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I'm a mother of four grandmother of seven and great grandmother of one. I have many hobbies and interests but gardening and rug hooking are my main interest at the moment. I live with my husband in the house that we built with the help of my brothers and have been married for 51years.

Saturday, October 30, 2010


Today the sun has been shining but the cold wind was blowing from the north, across the river in front of our house.  I decided to clean inside the car. I vacuumed the interior and trunk and cleaned the dust and grime off the leather interior, washed the windows and around the doors but it was way too cold to wash the exterior and wax. I'll have to take a warmer day to do that. After I was done it felt good and the old  car smelled like new.  No pics of the car.

I had planned to keep a piece of this coleus for propagation for next spring  before the frost but got caught off guard. I cut a weakened little slip and put it in water, not expecting it to survive as it looked frost damaged a bit, but to my surprise today it had formed some little roots.   I'll plant it tomorrow and give it some TLC.

Here is a picture of the sickly little slip of Coleus. The leaves were frost bitten a bit.

Look at the small roots forming. Isn't nature grand? Just imagine the potential in this little piece of coleus.  

I made some quick biscuit dough  pizza for lunch. The recipe makes two. It has become a favorite around our house. I love hot pepper flakes and parmesan cheese but had to do without the parmesan. 

Someone had given the church some carrots for our church supper but it wasn't on the menu. They used what they could  at some other functions but had to get rid of the rest because they were starting to get spots on them. My husband took them home for the compost. I checked them out and those under were still good and I managed to save 15 pounds  of the best ones. I peeled them and put them in the fridge until I could find the time to make my cakes. Today I made the time.  I grinned 12 cups in my food processor, enough to make four carrot cakes. We'll eat one now,  I'll give one to my daughter and the other two are in the freezer.

I made Chili for supper since it was cold and we had each a piece of carrot cake with cream cheese icing for desert. I took a sliver and the hired hand took the other piece. My husband still hadn't taken his when the photo was taken.  

I still haven't found the time to carve my little pumpkin but I have an evil looking plastic one as a stand by.                                         HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE.     JB


  1. Hey Julia,
    Thanks so much for checking in on me via the blog. Luckily this virus hits hard and fast but doesn't last long. I'm starting to feel better and your food pictures are making me hungry! That is always a good sign. Have a happy halloween.

  2. Wow Kim, this is sure good news. See, I knew Little Millie could look after you real good.
    I hope that you will be good as new real soon.

    My chest is still a bit congested but this evening my head seems to be clearing. I sure hope I'm on the mend. This awful cold has taken a lot out of me. HAPPY HALLOWEEN KIM, HUGS. JB

  3. Hi Julia,
    Your coleus plant was lovely. I'm glad you could salvage a cutting to propogate for next year. They have such colorful foliage!

    For someone who isn't feeling well, you sure get a lot of work done. The carrot cake looks yummy and pizza is one of my favorites, so is chili. Please come to my house and be our cook! I get so tired of trying to make meals interesting.

    Hope you continue to get better. Zip has had the cough for almost two weeks. Yuck!!!

  4. Pat, I really pushed myself today. I wish you were closer because you would be invited to my house for meals often, My husband eats so little when I cook that it's hardly worth the effort I put into making a meal. He doesn't want to gain weight.
    I really enjoy having someone with a good appetite for meals and the young hired hand is a University student from Ontario with a healthy appetite. He's away from home and he really appreciate good home cooked meal. JB

  5. Gosh what a great day. Man o' man that cake looks wonderful. I like that your plant rooted. I liked the pizza too that looked like a really yummy recipe. Have you published those recipes in your back posts?
    I hope you have a bit of a rest tomorrow you must be feeling a bit better?
    Happy Halloween!

  6. Gosh what a yummy post today.
    Beautiful coleus plant and it survived the freeze, it will be beautiful next spring.
    The pizza and cake all look so yummy. They are both favorites of mine. Haven't made a carrot cake in years, I guess I could make one and take it to the shop. If it is around here I would be eating it for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

  7. Julia the cakes are beautiful. Imagine 4 in one day - lots of work. You must be feeling better altho I find that we do what we must regardless of how we are. Wish I was closer I would raid your freezer!

  8. Farm Girl, Katie and Doris, thanks for your comments. When I make carrot cakes I usually make two at a time as I have two tube pans and I freeze one. When I make some for the church suppers I make them on assembly line. I measure the dry ingredients and put them in plastic bags and grate the carrots and either put them into plastic bag or bowls and it takes only minutes to mix two cakes and pop them into the oven, I clean up and the next patch ready in a jiffy when the first batch is baked and out of the pans.

    My head is clearer today but it took a while to clear my bronchioles this morning. I'm gonna hook this afternoon unless some unexpected thing comes up. Happy Halloween Everyone. JB

  9. YUM! The carrot cakes look divine!

  10. Thanks Tammy. I'll post the recipe. I cheated and used prepared Betty Crocker cream cheese frosting as my time was rather busy. It's good even without frosting. JB