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Friday, August 28, 2015


Fall is at the back door waiting to come in and it's pickling time again.  I love pickling and love the aroma that waif in the air around in my kitchen.

My supply of Lady Ashburnham pickles have run out and they are my husband 's favorite and also the rest of the family's favorite. Since the cucumbers are plentiful, I'll be adding to my stash. Well, I only have 3 large bottles at the moment...

Here's what I've bottled so far.

From left to right, Mustard Pickles, Bread and Butter Pickles and Lady Ashburnham Pickles

Some of my first serious tomato harvest. My tomato plants are loaded with lots of green  Roma tomatoes  so there will be more to come...  I made some dehydrated  Roma tomatoes in olive oil but I didn't take a picture of the result. It made  half a quart and I put it in the fridge.

I use Roma tomatoes as they have thicker  flesh and less seeds and moisture.

I roasted some tomatoes with basil and garlic in Extra Virgin Olive oil. So very yummy. Apparently since they are concentrated they can be used instead of Sun dried Tomatoes.

Beet pickles

 My first Jalapeno peppers harvest  and this year they are hot.

I made all these pickled Jalapenos from that little harvest.

I've managed to hook a bit at night before bed time. I'm not liking the dark chocolate brown line in the middle and some other shape I don't like that I will change later.

The  brown upper segment I did last night.  The colors are a bit less bright  in real life and the off white is a dirty beige. Night photos are not the true colors.

This is my new Hydrangea I bought  on impulse at Cosco last year. They only grow 3 to 4 feet high.

 Some late summer bloomers

Some Heliotrope I started from seeds this past winter.  I  had tried them before and was not successful before. They require some bottom heat to sprout better.

Some sweet potato vines I'm trying for the first time also

What's left of my late summer flower garden that is still blooming. The rest needs to be tidied.

Again, these Geberas are  a first time experiment this year, also started from seeds. Rather expensive at $1.00 a seed but very pretty.

Another Gerbera

 and another pretty pink Gerbera

An off white  Gerbera,

Apologies for a long post but you know me by now.

That's it for now friends, it's past my bedtime and I hope that you all have a good sleep. Sweet dreams...
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