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Monday, July 14, 2014


The rain and the wind started hitting us pretty hard at night and leaves and small branches were flying everywhere but I wasn't too concerned. I went to bed and slept pretty good.  In the morning, it was still storming pretty bad and I buttoned up my raincoat and went to the barn, did my chores and came home.

There were trees and branches down everywhere in our neighbourhood. George and I had breakfast and I went on my computer to check the weather report. I wasn't on the computer very long before  the power went out,  somewhere around 8:00am. I went upstairs with my camera to take a photo of my back yard and  looked out my upstair bathroom window and this is what I saw half way up the lane and my heart sank.

This was taken with my big lens and it was raining very hard so the photo looks cloudy.
Three of my good neighbours Weeping Willow trees were broken and one was totally uprooted, damaging the corner of his roof.

I told George and we both jumped in the truck to find our neighbour as we couldn't reach them by phone. That's when we saw that the big pine tree with the eagles nest was down. I won't go back to this story but you will be glad to know that both babies were spotted in one of the pine tree and the parents were with them.

Here are some of the photos I took that morning.

So much for squirrel proof  feeders. He opened the top and helped himself like a little looter.

My beautiful flowers were flattered.

The yard is littered with leaves

Up the highway, a fallen tree on the power lines.

My neighbours front yard after his willow trees fell.

Debris in the lane going to the highway.

still damaged trees in the lane

fallen trees in a private drivway

Another old neighbour who's yard is like a jungle to begin with.

My son Vaughan's driveway

My front yard covered with leaves

All these photos were taken while driving around in the car assessing the damage. This is my front yard again.

My old garage door...   All my windows in the front were covered with pieces of torn leaves like this.

Another photo of my backyard.

A big cedar broke in behind our back hedge and limbs are everywhere.

Another view of that broken cedar tree.

Liam and Reid are doing some cleanup.

I'm cooking carrots on the Coleman camping stove. The last time we used it was during the last flood in 2009.

My new little portable Bar-B-Q came in handy. I cooked most of the meals on this , even made some awesome fries in a cookie sheet.

We had a generator hooked up to our house to keep the food cold and for water and the occasional shower but we were pretty much in camping mode as we were sharing our generator with our daughter Jackie. We were without power for almost a week I think. Bill, you can correct me on this. I wasn't paying attention to how long we were without power.

The farm was run with a generator that was run by a big tractor but I didn't took any picture of it. It a three phase generator and was too powerful for my end of the barn as it burns out the light bulbs but I had hot water.

I cleaned out my front yard on Sunday and I was so sore the next day from all the raking and cutting branches.
 I really should edit this post but I'm running out of time so I hope you'll forgive me. George and I weeded till dark tonight and I'm in need of a shower and sleep.

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