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Monday, March 28, 2011


This Friday and  Saturday I was busy at the farm all day with chores and scrubbing calf pens and for the first time since I've been working at the farm I had an empty calf nursery. Not for long though.

Sunday morning I had a feeling that there might be a new calf and I sent my husband to check and  he was surprised to find a new baby calf hiding behind a bunch of cows. It was a heifer calf and she was dirty and cold and he carried her in the barn in his arm. She was born in the dry cow shelter which is colder than the barn. It didn't appeared that this cow was going to calf the day before and we were so busy with heard health and rounding all the heifers to be checked for pregnancy and having another bunch bred, so she was left there in the shelter with plenty of bedding Saturday. We also had a Luau and auction to go to.

I quickly prepared the pen with fresh bedding for the mama cow and baby. My husband and I had made plans to go to breakfast with friends so my son fed the calf for me and she drank her two bottles of milk in about five minutes. Sunday evening she again gulped down two bottles( 8Pints) of warm milk and I gave her a vaccine. Then she started to make grunting sounds as if she was having difficulty breathing or was in pain. Later at night my son checked her and decided that her breathing was labored and gave her some penicillin in case she was getting pneumonia.

This morning she didn't want to get up and was not feeling well and refuse even to suck so I just let her be and went to my meeting all day. When I got back she still wouldn't get up for me and I managed to get her to drink about a pint of milk.  So a while ago I went to see if I could get her to take some electrolyte and she even got up and drank a whole bottle. She is getting another shot of antibiotic and should start to feel better by  tomorrow I hope.

Earlier today I tried to get her to stand so I could take a picture but she would not cooperate but she stood up for this picture tonight. So Tammy and someone else were asking about the calf jacket. When it's cold we put these jackets on the new born calves as it takes a lot of calories for them to keep warm and with these jackets they do so much better. The trick is to get them to gain weight as fast as possible.

 Her jacket needs to be wash and hung on the line because it got a lot of use this winter but the inside is clean. Another job for another day.

Some of my empty calf pen. Sorry for the dark picture. There are 10 pens.

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  1. Oh Julia what a pretty girl. Those are really nice calf pens. I didn't know you put jackets on your babies but I imagine you have to with it being so cold. I never thought about that before.
    Thanks for the pictures.

  2. It looks like a horse blanket. I hope the little one feels better soon.

  3. Oh what a cutie! Those calf jackets are a great idea! I learned something new there! Hope the little guy feels better by tomorrow!
    Is your snow gone yet?
    Cathy G

  4. Hi Julia, What a cute little calf. I hope he feels better. You work so hard trying to keep all your cows well. Cheri

  5. Awww....she looks so sweet!! The calf jacket looks a bit like the jackets made for greyhounds to go outside in the winter!

  6. Your pictures remind me of traveling to my Great Aunt Annie's farm in PEI. They had many cows and I just loved following my Uncle around as he took care of all the farm chores. The little calf is so sweet. I hope she continues to get well.

  7. Hi Julia ~ the calf is so cute .Hope ever thing keeps going well.

  8. So cute! Wish I was closer and could come vist your farm. Do you have only cows? How many?
    I don't know how you have time to do anything else! I would be SO tired!

  9. Julia ~
    I hope the little girl gains her weight quickly. There is so much work to do on a farm!!! People just don't realize.
    Hugs :)

  10. Holy Cow! Those stalls are clean enough to be in a hospital. I've never seen anything that clean in a cow barn in my life. Wow!

  11. Thanks Mira's papa. Those calf pens are easy to clean as they come apart for easy cleaning. I use hot water, soap and bleach as disinfectant and a good sturdy brush to scrub and everything is hosed down,

    I like the pens clean but they don't stay clean very long. Baby calves are born without immunity like human babies and they get their immunity from the colostrum milk. Having clean pens helps in keeping the calves healthier until they have stronger immunity. They grow faster if they don't get sick.

    Some calves are cleaner than others on their pens. Sometimes I get some with very bad habits.

    Right now I'm caring for that sick calf that somehow got e-coli at birth and had to be given a strong dose of antibiotic that last 6 days. She appears to be on the mend. JB

  12. I think that must be one of the most fun parts of living on a farm...watching calving!! This baby is pretty and has a wonderful home! Hope she continues to do well. So interesting, Julia!
    My cousin owns a farm in Wisconsin. We visited last summer and one of the calves was bing born obviously with problems and a vet delivered her with chains around her ankles and pulled her out dead. It was so sad to me...yet he explained that on a farm, it's not like they are pets.
    Fascinating...thanks for posting pictures too. Your farm looks so CLEAN!! A beautiful place!

  13. Julia.... I just love hearing about your cows! That calf story is so touching to me. I know it's everyday stuff to you, but just the idea of caring for that baby makes me feel so warm and happy. Also, whenever I pop onto your blog, I just adore the cow rug banner you've made. Love the colors and deisgn. Thanks for coming by to see me and your sweet comment. Hearing from you always is a treat for me.

  14. Julia,
    That is just the cutest thing ever! I remember being a little girl and my favorite thing at the county fair was to go and see the sheep in their "pajamas"....my cousins had cows, but they didn't have pajamas. Cute, cute, cute!