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Saturday, October 30, 2021


 TRICK- OR- TREAT,  HAPPY HALLOWEEN everyone. I'm feeling really wicked tonight for some reason...

October was a breeze and is already gone. I didn't get done all I wanted to do in the gardens but I'm slowly getting it done. Everything is looking so drab with the bare trees and the ragged gardens and leaves littering the yard.  I can't show a decent picture of flowers because half of them are not picture-worthy. 

I've decided that Autumn isn't my favorite season after all. Everyone seems to say that Autumn is their favorite season but for me,  I think that Spring is my favorite season, even with the flooding... There are a lot of good things about Autumn I know, but right now I'm finding it easier saying what I don't like about it.

In his wisdom, God gave us this season to slow us down so I shouldn't complain and I should be thankful. I'm very thankful until I have to adjust the way I used to do things. 

 I love the beginning of Autumn with all the beautiful colors of foliage and cooler temperatures but's that's about it. It's the season of death. Oh, I forgot, no mosquitos. Yes, I love no mosquitos but those darn fruit flies have taken over my compost and even wait at the door to come in.  Pesky little nuisance they are.

Everything ripens at the same time and there are always veggies on my counter that need to be taken care of. The furry little visitors who are looking for a warm place to live rent-free, the mice, and their furry companions are coming into the garage and somehow find their way into the house. I make them pay with their lives, the little rascals.

I never know just how to dress.  I love wearing sandals and I hate to give them up.  The temperature varies constantly and I never know quite what to wear. I've especially noticed that wearing the right pajamas can be quite challenging. One day I have to wear summer pajamas and the next day and change to warmer pajamas and even winter pajamas, especially on cold rainy nights.

Then comes the work that comes with Autumn. The harvesting of root vegetables. It's plain back-breaking work digging out all those veggies. Then here comes the fruit flies. I have no love for those little buggers. Putting the gardens to bed is a lot of work also, especially for me as I have so many.

The sun is so low that it makes it difficult to drive with the sun is in my eyes and working in the garden without a sun visor gives me a headache. The heavy dark clouds are showing up more often.

The songbirds are flying away to warmer places so I miss their songs and the squirrels are planting butternuts all over my flower beds and are digging up my tulip bulbs. 

Then there's the body trying to adjust to the constant temperature swings.  Then, there's the wait for the killer frost and the clean-up after.  I almost forgot the frosty windshield in the morning. Driving in the fog in rush hour is a bit frightening. Autumn is also cold and flu season. 

Many people suffer from seasonal depression starting in Autumn with less sunlight. It's more difficult to get out of a warm bed and it's more difficult to get motivated. When we think we've finally adjusted, there is the daylight time change that everyone dislikes. 

Hello November. What will you bring?

Thanks for reading my Autumn rant. It feels good just to rant once in a while even though no one is listening. I hope that you didn't eat too many Halloween treats. We didn't get a single trick or treater this evening. Oops, I turned the calendar page too soon. Lol. Haloween isn't until tomorrow. 

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