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I'm a mother of four grandmother of seven and great grandmother of three. I live with my husband in the house that we built with the help of my brothers and will have been married for 57 years this February.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017


A few weeks ago I was all prepared to post on my blog  but Google wouldn't let me open my email account. It asked me to open another gmail account and was pushing me to Google+ and wanted me to start another blog. I couldn't send or receive emails, I couldn't post on my blog or see my Reading List and of course, lost all my contacts. I could read my blog and I could receive comments and I could access my followers by clicking on their comment link on my post but it was a long and tedious job and I was just too busy with work to spend much time on the computer.

I tried to fix the problem but got frustrated until Christine, my techie daughter figured how to get back things like they were before.   I'm back and running so this is history.

I had a lots of appointments booked on my calendar, one at my bank for transferring some retirement investments, one to move the piano, one at my doctor to discuss results of some blood tests etc, one to pick up my granddaughter for her Dr's appointment in another town, and one to bottle my wine.

I got to the bank appointment and after waiting 15 minutes the clerk had to rebook my appointment for Friday because she couldn't access the internet to view my files. She had moved to a new office and lost her internet connection in the process. Wasted morning for me.

When I got home from the barn that afternoon, there was a message on the phone. My piano appointment would have to be changed because the moving men couldn't come until late afternoon instead of morning. I had that appointment booked two weeks in advance...They couldn't give me a specific time, between 1:00 and 3:30pm. so I had to wait for their call. I worked inside  the house instead of working on the hedge.

My granddaughter had to change her doctor's appointment to Thursday, so it meant that I had appointments everyday that week.  It was disappointments at every turn. It all started with Google... hahaha.

Finally my piano is being moved. Three men came and did their work professionally. They were recommended by the music store who sells pianos.

Moving heavy piano can be tricky and one man said, he had one tipping over and crashed once...  I kept my fingers crossed...

They rolled it unto the platform on the ground and lifted the platform up and rolled it inside the truck and secured it for the short trip to my granddaughter's house. Goodbye, piano... Now I'll have to find an alternate place to display my Christmas Village for the Holidays.

I 'm clipping the very neglected spruce  hedge as the tops were growing very fast, but it was much easier than the last time I did it a few years ago. I'm seriously considering removing it and replacing it with a fence. My legs and glutinous muscles were sore but after a few days were ok.

Having all those appointments has made me put the hedge clipping on hold and it's so dry, I'm having second thoughts about finishing my job.  The trees by the very end will have to be removed as they were beyond repair.  I clipped most of the dried  branches off and they are awaiting for my husband time to do remove them. I'll show a picture later...

Meanwhile, these yellow blooms are gone but the rosebush is still blooming.

Some sort of  calendulas also on their way out by now.

Some sedum also on their way out by now.  Meanwhile there are many other  flowers that have bloomed.  I will show them in a later post. They will probably be finished by then, oh well...

My husband is talking of retiring next year but still need another 3rd tarp building to store the hay. We have already 1500 big round bales stored and it's just the first cut.
This is the ditch for the footing.

The men pouring the cement for the footing. To be continued next time as this post is already too long.
I hope that we get more rain in August as the ground ids bone dry.

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Hugs, Julia