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Sunday, October 31, 2010


This is my second post this evening as I received these photos after I posted my first Halloween post so
check the first post  Halloween Night.

Here are my grand kids' carved pumpkins. They did a terrific job.
The little one is a gyspy, the pick pocket is acting the part. I can't remember what the two older girls are.

Isn't this one scarry?

These are from another planet I guess.

I can appreciate all the work that went into the one on the right.
                    More great pumpkins. I hope that you enjoyed this latest edition of my Halloween post. JB


Nothing too scary about this big Teddy Bear with pick-nic basket. My daughter always make her husband Joe a costume every year and in 2008 he won a $50.00 gift card from The Beer Store. He looks warm and cosy in this great costume.

In this 2009 costume he was Inspector Abberline, dectective in charge of Jack The Ripper cases in 1888.  He won a $50.00 gift card prize from BlockBbuster video store for this one. 

This year  her husband is Apollo, a junior flight officer in the TV show Battlestar Galactica as played by actor Jamie Bamber. Although his costume is dark navy blue it appears a medium blue in the bright sunlight, but we know that it's really dark Navy blue. This year he won a price for best non super hero costume at a Comic Book store.
Now that's what I call a cute big black bird. My daughter Christine is supposed to be a raven but she thinks that maybe she may be Big Bird's black cousin instead.  I agree with her.  She made all the costumes for her and her husband.

This is Halloween night and things can get pretty scarry. This again is my son in law dressed in a costume that my daughter made in 2004 and he still wears it every Halloween and sits outside on his front porch to pass treats to the kids big and small and love to scare them. He sits motionless and appears to be just a decoration and he suddenly moves and the kids screams. This year it's cold and they had a few inches of snow so there may not be that many trick or treaters showing up at his place. In 2007 he was dressed the Exorcesist but I don't have apicture of that. Click on Read More for the rest of the pictures.