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I'm a mother of four grandmother of seven and great grandmother of three. I live with my husband in the house that we built with the help of my brothers and will have been married for 57 years this February.

Saturday, October 16, 2010


It's been a relatively nice day if you don't count the few showers and a bit of wind but the sun did get out for a while. I decided that since I didn't feel particularly frisky today while nursing a slight chest cold, I would do the least amount of work and that I would hang out my Halloween decorations. After all Thanksgiving is passed and the Christmas decorations are already in the stores. I was at Canadian Tires today to buy a watering can for my indoor plants because my old one is getting brittle and leaky, and was taken aback with all the Christmas things out there.

I also was at Value Village to finally replace my  teapot with a coffee carafe and the parking lot was full. People were shopping for Halloween costumes.

Here are some of my Halloween things and also Fall decorations.

This little scarecrow's head was flopping forward and I had to glue the two sticks that connect to the shoulders and leave it upside down to dry the glue. He looks kind of silly therein the corner.
This is last year's picture because my little guy is still upside down drying.

I really need to clean my can but my little scarecrow will hide the mess left by those pesky spiders 
This is is me
I just liked his positive smile.

                                                     My pet tarantula hanging in the archway a Dollar Store buy. 

My Halloween and Fall decorations are mostly stuff bought at the  Dollar Store, Value Village  or on half price sales. Except for this beautiful Autumn Gathering sign which was $13.99. I bought it because I thought that it was  $4.99 as the price said just under it but it was the price of the object on the bottom shelf. I liked it so I kept it. I'm such a penny pincher sometimes except when I really want something.

 I think that it's like shopping for wool, the trill of the hunt. It's no wonder that my Chinese sign is a dog or I must have been a hunting dog in my other life. Even this old home made antique buffet that came from Newfoundland and I bought $75.00 years ago and refinished it myself because it had been stored in a stinky shed. I still haven't painted the top board when life got hectic. Even the rooster which had a slight defect which no one other than me would notice and I got it on sale at Claire De Lune and still managed to get it reduced more because of the defect. I wanted a perfect one and the busy clerk couldn't find another one out back that evening so I said that I'd take if she further reduced the price.  I'm pathetic.