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I'm a mother of four grandmother of seven and great grandmother of three. I live with my husband in the house that we built with the help of my brothers and will have been married for 57 years this February.

Thursday, July 11, 2013


A self portrait of a hot woman .lol

I don't tweeze my brows but that the only brow hair that grew back after my chemo. I used to have thick brows and I used to tweeze them.

This was me on Saturday, drenched in sweat. Not a pretty picture to look at but it seems that I'm not alone looking like this these days. It was hot and humid and I was cutting the lawn. I came in for a cool drink of water and saw this in the mirror before washing my face with cold water to cool down. Do I really look like this?

The sweat was dripping onto my glasses and I had to come in to wipe my face and also my glasses.Taking your own photo isn't as easy as it seems. I kind of look like a camel face.

Someone asked me if I like working at the farm taking care of the calves amongst other things. They looked at me as if it was the most disgusting job in the world. There are things that I really don't like but I have to do just because it needs to be done, but there other things that I like about working at the farm.

Every day encounters it's own set of minor problems that I have to deal with. A typical day will have one or two new twist to my routine because I deal with a living  bunch of animals big and small and even tiny and don't forget the flies...

For example this week we had another bull calf born and I needed to put fresh bedding in the calving pen. I had to climb a ladder that next to the pen,  this board ladder goes up against the wall to get to the hay loft. It's good exercise to tighten my butts muscles.

I forked a big pile of loose hay down from the loft and I came down to put it in the pen. I heard some new born kittens meowing faintly. I looked all around and I didn't see anything and I continued to fork the hay in the big calving pen then I saw the two tiny meowing kittens at the very bottom of the pile. They were not there when I went up or I would have stepped on them and they were not in the hay in the loft since I was taking the hay from a big round bale up in the loft. She buried them after I threw the  first bunch of hay down.

 I moved them in a save spot about just a foot away behind a sheet of thick white plastic next to the pile of hay. They will be safe there. The mother can see where they are but she just laid there doing nothing.

When I came back in late afternoon to do my barn chores again I was removing hay left behind in the bigger calf manger so I could them them their grain and there they were again, at the very bottom of the manger under the hay. I got a clean pail and I put them in and I placed them again in the safe spot but the mother quickly grabbed a kitten and rushed in the manger and buried it again right in front of my eyes. She hissed angrily at me and returned with the second one. Of course I couldn't let her burry her kittens there so I removed them again and put them back in the same spot out of the way. She then grabbed an older kitten  that is half her size, by the scruff of the neck and is trying to drag it away. The kitten is loudly protesting and she' s trying hard to kittennap it. I chased her away from that kitten and as soon as I have my back turned she tried it again.  By this time I'm getting pretty angry at her strange behaviour.
She tried that for a third time and I used the end of my broom stick to tap her lightly and I hollered at her and she let the meowing  kitten go.

I haven't seen her small kittens today but they must be buried under some hay somewhere. I will have to look. This is the weirdest cat behaviour I have ever seen.

What I don't like about working at the farm is I have to get up early and since I don't sleep well. I hate getting up early. I don't like that the section of the barn I work in is old and needs a lot of fixing and that the lighting is very poor. I don't like the smell or the flies on hot days, especially in August.

I like that I won't get fired if I'm late, I like working with the calves as they respond to love and they want to be hugged when I pass by.  They get so exited when I put fresh hay in their pens twice a day. They jump and kick and twirl around like rodeo horses. They all have individual personalities.

Some days I work harder and longer and some days every thing goes smooth and there are no problems.

I feed calves, little calves and  big calves that weigh almost 300 pounds and then they are moved outside and are bred. They are no longer in my care unless they are brought back in for what ever reason. I feed the cows  who calved and bull that are in my section or the sick cows and those that are brought in for breeding.

On another post I will go through a regular routine, step by step.

Progress on my pink scarf. That baby yarn is so soft and fine that it's difficult to knit even for me. I'm really not a good knitter.

If you still want to be my friend or a follower after this post, I'll count myself pretty lucky.
Stay safe everyone.