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Sunday, November 21, 2010


Today I let the dust stay where it was in the house and only worked at the farm because I had to.  I just wanted to be lazy and do a bit of hooking. The sun was shining and so I settled down but just couldn't find the right color I wanted. I needed an just barely off white wool for my little cow so I boiled a few onion skins and made a weak solution and remembered that salt is supposed to be a mordant for vegetable base dye, so I added the salt and I wasn't pleased with the dirty looking white I got so I got a bit of dye solution and sprinkles a tiny bit here and there on the wool and then when it was what I thought it should be I added the vinegar and continued to simmer it and this is what I got.

The first photo was taken without a flash and it shows a bit darker color than the real color of the wool.

This second photo was taken with a flash and shows a bit lighter than  the color of the wool.

So my piece of wool is in between these two colors.
I didn't had time to dye another off white piece so I hooked with white. next time i'll use vinegar as mordant because I got better result last time. But I'm pleased how my little piece of wool turned out.

I hope that all my American  blogging friends had a HAPPY THANKSGIVING.    JB