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I'm a mother of four grandmother of seven and great grandmother of three. I live with my husband in the house that we built with the help of my brothers and will have been married for 57 years this February.

Sunday, November 28, 2010


I deviated from my routine today. I didn't go to breakfast with my friends as usual on Sunday because I had too much work to do this morning and I would have been very late for breakfast. At our favorite restaurant, we get a free breakfast if we tell the waiter that it's our birthday before we order. We show our ID card and eat free. I missed my free breakfast at the restaurant  but I cooked  a nice omelette with bacon on the side and toast and coffee.

I had my oldest granddaughter Jordyn visiting today. It was her birthday today. She's a beautiful young lady who is doing very well in High School. So I didn't spent time on the computer reading blogs and comments. I enjoyed her visit and then I drove her and her boyfriend home. On my way back, I visited Value Village and bought a few odds and end, no pictures. There wasn't much that caught my eye today.

This is a Christmas photo of my oldest granddaughter taken December 2008 that I dug up from my photo library.

I managed to get a bit of hooking done and wish that I had the right colors so I could keep on hooking. I need to buy more wool and dyes to do April DeConick's color palettes. Then, I would really do more hooking.

I received a phone call from my oldest sister and we talked for about an hour or more. It was so nice  hearing her voice and catching up on the latest news.  So my day was relaxing and pleasant for a change.     Thanks for stopping by for a visit.  JB


  1. So pleased you had another nice day with family. Last year I celebrated my birthday for a whole week. You should try it. FUN!

  2. It is so wonderful to hear you had a nice day. I know a farm is hard work and to have a nice day is wonderful

  3. Thanks Kim and Cathy. It was so good to not rush. Have a wonderful week. JB

  4. Hi,Julia,
    Don't you just enjoy the simple things of life, Family and friends. Call me crazy but I was so excited to get a new coffee creamer with a holiday theme. Lol. Cheri

  5. Julia your day sounds wonderful. It really is the simple things of life that count the most and family is so important. What a beautiful young lady your grand daughter is. You must be very proud.

  6. Thanks for your comment Doris. Yes I'm proud of my beautiful grand daughter and everyone of my grand kids. They are all so loving. Hope that your day is wonderful today. JB

  7. So glad you had a nice Sunday. I hope this week is a nice one too. You have such pretty grand daughters.
    I do hope you get to hook some too.

  8. Thanks Farm Girl, I have one more 7 years old granddaughter that is a cutie. I hope that you have a nice week too. JB

  9. Sounds like a really nice day! And it seems I always run out of the right color wool when I need it!!
    Hope the calves are ok!

  10. Karen thanks for your comment. Running out of the right color wool is really an obstacle for me and every hooker I think.

    My calves are doing very well. I'm supposed to have two moved to larger pens this afternoon. I hope that it happens as they are getting too big for the small pens already. JB

  11. Hi Julia,
    Glad you had a nice relaxed day with your grand-daughter and her boyfriend. Hey lady, you deserve a quiet day once in a while!
    I loved the post about the grand-daughter who spins and knits. Her glover were great and even better doing them without a pattern. Is she going to be a rug hooker too?

  12. Pat, it's funny you should ask if my granddaughter is going to hook. She hasn't shown any interest yet and I haven't pushed the issue. But she was so excited that I gave her a nice piece of red wool to make a hat. Then she added that she needed a piece of red lining. It just happens that I saved the red lining from the red wool skirt. She was so excited. Now I'm anxious to see what kind of hat she'll come up with. Also she went through my waste basket that I use for my snippets, only I had some dead plant leaves in there too. She saved every little morsel of wool and put it in a small Ziplock snack baggie to do something with it. I'm sure that down the line, she'll try her hand at rug hooking. I may just make a kit for her. JB

  13. I think that a hooking kit for Mira would be a great thing. Somewhere in my piles and piles of supplies (and I will admit a little bit of junk) is a hook that was her great grandmothers. OH! I just had a moment on inspiration and dug around in a drawer and found it!

  14. Hi Jackie, I'm glad that it is Mama approved. A kit I will make. I have a hoop that I used to make my first sample. Mira might like to draw her own design.