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Tuesday, July 21, 2020


What is art? There are many definitions of art. Kezzie from KezzieAG blog thought it would be fun to see what arts her followers had in their home and so she set up a day to share our art on our blogs.

After digging up some photos from my Photo Library, I came up with more art pieces than I thought I had.

I never thought of my creations as art but the definition of art is broad so I guess it can pass for art.

Taste varies, what is beautiful to some is not necessarily beautiful to others.

I'll start with my rugs. They are all my own designs and I have enjoyed the whole process of acquiring my stash of repurposed 100% wool fabric from thrift stores with only a very small percentage which is not 100% wool.

The wool is washed in hot water and dried. I use a Cushing dye especially for wool to get the colors I wanted and to overdye colors that I want to change. There are many techniques for special effects.  The wool is cut in narrow strips we call worms.

This was my first rug. The grass was a white and grey plaid skirt dyed with yellow and blue dye. All repurposed 100% wool.

This rug was made to remember my friends who supported me during my breast cancer episode. They gave me a huge rooster that noise activated. I was collecting small roosters then. They filled a huge basket with 30 small gifts to open every day for a month.

This was a challenge rug. I had to use a forest, a ring, a stone, and the color purple. Free to interpretation. I didn't have much choice of wool then. This is me when I was young. I was always hanging from a tree upsidedown and wished I was a natural blond. lol...

This is a memory rug of my childhood. Every vignette represents great memories. and the wavy border represents the journey.

Another challenge rug called Grandmother's trunk. The interpretation was my heritage from my grandmother. She didn't left me any tangible objects other than the love of flowers.

Another challenge rug to get rid of all the leftover wool worms after hooking the other rugs.

Again this chair pad was using all leftover wool worms. The green border was wool of many different greens and white all married together by simmering the wool together to get a more uniform color.

This chair pad also was using little bits of leftover wool. We call the different circles, Kittens paws.

This one is a geode landscape. I never finished the border on it yet.

This is from a black and white overexposed photo of my grandfather. I wasn't pleased how his face turned out as I couldn't see the nuances in the shading of his face.

This was a challenge entitled "All around the town", using left only leftovers wool worms. The edging needs to be finished.

This is George the  Rooster chair pad. Making a round chair pad can be challenging.

A mate for George the rooster. Meet Julia hen. I used one piece of plaid that a generous blogger friend gifted me for the body by cutting out the strips of wool and separating the colors

Another challenge using leftover wool worms with a nursery rhyme.

This is a purchased watercolor print of a local covered bridge by artist Daniel Price.

This art piece comes as a gift from an African student who my daughter Christine gave her some raw milk to make some kefir I think. She was so happy with the cow milk. It is made from large fibrous leaves.

This was a self-portrait painted by my late daughter Nicole when she was in High school. I found it in the garage and gave it back to her while she lived in Scotland. She took it with her and had it framed. and it came back to me when she died. I had to take the photo at an angle because of the glare on the glass.


These two small applique portraits are collector's items and were given to me by Nicole and came from Scotland. Signed by artist Linda Kerr. They are approximately 4''x4'' or 10.16 cm x 10.16 cm.

A cross stitch I made and changed the thread colors to coordinate with my wall color. I had it professionally mounted at a cost of $150.00. I got it mounted wit a low glare glass to protect it from grease in the dining room.

THis little one I mounted myself but I need to change the frame. I used what I had laying around.

My first applique quilt after my chemo. The applique and quilting is all done by hand.

I got an old pattern from my sister in law for a double bed but I turned it into a King size. All appliqued and quilted by hand.

This is a scribble I made on a tiny piece of line paper when one morning I was sitting at my prayer table in my bedroom while I was doing a two-week review of my spiritual meditation and I saw the face of Jesus in the tree across the road. I looked up and down as I scribbled and when I was done I couldn't see it anymore no matter how hard I tried. I could see it very plainly. I could see a bit of the sky and some leaves and a branch that came down on top of his forehead.

A scrap of paper on my desk on which a coffee spill gave me a doodling idea. lol.

I hope that you enjoyed some of my art and didn't get too bored.
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Hugs, Julia