green Christmas this year and I won't complain. I felt sure-footed as I walked outside but today, it's been snowing and it's warming up after a few really cold days. It's supposed to turn to rain again and someplace, freezing rain.

Yesterday I felt like making Curry Squash soup from a recipe I received from my daughter Christine a few years ago. I used some frozen squash puree I made from our own squash. It was so good and comforting on a cold day.
I like to use my soup tureen often in the winter for soups and chowders. It's made of glazed stoneware so it keeps the content nice and hot for a long time. After it cools, I store the tureen in the fridge.

Sorry about the blurred photo. After I took the photo, I noticed that I had forgotten to change the close-up setting on my camera.

Today I baked some Drop Cheese Biscuits. They were so good with the soup. I had a hard time to stop eating them.

This afternoon, I worked on a challenging puzzle. It's been a Christmas tradition at our house to wind down after the busy Christmas celebrations. I knew it would be a challenge but it turned out to be more challenging than I expected. I started it on Christmas Eves and I worked at it every chance I got and that's all I've got done so far. I picked that one because I love owls. We'll see how long it will take me to complete it.

I must say that Cobble Hill makes quality puzzles and the pieces stay into place otherwise it would be very frustrating. They are made in Victoria BC in Canada... The pieces are random shapes which makes it interesting... The reason I find this one so challenging is that it's from a painting and not from a photograph so the details are not crisp and also the colors all seem to blend in but it's beautiful

This is how much I have managed to put together since Christmas Eve... I sort the pieces by color in plates to facilitate finding the right piece and I stack them to save space.

Today, the waxwings returned to my crabapple tree like they did last year but my window was too dirty with spider webs and grime to take a good picture through it and I didn't want to scare them by opening the door.
I hope that you all had a great day. Thanks for your comments.
Hugs, Julia