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Sunday, October 31, 2010


This is my second post this evening as I received these photos after I posted my first Halloween post so
check the first post  Halloween Night.

Here are my grand kids' carved pumpkins. They did a terrific job.
The little one is a gyspy, the pick pocket is acting the part. I can't remember what the two older girls are.

Isn't this one scarry?

These are from another planet I guess.

I can appreciate all the work that went into the one on the right.
                    More great pumpkins. I hope that you enjoyed this latest edition of my Halloween post. JB


  1. Oh my goodness, Julia, such wonderful pumpkins. Your grandchildren did a wonderful job. I hope that you took lots of pictures. Have a happy spooky time this wonderful halloween night.

  2. Hey great pumpkins and my son was looking at your grand daughters costumes and He said, " Oh, they are Sweeney Todd and they are really good costumes." So there you go from a 15 year old.

    He thought all of the pumpkins were really great and your son-in-law when he was the Battle Star Gallecta guy was a really great costume too. Things of course I have never seen.

    Have a really great evening.

  3. Thanks Doris and Kim (Farm Girl). It was a bit tricky this evening because I had to do 2 posts. I received the grand kids' pumpkins photos after I had already posted my first Halloween Night post.
    The girl on the right is a friend of my grand daughter. One of my grand son was trick and treating with friends so he's not in the picture.

    My first post had lots of photos and to see my pregnant daughter Christine in her black raven costume you have to click on READ MORE at the bottom of the first post Have a great night sleep now. JB

  4. I see there is lots of Halloween spirit in your family. Love the photos in both posts, especially your daughters costume. Very cute! And some nifty pumpkin carving. Hope the kids got all treats and no tricks!

  5. Hi Kim, Yes there sure is a lots of Halloween spirit in my family. It's the same with my family back home. The adults have as much a good time as the kids. Any occasion for a fun party. I can imagine the hyper kids in school today. I think that my grand kids got tons of treats last evening. JB

  6. Hi Julia!
    What a wonderful time everyone seemed to have on Halloween! We don't get trick or treaters in our area and in a way I'm glad. Those bigger trick or treaters always made me terribly nervous.

    Today I finally blogged for the first time - or at least I think I did. I still have a lot to learn but it's a start! Check it out when you get a chance: http://charscraftycreations.blogspot.com/

  7. Those are some great pumpkins. I see lots of hard work put into those. I like the ones where the orange is gone. Very interesting.

  8. Hi Char, we don't get trick or treaters anymore as there are no kids in our neighbourhood and the treaters go to the subdivisions wher the houses are all close together. I connct with my family through the pictures they send me on the web for my Halloween thrills and bring my treats to their house.
    Congratulation on taking your first step to blogging. keep exploring like the rest of us did at the beginning.

    Katie, I agree, the kids put a lot of hard work and did a great job on those pumpkins. My grand daughter is quite the carving artist and her brother followed in her foot steps and did a great job too. JB