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Friday, July 7, 2017


I've been complaining about the rainy weather lately. It reminded  me of a poem I wrote on November 18, 2005.  All this rain has played havoc with our hay harvest and we are not alone. Many of my outdoor plans had to be put on hold until the rain stopped. While we have frequent rain, somewhere on our beautiful planet, there are places where it has not rain for a long time.  Thursday was sunny and dry with a beautiful breeze,  and today is starting out sunny as well but we're supposed to get showers and a severe thunder storm so I got a lot of yard work done already this morning...

In November 2005, I was at a retreat at Villa Madonna Retreat House in St John N.B. and I was looking for some guidance from my spiritual advisor at our first one on one meeting. I had some expectations even though I can't remember what they were at the time, but instead she told me to write a poem on water.

Prior to the meeting we had a presentation on the misuse of water and the selling of bottled water. Big companies are reaping huge profit from selling water. I wasn't prepared to write a poem. I wanted something more earth shattering. None the less,  I reluctantly obeyed and retreated to a rather small bedroom which had a single bed, a chair, a desk with lamp and a sink.  There was a crucifix on the wall  and a window.  No distraction there so I took pen to paper and one word came at a time. Just like a slow drip, drip, drip. I was trying to think of anything that had to do with water, more like brain storming...

I wasn't impressed in the least. When it was time to meet with my spiritual advisor again I said downheartedly,  I'm sorry but I just couldn't come up with much.
She asked me to read it to her anyway. So I started to read. After a little while I look up to read the expression on her face and I saw that she had her eyes closed and her hand was flowing in rhythm to her heart, taking it all in. I felt a bit more encouraged. I had never written a poem like this before so it was all new to me. I'll share it with you today for those who have oo much rain and those who don't have any.

Oceans, seas, lakes, rivers and streams
Babbling brooks, water falls, puddles, wells and pools
Geysers, clouds and rain torrents
Currents and waves, drip, drip, drip
Glaciers and ponds, hot springs, cool springs, juices, ice

Who will give me water for my tears?
Who will provide water for my precious cargo? Dehydrated womb
Who will provide water for my blistered hands and feet?
My tongue is cleaving to my palate. Thirst

Who will provide water for my pused pimples, for my sweat?

Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink
Contaminated, dehydrated, salty, dirty, mineral
Gurgles, spittle
Who hears my cry? I have no tears left.

Lines and lines of bottled water,
Profit margin, stocks and bonds, truck loads
Warehouses full.
Soft and hard, clear and fresh. Who will buy my water?

Soaked, drenched, down pour
Going under, swimming
How will I get across?
Where will I go for a cruise?
Mirror image, glass full or half empty

Water, a gift, a right, a commodity

Baptism, Holy, shared and poured
Come bathe in my pool.
Come and get the water of Life, refresh yourself
Pool of miracles, well of salvation

Here, let me wash your feet

Millions of snowflakes falling, glistening and not two the same
Snow angels, foot print to follow, season of hope
Frozen breath, storms, ice pellets and snow banks, slippery, thawed
Smiles on children's faces, skating, sliding, building snowmen
Curses from grumpy old folks, chilled to the bones

Flushed down, sewers, gutters, lagoons
Muddy trenches, face down, drowning, sinking down below
Foggy night, sandy deserts
Dams, submerged land once fertile
Obstruction in my path, lack of water

Open the flood gate, widen the canal, built a power plant
Irrigation, heavy water, nuclear waste
Floating, drifting, message in a bottle, tossed over board
Lost at sea, watery grave, tidal wave
Boat wrecks, desperate family waiting, hoping

Parched land, cracked, wilted green
Merciful gift from heaven, drizzle, rain, coming down
Renewing, refreshing, life giving
Renewed resources millions of years old
Thankful hearts, dancing, quenched

Drunken stupor, bloated, swollen
Caffeinated, decaffeinated, coolers
Spirited water, tea, Coca Cola
Can I offer you something to drink?
Something hot, something cold?

Water fountains, washing machines
Golden faucets, whirlpool bath, hot shower, sauna
Which one to choose,? Water bills, hydro bills
Which one to pay?

Luxurious eau de toilette, bubble bath, dish water
Soapy water, boiled, distilled, potable, deep shallow
Come fill your bucket, come fill your jar
All this for you at no cost
Gift from the creator, oasis, clear blue

Douse the fire, put out the flame
Rinse your hair, sprinkle the kids
Cool your drink, hose down the lawn
Bucket empty, well dried up
Desperation, smelly armpits

Water, a gift, a right, a commodity

By Julia Bourque
November, 18, 2005