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I'm a mother of four grandmother of seven and great grandmother of three. I live with my husband in the house that we built with the help of my brothers and will have been married for 57 years this February.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I resisted changing to the new Blogger look.... Well what do you know, Blogger has a new look AGAIN.

 What a surprise this morning when I clicked on my blog and my first reaction was, "Oh no! Don't tell me that even though I  chose not to change to Blogger's  new look it came to me and I have to get use to this new look, grrrr.  It will take some getting use to it. I'm a terrible creature of habits.... I haven't figured out if I like it yet. I don't know if it's better or not, just different right now.

Everything looks so bare naked. Maybe it's better. I'm slow to change, must come with age.
I see the settings are on the right of the page which is a good thing, I suppose.

Well now that I've got my shock over with, let see if I still can do my thing...

Now there's my little man posing for a picture before going to the museum. I'll admit to being bias but I think that is a very handsome dude.

How nice to be able to talk to daddy on Skype even though he's miles away.......  Hooray..., daddy is coming home today after being a week away. James hope that  grandpy is feeling better soon.

James is playing at the kitchen party at the museum with friend Alex..

Mama distracted me while I'm trying to prepare dinner.

James love his dinosaurs magnets.

Now is time for serious reading.  

Look what mama found on Kijiji. Now James will be able to play with his beloved trains without knocking the tracks down.  Good move mama. 

James being fitted for a prosthesis. 

Being inked  is not really a tatoo I guess but heh, I got inked... did you?

Now the plaster mold is being put on, while Daddy is holding James. What a good boy he is.

Now my review regarding Blogger. Well what can I say.... uploading pictures is super fast and easy . No more having to go to the side to scroll to the top of the page to find the  picture icon, eliminating an annoying step.   It's much better than before.  I like this part.

The sun just came up after a weekend of downpour. I like that too. I wonder if Blogger has something to do with that.     

Have a great week, stay safe and healthy friends and thanks for stopping by. Leave me a comment and I'll like that too.  JB