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I'm a mother of four grandmother of seven and great grandmother of three. I live with my husband in the house that we built with the help of my brothers and will have been married for 57 years this February.

Thursday, March 29, 2012


It's been a while since my last post. Life seems to be more demanding of me as I grow older but it also could be because I'm moving lots slower lately and it takes me longer to do the things I have to do.

Tomorrow morning after my barn chores, breakfast and shower, I'll pick up my daughter and her friend in town and we'll be off to the 4th Annual Fiber Art Retreat in Nova Scotia at the Atlantica Hotel and Marina Oak Island Resort. There will be 136  overnight guests and 50 day visitors who will fill the large room with fiber art of all kind for three days.

I'll try to remember to take some photos. Here' one from last year that the husband of our hostess took.
I look a bit washed out because of the flash.

I know that I promised you some photos of the bathroom but my photos are still not uploaded. The computer was being slow and I left it to later and later never came.

I'm finally getting to work on my poor neglected Childhood Memories rug at the retreat.
I'm this close of finishing quilting my king size quilt but often time this week when I sat to quilt someone was coming in and I had to leave it, and getting back at it seems to evade me for some reason. There are always more pressing things to do.

One of my sweet blogger friend, Donna who is an OR nurse, was having a mastectomy this morning and I would love it if you could lift her and her family up in prayers for  courage and a speedy recovery.  Donna, you have been in my thoughts all day.

Stay safe and have a great weekend everyone. I'll be reading your comments as soon as I get back home or sooner if I can.  God Bless.  JB

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Yesterday I sanded the new stairs today I painted the ceiling in the bathroom and the can of paint was barely enough to cover the ceiling in the bathroom. I had to stretch it to cover the whole ceiling. We used to buy a quart of paint, now we pay more and the can is much smaller.  It cost  $27.08 with tax, it's ridiculous.

Now to take a break from work, I'm visiting Patrice at Everyday Ruralty. We are invited inside her dining room so come along for a hot cuppa something.  It sure make the week go fast.

Today Patrice's questions are this.

1.  Tell me a fond memory of an elderly person.
My grandpa on my mother's side made the best biscuits and he use to show us how fast he could work. It was amazing to watch. He was hurrying so fast with the mixing and cutting and in no time we had hot biscuits to eat.

2. What's your favorite flavor of jam or jelly?
 My favorite was strawberry but since I developed an allergy to strawberries I use marmalade or raspberry jam.

3.  What goes through your mind when you drive by those whopping huge houses that looks like something in a magazine?
I wouldn't want to pay the taxes and it must cost a fortune to upkeep and I bet that they are not any happier than me.

4. What's your favorite way to relax?
That would be at the lake with nothing planned.

5.  What's your favorite kind of pasta?
Chicken  Fettucchine with sundried tomatoes. 

Thanks for visiting and  leaving a comment.   

Monday, March 5, 2012


I've been promising update photos of the renovations and finally I got some to show. Our friend was supposed to give me three days worth of his work doing renovation in my bathroom. I had paid $600.00 at the Church auction a year ago in February 2011 for his work. He offered his work and the church got the money and he was getting nothing. That was his contribution. The poor guy was so busy all year and I told him that I wasn't in a hurry and not to worry about it.

                                   The new stairs

                                             View from upstairs

When he came in my house a few weeks ago and saw the stairs without a railing he was concerned about our safety and I told him that it was my next project.  I told him that I had wanted a nice oak stairs with a banister when the house was built but when I came to see the work, someone had already built a plywood stairs which was to be covered with carpet.  I was upset but didn't say anything at the time. My husband had bartered with an ironsmith to have an iron railing for a side of beef.  If you have been following my blog you know that when the carpet was removed I painted the stairs and the iron railing didn't fit anymore and was never replaced until now.

                                              The old stairs

Our friend said, I'll built you a nice oak stairs and I said," Oh great, I'll pay you". He said that he would give me a little bit more than three days of his work. I told him, "No, I will pay you for the work if you want to built the stairs.

He put three coats of Polyurethane and use a power sanding tool to sand in between coats. Today I uses some fine steel wool to sand all the wood and vacuumed and used a tact cloth to remove the fine dust but didn't had enough time to put on the 4th coat. I'll do that tomorrow.

This evening I finished removing the rest of the vinyl wallpaper in the bathroom and will paint the ceiling and the walls another day. The bathroom is not finished and we will finish it ourselves.

I love this type of tap that regulate the water temperature even when someone flushes the toilet you don't get a change of temperature to startle you.

         A nice large shower head with lots of pressure.

                              A nice ceramic corner shelf for soap and shampoo.

                              I love this ceramic tile floor.
The  sink and taps and the toilet are  installed but the tank is not installed yet.
There is still lots of work to do like install the light fixture, towel bar, toilet paper holder, mirror, knobs and hinges, sanding the cabinet and priming and painting the shelves, painting the ceiling and fan,painting the trim and door,  hanging  a few pictures on the wall maybe.

Tomorrow is another day. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for laving a comment.  I much appreciate it. I hope that you have a nice March break.  JB