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Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Usually when I pick up the mail, it's mostly bills for the farm of personal bills like utility bills.   Today when I picked up the mail I found a huge box in the parcel compartment of our community mail box. My first thought was that my husband must have ordered something online. Then I saw my name on the box and Theresa's return address above my name.  It was heard to believe that she had spent all that money to send me a gift. International mailing isn't cheap any more. It cost Theresa $23.15 to mail the winning dove picture that she so beautifully  drew. It's priceless. I didn't expected that she would have it framed either. I expected a rolled up scroll or a flat parcel.

It was packed in bubbles foam and bubble wrap and arrived in perfect condition all the way from Texas.

What a beautiful drawing this is. We have mourning doves cooing outside early in the morning.

I also received a hand written message in one of Theresa's own card that she made from one of her many paintings including two 4 leaf clovers that she picked from her yard for good luck.

This is the picture on the card that I received. Isn't this just gorgeous?  What talent... Every month Theresa has a giveaway  on her blog of one of  her drawing or paintings that she makes. That to me, is extremely generous of her. As you can see, her drawings are exquisite.

I found a special place for my little dove on my roll top desk. Thank you so much again Theresa. You have a great talent and I feel richer for having met you on Blogger.

Here 's how you can find Theresa's blog and it's worth going to see her many beautiful drawings.

Theresa will only response to blogs who have deactivated the word verification  apt.  Word verification is very time consuming and annoying and since she has hundreds of blogs to visit each day, she will only comment on  those blogs who have no word verification.  Sounds fair enough. She's a busy girl.

Again, thank you for the generous gift Theresa, aka  TexWis Girl. Hugs...

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