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Tuesday, July 17, 2018


Since I haven't had much spare time to post lately, and I'm getting emails, I thought I better post something. I haven't used my camera much lately as it's been so hot and sunny and the photos come out washed out.

I've been weeding and weeding and weeding. Weeding at the farm and weeding at home... The flood sure made a mockery of my mulching last fall,  since it all floated away,  I was treated with an overdose of weeds. Even though the vegetable gardens were late to be planted it's all doing very well. I have small green tomatoes and tiny green peppers starting to grow. The potatoes are blooming but because it's so dry, I have to water the veggies and flowers often.

Now about one of the books I mentioned in my last post, namely, Dodging Energy Vampires by Caroline Northrup.  I know, Vampire is a strong word but it fits the description.  I had never heard about Energy Vampires before but I learned a lot from this book and also from my search on the internet. There is so much information that I can't remember it all at the moment...

 So this post is about a short essay about what Energy Vampires are and not a review of this book or a complete description of what Energy Vampires are and the damage they can cause their victims over time...  They prey on their victims because they are in emotional pain.

They can make you sick and you can even die after a while if you are exposed to their constant energy drain on you. They can cause you to doubt yourself, make you feel depressed, make you feel small and unimportant, and make you feel like you are not good enough and that everything is your fault.  It kind of snowball unless you come to realize that you are OK and the problem is not you.
The book explains the steps you can take to protect yourself.

I'm sure you all have come into contact with Energy Vampires at some time but maybe you did not recognize them as such. I was aware that some people drained my energy, especially one customer of mine I remember, every time she came into my shop, left me drained.  Other people also mentioned that she left them drained after a brief encounter with her.

These people drain your energy because they don't seem to have the capacity to generate their own energy. They always need to be around people. They are born that way so it's really not their faults. It's part of their personality. They have low self-esteem but you'de never know it. They can be very charming and once they have a good hold on you, they feed off your energy by making you dependent on them but in reality, they are dependant on you.

There are different types or traits of Energy Vampires and some come with combined traits... They may be some in your own family. They come in all sizes, age, professions, and they are either males or females. Interestingly, more males than females are Energy Vampires...  Some can be your own young children, parents, siblings, relatives, your coworkers, bosses, clergy, religious, etc...

I'll talk about the Narcissistic Type of  Energy Vampires first.
They think that the world is revolving around them and it's all about them.  They always want to be first. They have an exaggerated sense of self-importance and they feel entitled and craved admiration. They want to be the center of attention and will do anything to draw attention to themselves. They are never wrong, never apologize for their mistakes and never takes the responsibility for their shortcoming but blame others instead.

If you don't do things their way, you'll suffer punishments in some form or other. They will become withholding and cold, and give you the silent treatment. You'll fall out of grace quickly with them.  There is no reasoning with them. They are incapable of unconditional love. Everything depends on them getting their way. They will even try to make you part with your money. Everything is conditional...

Some are Judgemental Energy Vampires and they have severe low self-esteem. They like to make you feel small, pathetic or ashamed. It's the only way they can bolster their own ego.

The Controlling Energy Vampires, are obsessed with controlling how you should be and what you should do even if you are very educated and successful.  It's not enough for them. They want you to produce more. They are very opinionated about everything. They have to dominate the situation and they are always putting people down and telling them and you what you should do. They plot to keep you under their hold. The victims come out feeling put down and dominated and trapped.

Another type of Energy Vampires is the Talker Energy Vampires. They are only concerned about themselves and are not really interested in what you have to say.  It's hard to get your word across with these people.

Energy Vampires are attracted to empaths. I hate to say it but I am an empath.   If you don't know what an empath is, there is a lot of information on the internet. It could be another post altogether...

I hope I have peaked your curiosity and you will take a look on the internet for yourself.  If not, then, it's OK by me.

Keep cool and have a great week.
Hugs, Julia