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Sunday, April 10, 2011


Do you remember a while back when my granddaughter M was rummaging through my waste basket saving all my wool snippets. She had a project in mind and needed wool snippets to incorporate into it. Well today she came by for a little visit to work in their vegetable garden out back and she brought me her felt hat to show me.

It's not quite finished and she wants to add a couple of pheasant feathers and also a couple of peacock feathers. I think that she is doing a fantastic job. It has three sides although my photograph doesn't show it,

Here is a close up of her ribbon flowers and fancy stitches to reinforce seams in her felt hat.

More fancy ribbons and stitches.

Here you can get a better view of the shape as M is wearing her colorful felt hat. Notice the thumb'sup in approval in the background. Someone wants to be included in the pictures

N is giving her two thumbs up this time as she sporting the hat.
Even big brother L wants to try on the hat while snacking on a gingersnap cookie. Growing boys are always hungry aren't they.

Here my boy George was enjoying all the goings on and agreed to just smile for the camera.

Today was amazingly warm and sunny. It was a beautiful day to work outdoors and I got on my knees and weeded three of my flower beds.  I'm so grateful that I could pull some chickweeds and creeping Charlies before the tulips grows taller. I just wish that I would have had a whole week to do the rest but it's supposed to rain tomorrow and Tuesday. I was so focused in my job that I didn't take any pictures and then it got too dark.

I did a load of laundry which I was going to hang on the line because it was so nice outside but I stayed outdoors and pull weeds until my neck was paining too much. Now since it's supposed to rain tomorrow I just threw the clothes in the dryer. Oh well, pulling weeds was a first priority.

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