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Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Today has been a busy day at the farm, moving heifers out from the barn to the next building in the back. For me, it means that my work load will be less for a while at the barn. It means less to feed everyday. The hoof trimmer is coming tomorrow and again, it will be a busy day.

I've been on the computer in small snippets  today checking blog and emails whenever I got a chance.  I commented on Farm Girl's blog about God abundant blessings in our trials and when I commented on  Melaine's blog from Woolly Hooker, as I was to post my comment, the word bless showed up on the word verification box. It has been a blessed day.

I thought that I would follow through with pictures of the retreat.

look at those perfect points on these quilt squares

some crochet


more hooking, even hooking without a frame
more hooking

Jill working on her tree skirt and some beautiful knitting
hooking and felting

gorgeous rug

Knitting, hooking and cross stitch

look at this gorgeous rug

more hooking

On the first day there were some door prizes for the early birds and on Saturday there were over a hundred prizes to be won and it took quite a while for the draw. Carol is one of the many winners. The place was so big that I only got some of the winners who were closer to me.
Wendy, another enthusiastic winner with her camera rolling as she fetch her prize.

Another happy winner

Susn won a gift certificate.

Linda won some colorful roving. I love her button necklace and earrings.

Joyce won a beautiful figurine. Blogger won't let me write below this picture so I'll call it quite for tonight. I just remember a lot and lot of smiling faces. I only got a fraction of what people were working on as I didn't had my camera with me all the time. I was trying to get some hooking done.
Thanks for stopping by.  JB


  1. how anyone hooks on a hoop or with nothing is beyond me. I tried several times thinking it would be way easier than lugging a frame around. I all but stood on my head and still I couldn't do it comfortably. I think they that can are amazing.
    love the pictures

  2. Wow what a wide diversity of crafters. Sure looks like you had a lot of fun.

  3. When we were in England a few years ago, many of the ladies hooked without frames or hoops ~ big rugs, too! I was amazed at how they managed that ~ then, I thought maybe I was just spoiled! Great pictures, Julia ~ almost like being there!

  4. Great photos. I have been hooking on a hoop for about 5 years. I just started using a frame this past fall and it has been quite an adjustment!! I had a hard time getting used to the frame! Thanks for posting the pics!

  5. Oh, such wonderful stuff was happening there! I love that bag of roving. It's always so interesting what people are hooking, with the different styles. I'm getting excited to go to my hook-in at the end of the month.

  6. Julia, what a great experience. Wish we could have all been with you.

  7. Julia honey I am really amazed at such an event. When you mentioned going to this I pictured a few women gathered together in a room all doing the same thing. hahaha I was completely in awe of your photo's and all the different artist working together under one roof.
    Oh how I would love to do something like this.
    All I have to look forward to now is going to Jail everyday. hahaha
    Love ya

  8. Thanks for sharing more pics Julia. Woolly Mammoth is not my blog though, mine is Woolly hooker. Just in case you want to fix your comment and give credit to them. Have a great day, and I do hope you are blessed. Hugs,

  9. Thanks Malaine for pointing out my silly mistake. I'm so sorry for the slip. That's what happens when I'm tired.. I hope that some good will come out of this, like advertisement for your blog. I've edited my error. Thanks again and have a wonderful day., Hugs. JB

  10. How neat you got that word bless. I didn't know that sometimes it gave nice words. I get words like nerd and buthd can you see the word? :) I love the pictures and all of the talented ladies. I think it would be such a nice experience to be able to attend one of those meetings.
    So glad you shared. I hope you aren't to busy today with the hoof trimmer. I did always enjoy those days.
    Thank you so much for your comments, I always treasure each one.

  11. What an awesome event this must have been - to have so many different fiber arts gathered in the same place - wonderful!

  12. Hi Julia, how lucky you were to go to this event.I love all the pictures of the ladies having fun! Cheri

  13. I love that the word bless came up for verification!! Thank you for sharing that picture. It will stay with me all day. And I am still drooling from the sight of all of those beautiful rugs in progress!
    Blessings, Debbie

  14. looking good! and yes those words sometimes are very amzing!


  15. Welcome to my blog Leontien. I like your tractor story. Very funny. JB

  16. I love retreats! You ladies appear to be having a lovely time, and oh my..... the rugs! I see snippets of some really gorgeous hooking. We're have our 3rd annual Boat House Hookin here tomorrow. I just finished making snacks to take!


  17. Oh that looks like SO much fun Thank you for sharing all the photo's