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I'm a mother of four grandmother of seven and great grandmother of three. I live with my husband in the house that we built with the help of my brothers and will have been married for 57 years this February.

Friday, November 20, 2015


Why is it getting so difficult to write a simple post lately? My posts have been very far in between. I have plenty to say but just too darn lazy to share.  Oh my gosh, I just realized that old age is setting in. That's it... It happens to everybody and it will happen to you too...

Talking about old age... Most of you know that I injured my foot on November 3rd. It swelled up and was too painful and too tight to put my work boot on. As a matter of fact, it wouldn't fit in my boot even with a thin sock.

This past Monday, Nov 16, I had a doctor's appointment for a regular prescription renewal. I was limping and  my doctor insisted at looking at my foot and was concerned enough to order X-Rays and sent me to the hospital.  I got X-rayed right away but waited in emergency for 4 hours just to see a doctor. It was not how I had planned to spend the day...

After an eternity people were called in one by one and I patiently waited for my turn to be called in.
I saw this doctor holding a piece of paper walk in the waiting room. He looked at the piece of paper and looked around the room and I thought he was going to call my name. I was getting pretty famished by now and my guts were letting me know just how hungry they were.
The doctor didn't called any name and went back in the emergency room...

I waited some more....
After what seamed like a long time, he came back out with his piece of paper and again he looked at it and looked around the room. He even glanced at my foot but again he didn't called any name and went back in. Suddenly, he reappeared with his paper and called my name. I got up and said, "That's me" and walked in.  He looked at me and said, "It's BROKEN, it's broken and you're walking on it? I can't believe this, you're walking on it... You are one tough lady, one tough lady. "  I said, yes, I've been walking on it for 13 days. He showed me the X-Ray and it was very broken. The swelling had gone down and I was wearing my sneakers and looked like everyone else. He was expecting a senior in a wheel chair with her foot up.. lol

He thought I was doing so well that he opted out of putting a cast and a walking boot.  I was pretty glad not to get a cast on. They are horrible... I know because I had one on the other foot  but that's another story...

I'm back at wearing my work boots and caring for the calves. I baby my foot and I'm not climbing ladders yet... my son Vaughan is helping me at the farm and George is milking for my son.

During my resting period I have finished edging all my rugs and I finished edging my grandfather rug. It's about 24 x 24 inches. Now I'm all caught up and I'm feeling lazy and spoiled.

Of course, my grandfather was a very handsome man and I couldn't capture his real portrait but I'm pleased that I, at least got this far. I wish I could draw like my granddaughter. She's an amazing artist...

Stay safe and happy everyone and welcome to my new follower.
Thanks for your visit and comments. I really appreciate them.


Wednesday, November 11, 2015


Today was a kind of quiet day as we remember our veterans. I worked at the farm, I watched the National Remembrance Ceremonies in our Capital on TV as I sewed the binding on yet another rug and rested my foot on a pillow.

This was another challenge rug I did again with Sunnie Andress.  It was again subject to our own interpretation. The only requirements were that we needed to hook a forest, a ring, the color purple and a rock.
This idea came from a childhood memory.  Yes, I used to hang upside down  from trees, wishing I had blond hair and blue eyes.  The ring is a tire swing, purple violets, a beige rock by the tree and of course some forest trees. The hair was proddy wool strips from which  I pulled out  all the short wool fibres...

This chair pad was finished yesterday. This challenge rug was hooked entirely with extra wool worms.  The chartreuse green comes for marrying some assorted green and light color wool worms.

It was such a dreary day today that I was craving some scones.

This is what's left.

 I don't bake often lately but today I felt like some scones. I needed some solid butter but the unsalted butter was frozen so I cut up the amount needed and put it to defrost in the microwave by using 10 seconds at a time. After the third time I assumed it was about right.  

I proceeded to mix my dry ingredients and I also mixed the wet ingredients and found the dough a bit dry. I added another bit of milk and kneaded it 10 times and I was ready to put it in the oven.

George arrived home and poured himself a cold cup of leftover tea and when he went to heat it up in the microwave, he took out my butter.  My mouth opened wide..... I can't believe I forgot to mix the butter in. They will be as hard as rocks. I know because the grease is what makes them tender...

I'm not one to throw food away. Sometimes I learn by mistakes and I eat crow. 

The butter was still pretty solid so I shaved some butter slices with the cheese slicer and spread them on top of the dough and folded it repeating this until I had used up all the butter  and then flattened the sticky scones to an 8 in circle and cut them in 8 like the recipe asked for. 

I stuck those suckers in the oven fearing the worst but they came our so high, fluffy and tender, I think I'll use this method again next time. 

I had a bit of apricot jam with it and a fresh cup of tea... Very yummy.

I hope you're having a good day. Thanks for your visit. I enjoy all your kind comments.'Stay safe and happy.

Saturday, November 7, 2015


Just a short post this time, are you surprised?
I've been rather still after hurting my foot and have been whipping and binding rugs that have been on my long list of To Do for a long time.

I accidentally hurt my foot climbing on the first step going into the house from the garage on Tuesday  carrying groceries. My foot caught the corner of the step and came down with a thump,  I manage not to fall but I was in excruciating pain. I hurt the outside of my left foot close to the two smaller toes, but I had to pick up my granddaughter Jordyn and went back to work at the farm that afternoon.

The next morning around 6:15 AM., I went to put my work boot on and I couldn't even fit my foot into the boot. My foot was too swollen and sore. I remembered Christine had left her size 10 low cut rubber boots in the closet for her next visit. I wear a size 7.5 . They look the same size but my work boot has some steel toes which adds to the bulk. It was a bit tight but I could walk with her boot. So here I go with an unmatched pair of boots. To cut down on my walking I used the van to get to the barn. Who's counting steps on a morning like this?

After work  I had some time sensitive banking to do across town and I couldn't wear those boots for sure . I couldn't even wear my sandals... and had to loosen the shoelace on my sneaker as it was so tight and walked into the Credit Union with a heavy limp. When asked what happened to me I just gave them the short story " I twisted my foot" I said.

Vaughan my son has been doing all my barn work and George has been doing all the milking. I sit with my foot up all day and I've been whipping and binding three unfinished rugs I hooked some time ago.  I still have three more to do and need some dark forest green wool. I still can fit my barn boots on but I can wear my good sneakers as the swelling has gone down a bit. I might just go to the Coop store and get some wool and finish those three other rugs and I'll finally will be caught up with that chore.

This is my grandmother's portraits and I even hooked in the accents that were missing.
For those who know nothing about rug hooking, the whipping is a whip stitch with wool yarn around the edge for a neat finish.

And the binding is sewing a binding tape around the edges on the back to finish off. This is a job that I really don't look forward to do but always feel good once it's done.

A large chair pad made up of leftover wool worms in a kitten's paw pattern with stems and leaves added to use up more leftover wool worms.

And finally,  my Hit and Miss rug also made up entirely of leftover wool worms

Thanks for visiting and encouraging me with your comments. Stay safe and happy.