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Thursday, March 24, 2011


As the title states, today is my lucky day.  I went to pick my granddaughter at the High School in town and I needed to buy some cat food for my 4 barn cats. I thought that I would buy some grocery for her, something that she would like for her  school lunch and some snacks. On our home we stopped at the mail box and as she opened the mail box I saw a big puffy golden envelope and I knew that it was from Lauren of Rug and Pugs.  You can see what the rug should look like on the left of my blog. For the new followers, if you click on Rugs and Pugs it will take you to Lauren' blog.

I was excited to open it and was in awe of her generosity. I never hooked with such wide wool and I'm looking forward to the challenge.  THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH  Lauren  for this opportunity of hooking with wide wool. I was amazed that there was also a large Joan Moshimer hook in the package. This is not a cheap give away. It has everything I need, lots of beautiful wool ready cut, even the binding. She even included a nice hand written note  on a "I need a Pug" note pad  and everything was wrapped in a nice green tissue paper reminding me of the St Patrick Day celebrations of  last week.  It's awesome.  I can't wait to find the time to start hooking my first primitive rug ever. The thing that I like about this give away is that there is no strings attached.  Such a thoughtful gift. Thanks again.

The hook is a perfect gift too because although I have three Joan Moshimer hook I didn't had a large hook like that.

Today I decided to transplant my bell peppers as they have been growing so fast and were getting their third leaves already. I planted them a bit deeper than they were in the first pots.  They will root on the stems anyway.

I love to start my own plants and avoid buying plants that are root bound.

This must be my lucky week too because on Monday I bought 2 tickets to our Credit Union  Annual General Meeting and banquet and I gave one ticket to my husband and I kept the other as they draw numbers for prizes. His number was called first and he won a hard cover journal in a beautiful  removable case and it just happens that my husband journal every day. I used to to that for year and now since I'm blogging I don't do it any more.  The second number called was mine. I won a blanket in with a carry on handle. Very soft fuzzy inside. Great to keep in the car.  I'll post  some pictures later as I'm running late.

Thanks for stopping by for a visit and thanks for leaving your comments.  JB


  1. You have had a lucky day!! I love the kit from Lauren's giveaway!! Plus, your plant are growing fast and furiously! Have fun with everything!

  2. Hi Julia,What a lucky day. I am a primitive rug hooker and I like it. I just finished mopping my floors and I am happy to say Tuesday at my rug hooking group my friend gave me a bag of different color wools.My Happy day! So I am glad you had a lucky day today you deserve it.Cheri

  3. You are having a lucky day. You deserve it - it was a rough week for you. I think you will enjoy hooking with the larger cut wool. Its nice and quick.
    I just ordered some flower seeds and I am going to try and start a few inside. I hope I am as successful as you are with those peppers.

  4. Julia,
    You are gonna have fun with that cute cat kit from Lauren...... she knows how to have a great give-away! Maybe we need to tell her to stay off the skates though so we can keep her around longer for more great give-ways! LOL!
    Plants look gorgeous! You'll be gardening before you know it!!
    Cathy G

  5. Wow lucky you!! Bet you will enjoy hooking Lauren's pattern!

  6. Lauren is a great gal and that was very generous indeed!! Hook on!! We'll be watching!! You had all kinds of abundance coming your way this week ~ and maybe more to come, who knows?! Have a good weekend!

  7. Julia ~
    So glad the kit finally arrived. I hope you have fun with it. It's funny because anymore, I think a #8 cut is like hooking with spagetti! And to call the hook large just made me smile! Be sure to hook your single line of black outside the black line so you have enough room for the bands of color.
    If you have any questions, just give me a shout!
    Pug hugs :)

  8. Julia, what a lucky gal you are! Love the sweet primitive kitty rug hooking kit, I think you will really enjoy "primitive" rug hooking. Looking forward to viewing the finished product. BTW, your plants look terrific! Have a great weekend and Happy Spring!

  9. Wow what a lucky day. I love all of the things you got I can't wait to see your rug. I love rug hooks and I have been looking at those on that site.
    I hope you have a nice weekend and you get to hook some this weekend.

  10. I am so glad you had such a lucky day. You certainly are deserving of such after your bad day with your poor cow and calf.
    Ok I hate to be dumb but please explain to me when you have time about the rug. You mentioned it was your first time to make one like this. What is the difference in the ones you do now. I am so curious because I so envy you ladies that do these beautiful rugs.
    Enjoy your weekend
    Love ya

  11. Seriously? You lucky, lucky girl! And hooked rugs? I really am going to try it someday. I love them to death. :)

  12. My goodness you have had a lucky week.
    Enjoy the hooking pattern. Rugs and Pugs is a great blog site. Love how she rescues pugs.
    Isn't that great that your husband won a journal and it is something that he does.
    I should have started some seed, but honestly in my small house I have no place to put them, so I am at the mercy of the greenhouses.

  13. It WAS your lucky day!!! Can't wait to see your rug with the extra wide woll!
    The journal was a bonus and blanket a good idea because it's still cold anyway!!!
    No one deserves it more than YOU!!

  14. Thanks everyone for your warm comments. It warms me up on such a cold spell. JB