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I'm a mother of four grandmother of seven and great grandmother of three. I live with my husband in the house that we built with the help of my brothers and will have been married for 57 years this February.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Today has been a very hot day with 34℃ temperature, that's 93.2 Fahrenheit. It was hot to tag the calves. One by one they had to be taken out of their pens and a halter put on their head which they didn't particularly care for, not that I can blame them,  and walked to an area where they could be tethered to a post so that they stand still to be ear tagged on both ears, government regulations, then they have to be photographed on each side for registrations with Holstein Canada. Then they are returned to their pens which they are happy to return to . I was there to calm them down by talking to them ( in baby talk of course)  hugging them and stroking their neck. Those little things really helps calm them down.

One of my calves has a fever and was given antibiotic. He's the one that was born prematurely a month ago  and was lucky that I was there to get help. He almost drowned in the embryonic liquid.

Two things that made me feel good today, I washed my white kitchen floors and I worked on  binding my rooster rug.

Did I say it was hot... Only a hooker would drape herself in a wool rug in such a heat to sew the binding on. I'm half way done so it won't make it to the finish deadline for the  August 10 minute challenge, but at least it won't be a UFO for very long.  No pictures tough.  JB

Monday, August 30, 2010


    In this heat I haven't accomplished much today except the routine stuff and I broke the steel cable on the garage door and couldn't close it when I got back from the bank. I don't know my own strength.  My irises are still in the box waiting for me to transplant them. I actually started binding my rug and got about a 13 inches done. Nothing really to write about.

 I thought that I would copy a little piece that I was inspired to write when I was in a Little Rock Bible study some years back. I scribbled it in a small note book that I had in my purse at the time. I saved the little note book in my memorabilias. The words came effortlessly and from the heart.  It's a quick pick me up when I'm down and a gentle reminder that I'm well taken care of and should be greatful always.

MY CANTICLE TO GOD                                                                                                               

                   Blessed be God forever.
                   You have been a constant presence in my life.
                   You have graced me with your peace, your love and your light.
                   You call me Precious in your sight.
                   You promise to be with me always.

O Lord, how high are your ways above my ways, 
Your thoughts above my thoughts.

You call me to follow you.
You promise me eternal life.

You carry me when I'm down,
You lighten my burden,
You guide me in the right path, always.

I listen to your voice.
I look for your light,
You listen to my pleas.

You forgive my sins and inadequesies,
And you look on me with tenderness.
I'm your lowly servant yet you treat me like a friend.

You trust me with your creation, Lord.
You are my help.
You sustain and support me always.
How precious you make me feel.

Sometimes I forget that you are there to rescue me,
But you never hold that against me.

I'm like a lost child finding its mother.
You welcome me with open arms, 
You give me all I could ever need.
By Julia Bourque                                                                                                          All rights reserved

Sunday, August 29, 2010


Once upon a time, my gardens were my pride and joy on our one acre lot. I kept them weeded and there was color from spring to frost. Nothing was overgrown until  little by little I got less and less time to tend to them. In the spring of 2008 we had a devastating flood that damaged many of my flower beds as well as my vegetable garden. I had a lot of erosion and got a lot of drifted debris and weeds from  the flood. I could not tend to them because I had to assess the damage to my Ceramic manufacturing business  for insurance purposes and had to have major surgery which left me incapacitated for 8 weeks. The weeds really took over, some I had never seen before.

The winter  of the same year had been hard on my trees and I  had to  have three maple trees cut down  because of ice damage for safety reasons. Under one of the maple tree by the patio I had planted some hostas. They were always nice and green. Now my hostas are looking yellow because they are in full sun all day and that bed is overgrown.

Yesterday I dug up my patch of purple irises and I was going to transplant them today but it was way too hot for me. I turned the soil and never made it to the compost pile because of the heat,sweat was dripping in my glasses and I couldn't see what I was doing so my irises are still in the box waiting to be transplanted. This spring they bloomed but they were not as plentiful because of overcrowding.

I dream of having a gardener to do all the hard work for me.

Here are the purple iries that I want to transplant.
They bloom ealy in the spring at the same time as the leopardbane and tulips. As you can see they are about 14 inches high.

The irises have been dug up and the the area has been weeded and is waiting for the compost to transplant the irises.

There is a box full of small irises because they were so crowded and neglected the rimezones are small but they will be just fine once they are planted. They're pretty rugged so they should be fine. 

Saturday, August 28, 2010


My husband of 44 years is generous to a fault. Nothing pleases him more than to give to people and help them out when they are in need, especially from my garden. He will go out of his way to be of service to someone, to heal their hurts.

The large banana is for comparison. The  body of the squash measures 21 inches, not including the stems
Years ago when the church supper organizers were having difficulty getting enough squash  donated for the fall suppers, I suggested that maybe someone could plant a large patch just for the church suppers. My father in law jumped at the suggestion and planted a huge garden of squash, enough  for the church suppers, for sale at the fancy table and for family and friends. He did this for many years. After all we live on a farm and have access to tractors and land and compost.  My dear father in law is gone now and my husband has kept up the tradition and every year I've helped planting the squash plants and weeding and tilling them and making sure that the cucumber beetles didn't destroy them, that is until this year when I said that I really didn't have time any more since I was looking after the calves and office work as well as running a household and looking after the grounds at our place etc.

My dear husband bought the seeds himself and decided to try two different type of squash instead of sticking with the Buttercup squash. He bought some Buttercup and Hubbard seeds and never said a word about his purchase. The seeds were planted and cared by a friend nursery man until the plants were large enough to transplant in the garden. My husband enlisted the help from the young hired hand to plant and care for the squash and I really didn't had anything to do with it this year.

A few days ago,  my husband proudly brought the monster squash in the house. I thought that it was a mishap squash until he said, "This is a Hubbard squash and they say they're really good when fully mature" My reaction : Oh  my gosh!  That squash would feed an army, this is not practical, it's too big" What can I say, didn't I told you that he's generous to a fault.  I'm just waiting for the church supper kitchen staff's reaction. After all it won't cost them a cent.

Too bad most of you live so far away.  JB

Friday, August 27, 2010


Picked fresh from my garden this morning. My onions are huge, the biggest I ever grew in all my years of gardening.
Potatoes freshly dug up from the damp ground from that much needed  rain we got yesterday.
As I went to the zucchini patch I scared this frog and it leaped on a huge leaf on the zucchini plant and looks so small in comparaison
Beauty abounds in the garden
Nothing like vegetables and herbs fresh from the garden to add to the stew. I'm not so sure about the frog though.

I finally finished whipping my rooster rug this evening, now all I have left to do is binding and steaming and pressing.   JB

Thursday, August 26, 2010


These photos are showing up backward. To get the sequence that these photos were taken you'll have to start at the bottom of my post. I don't know how to rearrange them without starting all over. It's late and I'm tired. I hope that you can understand how I whip my edge because nobody showed me how to do corners or to change to a new piece of yarn. I guess that next time I'll post my photos and tell my story after. Sorry folks.  JB

Notice that I didn't quite go right up to the mark in the corner

Getting closer to the corner, you have to try to whip a bit at an angle to make a decent corner.

Getting ready to whip the corner, a little patience needed here.

Getting ready to whip over loose ends to secure them before continuing whipping.

Starting with a new  piece of whipping yarn by doing the same thing on the outside, securing the ends by whipping over them a few times  and hiding the other under the binding later.

Cutting the yarn and tucking the ends under and securing it by whipping over a few times and and the other piece will be hidden by the binding
I'm proud of myself. Today I've managed to whip most of my rug edge and I only have about another 12 inches to go. That's a lot of whipping but it not like whipping cream I tell you. I sacrificed washing my dishes and they're still in the sink, until tomorrow. Something had to give to spend quality time with my rug.
I marked the corner for whipping so I wouldn't have to guess where to put my needleAdd caption
It's funny, when I start something, I'm unstoppable until I start something else.  Take this silly little blog for example, it's keeping me up later than usual and I know that I have to wake up at 6:30 am.  I have this unwritten rule that I owe my readers something. I always had a sense of duty, no matter what I do. I get dedicated until I get real tired. Not much to talk about tonight. What could I possibly tell you about whipping that would be entertaining? Nothing was happening while I was silently whipping. Oh yeah... I took some photos while I was whipping away...  JB

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


One side done, three more to go
There're no doubt that blogging takes me away from working on my quilt and rug but a girl has to have an array of hobbies and life is made to be enjoyed and so I've decided that 's what I'll do. Blogging actually gives me pleasure. But it's time to give a peek at my slow progress of whipping the edge, I'm actually turning a corner. I took a photo close up of the back corner and it was a bit blurry. I need to get a better camera.


Did you see that full moon last night? It was magnificent. I heard that more babies are born around the full moon and that's what happened last night. We found two little bulls running around in the field. One was found last evening around 9:30 p.m. He was easy to spot  with the flashlight because he was mostly white with black markings but the other mostly black one wasn't found until this morning. The vet had to be called in to make sure that we had the right cow to match with the last calf as the last calf was found nursing on another cow that wasn't her mother and that cow was upset when we took the calf away from her. Weird... No photos of the calves as I had my hands full.  There is no more vacancy in my calf nursery. If time permits I may take a few photos tomorrow.

Raspy drank a full bottle this morning and about three quarter of his bottle this afternoon, but I'm sure that he'll do better in the morning.

The much needed rain is falling quite hard at the moment and quenching my parched front lawn that has started to turn brown.  Funny thing about my husband, he mean well but sometimes I wonder. I usually am in charge of the gardens and lawn around our house. In August we usually get a stressed lawn that turns brown until we get a good rain. This year I was ahead of the game because I had my mower raised up as high as it would go so the my grass wouldn't get cut too short in hot weather. I was proud of my foresight. I took out my lawnmower and cut the grass longer than usual, very pleased with myself. My husband has purchased one of those big fast lawnmower that can turn on a dime, just like the city uses to cut their vast expanses of grass. They work like a skid steer with  leavers instead of a stirring wheel. He was going to do me a favor and cut the grass while testing his new toy on our lawn.

I saw him going about a hundred miles an hour and thought to myself that, Wow that machine sure makes cutting the lawn child's play. I was busy making my zucchini cakes and was pouring the batter into the pans. In a few minutes he was done with the back and was going on the front lawn with the machine while I stood there with my mouth wide open gasping for air. But I love him just the same... JB

Tuesday, August 24, 2010



Raspy being curious. Poking his head where his milk pail
 is supposed to be,
 but he's not ready for the pail yet. 
Notice the bare patch of hair on his leg.
 Now that he getting better his hair will grow again. 


One hand on the camera and the other holding the bottle. 
and Raspy sucking 

Raspy chewing at the gate showing me he's ready to eat♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Raspy looking so much better.
Finally some improvement in Raspy. He was still up waiting for me to feed him this afternoon. I was half an hour late to feed him because of the funeral and reception I had to attend this afternoon. He drank almost all his bottle again. He held his head up as if to say, Thank you Renee for your long distance healing hug. It really works like magic. ♥ ♥ Taking photos of a little calf is never easy especially in cramped quarters but I did my best. It would take a camera that can take a series of photos in quick succession and to choose the best one. My camera is too slow and the calf never cooperate or pose for the camera and keeps moving his head...

His pen looks smaller than it is  because the photo was taken at close range.

I'll be going to bed earlier tonight as I'm a bit sleep deprived.  Take care everyone,  JB

Monday, August 23, 2010


 Thank goodness that it's getting cooler, I'm so ready for the Fall cooler temperature. This girl  just can't take the heat.

I'm at it again, I made another two batches of pickles. A batch of yummy Bread and Butter pickles and a batch of Mustard Pickles.  Here's a few pictures. Notice the huge jars. lol. And look what left of my Zucchini cakes.

Sorry  girls, I forgot to bring my camera to the barn twice today so I didn't take any photo of poor little Raspy. This morning he couldn't stand at all and flatly refused to suck. My son and I decided that it's best to either let him die peacefully or to have the vet put it to sleep. This afternoon he was up and drank a full bottle of electrolyte. God knows what tomorrow will bring. He's so skinny and tiny.  I talked to him and told him about people praying for him and dear Renee was sending him a big healing hug and I think he felt it.  Thanks Renee. I hope he's going to make it.
Today I had to take the time I would have worked on my rug to visit the mother of a friend at the funeral home  and tomorrow is the funeral. My poor rug is still waiting and waiting.   JB

Sunday, August 22, 2010


Finally I'm seeing an improvement with my little sick twin bull calf, Raspy. He was standing up waiting for me this morning and drank a whole bottle of milk and again this afternoon he almost finished his bottle. About a third of a pint left.  Thanks for those who sent some encouraging comments.  Raspy was born on the 7th of August and has been sick most of this time. He quite skinny poor little thing. His twin brother  was still born five hours earlier.

Yesterday I said that I would have some pictures of my zucchini cakes. My daughter put some cream cheese icing on both of them but I didn't take any photo of the icing. I gave half of one away to my son.
She sprinkles some grounded walnuts on top. It 's really a yummy cake. It's really a zucchini bread but I baked them in tube pans for about the same amount of time but used 1/4 cup less of oil and it's still moist.

I did another little bit of whipping on my rug but didn't take any photo, instead I've prepared some Bread and Butter  and also some Mustard Pickles in a brine  to soak over night to try to use some of my excess cucumbers. I've given some more  to the church for their pickling. Tomorrow is pickling day again.

My oldest daughter has returned to Rome today to finish her vacations before returning to Scotland so needless to say I spent some quality time with her  before she left.

One thing that I feel extremely blessed about is the fact that all my four grown up children are very loving and caring toward each others and are not afraid to show their love publicly. It really warms my heart to see that there is  no rivalry between them. They are all unique and are not perfect but they all make me proud.

You've probably noticed that I haven't posted any photos of them or given their names, it's because I respect their privacy.


Today, Saturday I  did the usual.  Since I didn't had to prepare lunch, I decided to get a very large zucchini from the garden to make zucchini cakes. I made two large zucchini cakes and there was still a piece of zucchini left.

I spent some quality time with my rug trying a little bonding... I mean binding. I'm using a cord and double yarn to whip the edge and then I'll sew the binding tape. Maybe I'll post some photos tomorrow as I have to hit the sack.

My little calf is still not getting up but it drank 2 pints this evening which is better than yesterday.  JB

Friday, August 20, 2010


Today was routine, up early, cup of coffee, healty breakfast, pill, check emails, walk to the farm  for routine work, come back home to prepare lunch, eat, start to wash dishes, noticed a few drops of rain outside. They announced rain on the weather channel. I thought that I better get some fresh tomatoes and cucumbers before it pours as I don't like to go in the garden when it's wet.

I took a large metal bowl and arrived in the garden and again the two baby doves are close together in the garden, I ran back in to fetch my camera and snaped a picture. You get the sence of deja vue. 

Anyway,  I picked all the larger cucumbers, three boxes in all and all the red tomatos, pulled out all my onions. They are super large this year. I noticed that some of the weeds were quickly going to seed.  That's not good at all... so I started pulling the big ones, and oh yes... the  crab grass in it's full glory and another type of weed with big fat seed pods, a few chick weeds, before I know it, I weeded the whole garden. Still no rain. Two hours later I brought my bounty in and looked at my sink full of dishes still waiting and it's time to go feed the calves and do my chores. I can feel my butts muscles, weeding is good exercise.

After returning from Derrick Miller's concert and  his CD launch tonight, I went to check on my little patient and he not doing good at all. I gave hime his medecine and he only took half of it and his breathing was shallow and he could not get up or keep his head up for very long.  I prayed to St Francis of Assisi, patron saint of animals for help.  JB

Thursday, August 19, 2010


My goodness I'm tired. I just finished 5 batches of pesto pre mix for the freezer and my legs feel like they recessed half way up into my body and I'm about a foot shorter.

My day started out as usual, my morning trek to the barn, a new born calf was found in the field, born 2 weeks early but on the good side, it's a heifer calf. I wish those cows would smarten up and stick to their due dates.... The two calves who drank from the pail by themselves yesterday  have reverted to needing my fingers to be placed in their mouth before they will suck the milk from the pail, nothing unusual.  They all grow out of it eventually. They are hungrier in the morning and usually are more eager to drink by themselves.

Before lunch I went to pick some green beans in the garden and I saw two baby mourning doves sunning themselves by my Jalapeno pepper plants in the vegetable garden.  They got frightened and went and hid under a nearby tomato plant. I rushed in to get my camera to take a photo. I'm glad that I had recharged my batteries the night before. When I returned with my camera and reset the date they had returned under the Jalapeno plants to sun themselves.  We have a lot of mourning doves around here but I had never seen a pair of baby mourning doves until today. I was so excited that I could get some photos of them. I wish I had a stronger lens on my camera to take better photos.

Here are a few photos from doves to basil.  JB

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


When I came in  from my yard and garden work this evening it was already dark at 9:00PM. My fingers were all black from harvesting my sweet basil. I harvested a huge  garbage bag of basil  by the light of the street light and this is my second significant harvest this summer. I can't show you a picture because my camera's batteries are dead and need recharging. I used some lemon juice to remove some of the black off my fingers and by tomorrow it will all be worn off anyway. I finished cutting my lawn after the sun hid behind the clouds but it still was very muggy. I pulled my pea fence out of the garden and weeded some purslane that grew overnight... just kidding, I just can't do yard work in the heat anymore and morning and late afternoon are spent at the farm so my gardens suffer a bit of neglect.

My sick calf is doing better today. He drank half a bottle this morning and almost a full bottle this afternoon. The other two are drinking from the pail now but one sucks on my fingers in the pail and gets upset if I pull my fingers away. He'll get over it in a day or so.

Tomorrow I have a dentist appointment for a partial fitting with two teeth. This is my second one as the staff at the hospital hostel  threw my first one in the garbage by accident when I was called an hour earlier than my appointment for radiation as they wanted to send patients  and staff home for the long weekend.  This hospital was in another city and I had a ride home to catch and never notice them missing until half way home. $525.00 in the garbage. I'm sure that the price has gone up quite a bit since then. We'll see.

No time to work on my rug binding tonight. I would have to sacrifice blog time for whipping time. Sounds sadistic to those who don't hook rugs....   JB

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Binding of my Sunshine Rooster Rug

Finally, I'm getting started on binding my rug. It's not that it's difficult but it's not a job that I like to do as much as hooking, especially in the summer. It took me a while to assemble everything that I needed to start and my 10 minute is up. I'll include some photos just t prove that it's started. I was debating wether I should try to do it like Gene Shepherd and add the binding along with the whipping and decided that I may try his method on my smaller Childhood Memories rug after I'm done with my Rooster rug.

I have in mind that I might try to design an Aquarius rug for my husband as he's an aquarian but my design is not yet on paper. I need to research it first when I get the time. I thought that he might enjoy something to keep his toes warm. His feet are always cold in the winter.
My little bull calf is now drinking 2 bottles of milk and per feeding and doing real well after two weeks from hell, but my small twin is still not doing well. I had to scrub his butts this afternoon. Yes you read it right. I can't bear seeing it dirty when it's too weak to stand. He was just laying there in his own dodo, poor little thing. He actually got up after I cleaned it up and started drinking his medicine from the bottle but only drank about three quarter of the bottle which is better than forced fed. JB

Monday, August 16, 2010


One of my main full time job at the farm is caring for the calves as you probably already know. One of the calves that was born with compromised  lungs wasn't eating well and was a pain to feed twice a day but finally after two weeks, a dramatic improvement happened today and he is finally eating well for a change.  That is one thing to be thankful for but the tiny twin bull calf that was born last week is not doing well since last evening and is running a fever. I fed him some medicine with water and he actually drank half the bottle which surprized me as he didn't want to drink last evening or this morning and didn't even want to stand. He was just like a little blob with fur and had to be forced fed the rest of the bottle. Usually I rarely have sick calves other than the occasional case of scour. They are fun to feed when all goes well but a pain when one gets sick. They are my babies and I care a lot that they be comfortable and clean.

When I walked back in the house after my barn chores I really noticed the pickle aroma in the air and it felt welcoming. My sister in law had droped in for a quick visit to pick up a batch of pickles for her friend and was being etertained by my husband while I took a quick shower. She went home with a bag full of zucchini, and pickles.

I have some monster zucchinis in the garden that I better pick soon. Time to round up my friends to see who wants giant zucchinis to make zucchini bread. My basil is in need to be harvested again to make pesto. I freeze my pesto pre-mix in small batches for use later. I wash and spin dry my basil leaves  and measure 4 cups well packed and put in my food processor and add one cup of extra virgin olive oil and give it a whirl and when fully made into a paste I pack it in 2 cups plastic freezer containers and when I need to make pesto, I simply thaw a container and add the rest of the ingredients and make my own organic pesto. Yum, yum... My favorite is Pesto Chicken Pizza.

Tonight I'm using the 10 minute challenge to start binding my rooster rug. Hurray for me.  JB

Sunday, August 15, 2010


My husband and I went to our usual restautent for our usual breakfast with friends before going to church this morning. I had mentioned to my friend Anne that I made some Lady Asburnham pickles the night before, to fill my order from the auction bid. She told me with dissapointment in her eyes that her cucumbers were not doing well and that she would have to buy some for her pickles. After I returned home and prepared the second double batch of  chopped cucumbers and onion  with salt to brime overnight, I check out the other cucumber patch and it was loaded  with huge cucumbers that I didn't need. With my husband's help we packed three large boxes  of cucumbers for my friend Anne. She and other women are making pickles for the church suppers. They make some for the Fall  Church Supper and the Spring Church Supper.

Today is a beautiful sunny day again and I've been inside most of the afternoon. I've prepared some delicious corn on the cob for our supper.

Saturday, August 14, 2010


Today I got two batches of Lady Ashburnham pickles done. These were bid on at a charity auction this past winter and the lady paid $45.00  for them. Last year they went for $35.00 These pickles are very popular in the Fredericton and surrounding areas. The lady who made them so popular was Maria Anderson, born November 25, 1858 in Fredericton N.B. She married in 1903 and became Lady Ashburnham. She died in 1938. Her sister made some especially good pickles that Maria love to serve to her house guests as she was fond of entertaining. These pickles became well known  but unfortunately Maria's sister never got the credit for them as they were known as Lady Ashburnham's pickles. 
There is a link with information. 

These are my husband's favorite and I make a double batch just for him every years. 

Today I got another huge bull calf born 10 days overdue. It weigh approximately 120 pounds. The average weight is about 90 pounds. Now I have four new baby calves on the bottle. Waiting for a cow to calve can get nerve racking when she's overdue. 

Tonight I found out how to add photos directly under my post. I'm so slow when it comes to discovering how to do things, but I'm very patient. It makes me happy to discover something new every day. It doesn't take much to make me happy.  JB

Friday, August 13, 2010


I can't believe that it's already Friday, and Friday the 13th at that, if you're superstituos. I didn't see where the time went. Yesterday I picked some cucumbers from my garden to make Lady Ashburnham pickles but I haven't cut up the cucumbers yet. I posted some photos somewhere down the blog.  I'm just about ready to start cutting my cukes to soak in a brine.

I added a new Gadjet to my  newbee blog. It's a Youtube video bar on the left side at the top, under my profile.  I wanted to put a Rug Hooking Herringbone Binding and a crocheted edge binding videos on my blog but I didn't succeeded. You still can see the video by clicking on Youtube button and in the space provided at the top, type in Rug Hooking Herringbone Binding and enter or search and it will take you there hopefully.  It worked for me. It's pretty neat how the lady  from Nova Scotia bindded her rug.

On a happy note, my overdue heifer gave birth unassisted today to a huge heifer calf, two weeks overdue. The overdue cow is still waiting. That's all for now...  JB

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Home Alone

The wedding is over and the girls are at the cottage  catching up with each other and relaxing. I'm using this solitude time to spend more time on the computer. I just found out on the web ( since I don't get the newspaper) that a photo taken by renowned  photographer, Stephen MacGillivary, of  my son and his cow # 273  won him an award against two other newspapers. The photo was taken shortly after our dairy barn  collapsed on January 31, 2009, trapping 70 heads of cattle under a heavy load of snow.  I knew that Stephen was in the running for an award  in May but never even thought about it until now when I slowed down and checked his site.

His award winning  photo of my son and his licking cow can be seen at the following link.

You can click on the link under the flower bed photo on the right side of the blog.  JB

Monday, August 9, 2010

Monday Already

The week went by so fast, it makes my head spin... I didn't blog on Saturday and Sunday as my daughter was getting married and things got busy with family outing and work etc...  On Saturday afternoon after I left for the wedding, one of the expectant heifer decided to give birth and lost her calf because it came out backward. When I arrived home from the wedding reception later that evening I went to the barn to check on the heifers and I saw two feet poking out of the heifer. I called my son and told him that she was calving. My son said," No mom, that heifer has already calved. " I said " Well I know what I'm seeing right now and it's two feet sticking out of the heifer" My son is usually never in a rush for anything but he got there pronto and it's a good thing he did because the twin calf would have died if he didn't pulled it out in a hurry because he was coming out backward too.

Still waiting for another heifer and a cow to calve and they both are overdue too.

Today I finally got some binding for my rugs so I have no excuse to not finish them.  JB

Friday, August 6, 2010

The Fifth Day

Today was much nicer than yesterday. Although it was warm, it was quite breezy and pleasant and instead  of mowing the lawn, I spend some fun time with my daughters and son in law. The grass will be just fine even if I ignore it for a while as it is a renewable resource. My daughters are so much more important than the appearance of my lawn.

My daughters are visiting other family members in the city and it gives me a little break from having to prepare somethings for supper. I made a quick sandwich with pita bread, home made pesto and tomato with a tiny dab of mayonnaise for myself  and my husband made himself a tomato and cucumber sandwich while I was caring for my sick calf. It's great when a man can look after himself.

No new born calves yet and my sick calf is on a roller coaster ride. He eats well in the morning and has to be force fed some electrolyte in the late afternoon because he refuses to drink it from the bottle. He also is getting a penicillin treatment by injection in his rump for five days. He's still very raspy.

For my pleasure I'm taking apart a very nice large pair brown wool pants, just perfect  weight for hooking. The wool is soft and felted. I wish it was gray so I could over-dye some nice colors it but they were cheap and I got them at 30% discount. I'm trying to built my wool stash with recycled wool. I just wish I had more time to thrift shop, I'd go everyday.

Now I need to burn a DVD of my photos from my camera. It takes so long to upload a few photos for my blog because I have close to 500 photos in my camera. I never burned a DVD before and I worry of messing up and loosing my photos.  I'm breaking ground slowly and sooner or later, I'll just do it.   JB

Thursday, August 5, 2010

The fourth Day.

Today the temperature was a hot 30 degrees Celsius and very humid. My house is alive with family and my daughter, queen of pies, made a mile high lemon meringue pie, a mile high butterscotch cream pie, a blueberry pie made some two quiches. Everyone is gone to the airport to pick up my oldest daughter who is arriving from Italy and they just turned in the driveway.

My little calf is still alive but is not eating and had to be forced fed to keep him alive.  Tomorrow is another day. The two heifers still haven't calved yet.

Now is celebration time because the family has all gathered together, got to go and be part of the celebration. No hooking today.. JB

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Third Day

Today has been a good day. Three of the little bull calves were sold and that gives me some empty room for two more calves. I have two heifers waiting to give birth. They are both overdue by two days. 
My youngest daughter and her husband brought me 10 pounds of lobster from Prince Edward Island. 
Tomorrow my oldest daughter is arriving directly from Italy and my second daughter is getting married  on Saturday so it will be a busy time. I just hope that the heifers hurries up and calve before the wedding at least. 
On the wool side of things, I finished taking a jacket apart that I started yesterday. 
I haven't had time to improve my blog appearance but that's OK.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

One thing that I've discovered is the I can't access all the available settings and layouts on Safari and that I should have used Firefox, but when I tried to switch, Firefox  would not allow me  because my blog is already registered on Safari I guess.  I would have to change name I guess. Live and learn.  JB

On the second day

It's raining today so I decided that I would use some of that time to dismantle a wool skirt and a two piece gray flannel suit for my wool stash.

This is the second day of my blog genesis and I'm discovering  how to do things I didn't know before but my blog is still very plain but  a little bit better than yesterday.

My little baby bull calf is not doing very well because the delivery was difficult and he got some lung issues. and wouldn't eat. Now I'm told another cow is calving so my ten calf pens will be full. Never a dull moment on the farm. No pics today.

Monday, August 2, 2010

On the first day

Today my blog was born. I finally just did it, Thanks Deb.  Finding a name was a bit of a challenge but with persistence I came up with a name that was available on blogspot. Of Petals and Wool is about two of my passions, oh, I have many more passions than I have time to indulge but for the sake of a name it will suffice. My flower gardens with its millions of petals and my rug hooking are the main ones at the moment.

At the present, I'm only getting familiar with navigating my new blog and hopefully I will be more comfortable as I discover its little secrets.

It's almost time to go check on my new born bull calf and feed the other calves and do my barn chores.