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I'm a mother of four grandmother of seven and great grandmother of one. I have many hobbies and interests but gardening and rug hooking are my main interest at the moment. I live with my husband in the house that we built with the help of my brothers and have been married for 51years.

Saturday, October 23, 2010


Time is slipping through my fingers at a break neck speed. It's like being on a merry go round that just won't stop to let me get off. I can't believe how quickly time is melting away. Already one week left before were in November.

I was out today to work in the yard and my fingers were getting so cold that I had to come in to warm up. I have a condition called Renault syndrome, where the fingers hurt really bad like frost bite when it cold. They are very sensitive to the least bit of cold. The sky has been sunny and cloudy and the air humid and it has been windy all day. I sure like the stove heat when I came in to get warm.

I managed to take a few photos in the backyard and discovered a huge hornet nest in my maple tree by the deck. I took a few shots and had to set the camera on sport setting because there was so much movements of the leaves and the hornet nest moving in the wind.   Notice the two old abandoned silos in the background.  They are set to be demolished sometime in the future.  Those silos are used as land marks by airplanes as we live only minutes from the airport.

An underside view of the huge hornet nest. This is the first time I took a sport shot and I love this feature on my camera.
 This afternoon while the sun was out I did a bit of hooking and a bit of ripping  and then had to go to the airport to pick up my sister in law who was coming in from Toronto and her flight was delayed so when it finally arrived just had time to make it home to change into my barn clothes and get to work.  I wonder what it feels like to have a whole day off from work unless I'm sick in bed. I know... I'm complaining again... Stay safe during the weekend.  JB


  1. Great shot below the hornet nest. You are getting good with the new camera. It's fun isn't it? You deserve a day off once in awhile - and not when you are sick. Try to find a personal day soon - it's good for the soul.

  2. Thanks Kim, it's really good advice but there is only my husband and my son and myself who work on Sundays. The hired hand usually works during the week and Saturdays only but he's away on sick leave recuperating from an operation. JB

  3. Those hornets nests are fascinating! You are getting some nice nature shots! Take it easy when you can.... the colder weather is hard on a person and especially since you've been sick.
    Cathy G

  4. Thanks Cathy but believe me, I'm taking it as easy as I can. Usually I would get every thing that needs done before stopping but this fall I'm way off track and not at all ready for fall or the snow. At least I haven't had to cook meals for the hired hand as he hasn't even come to work lately. Hugs. JB

  5. Glad you felt enough to go outside and take pictures. I have only seen pictures of hornets nests in book, it is really neat to see one on your blog. I am glad you got some hooking in today.
    We tore out all of the tomatoes I had planted and then remodeled my chicken house and I got it all cleaned. My son came down with a cold and you know how it will go through the house so I am trying to get all of my outside stuff finished up. I just need to get my roses trimmed and my flowerbeds cleaned and I am almost ready for November.
    Oh have to order wood. Then I become a criminal in California until March. I burn my wood burning stove when I want. Air Pollution control goes around telling you when you can burn a fire. They give you a ticket if you do it on the wrong day. Sometimes I hate Commie California. :)

  6. Love the pictures and what you are doing with the camera. Delightful to see how the wind is blowing the leaves. Such a large nest. Hope it is really dorment and all is well. Take care of yourself, we all need you!
    (Moments in Time)

  7. Kim (Farm Girl) I sprayed some small hornets nest on the house and shed this summer before they got big and left them there to fool the hornets so they go built their nest elsewhere. I didn't even know that they had one in the tree until all the leaves had fallen.

    Sure hope that your son's cold is not as tenacious as the one I got. My head is still stuffy today.A lot of people had the same as me. I still have to get my flu shot and the government pays for it since I'm a cancer survivor.

    Doris, thanks for your sweet comment. It's so cold out now and there 's frost on the cars in the morning that I'm sure the hornets are inactive. I may wait until snow falls and knock it down and light the stove with it.
    Have a great Sunday everyone. JB

  8. Julia... those are great shots of the silos and hornets nest. Also, the post down below thatshows your memory rug is awesome! I can't wait to see it finished. And.... you're certainly right about time slipping away. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas - didn't we just have all those holidays?

  9. Hey Julia, did you find me yet?

  10. Dulcy, thanks for your comment about my Childhood Memories rug.I appreciate your visits to my blog and I'm so glad that you enjoyed my posts. Hugs. JB

    Kim, I'm still looking. I feel like a kid looking for its maternal mother. lol. If you look something remote to Millie, you're some cute. JB