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Monday, December 28, 2020


Just a short post today.

George and I went to church on Christmas Eve and I felt very lucky that our church was allowed to be open. I sang solo without music because of Covid and everything went well.

All the preparations for Christmas dinner have been just like when the family was here. I baked tourtieres (meat pies) fruit cakes, cranberry cookies, pecan snowballs. A small turkey, dressing, mashed garlic potatoes with sour cream,  broccoli, carrots, and gravy. Broken glass torte for dessert and wine.

I shared some of the food with the family, delivered gifts, before dinner, and  George and I sat down to fill our bellies. After dinner, we went to work on a nice puzzle that Jackie, my daughter gave us.  It was a 500 pieces puzzle and George was glad because he could find the pieces easier. It was a nice way to wound down.

It was a really fun puzzle to do and pretty easy. 

I have taken photos of some of my decorations with my cell phone before Christmas but when I came to upload them on my computer, the cell phone did some binging sounds and the device did not want to show on my computer. I may need to do some updating on my computer.  It's the least of my worries right now. 

The tree and decorations will stay up till Epiphany at the feast of the Three Kings. 

Today I vacuum my bedroom and put everything in order and, ordered my garden seeds from Veseys Seeds from PEI. Of course, I wanted to buy more seeds but realized that I'll never be able to manage it all and pared down my order. Last year, I did not order seeds as I had no soil to plant them in because all the plant nurseries were closed to the public because of Covid. I bought some plants that were mislabeled and instead of having 12 broccoli plants I had 12 kale plants. There was something else that was mislabeled and I was very disappointed. 

I hope that you had a lovely Christmas but I know at least three families who had either were alone for Christmas because of losing a loved one, and one was ill and the other is in palliative care. My heart went out to them. Wishing everyone a better year for 2021.

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  1. It sounds like a yummy Christmas. It was nice that you shared what you made and had some down time with you and your husband

  2. What a nice Christmas feast you had. I watched mass on services here. Glad you enjoyed your puzzle. We sold quite a but at our gift shop. Janice

  3. It sounds like you had a virtual feast!! Wow! I had Ramen noodles. Sad, but true. Yes, we always left our tree and other decorations out until after Epiphany...but there was no tree this year. You and George made short work of that puzzle. You must make a great team. I have never enjoyed jigsaw puzzles. Mind puzzles, yes...but I just am not good at putting those little pieces together. Yes, wishing for a better 2021....for all of us. ~Robin~

  4. Happy to hear you and George could celebrate Mass on Christmas Eve. How I would love to hear you sing!
    Praying that 2021 will be a MUCH better year.

  5. I am very glad that you enjoyed your (delicious) Christmas.
    Sadly you are right. It was undoubtedly a sad and lonely time for many.
    I am hoping for a healthier, happier New Year for the world.
    Loving your garden planning too.

  6. Your Christmas was similar to ours with me preparing food and giving most of it away. We delivered gifts instead of gathering but with Jack recouping it was a good decision. I'm truly hoping for a better year in 2021... As I'm sure the rest of the world is too. Happy New Year Julia! Prayers for you and your family for good health and happiness.

  7. Hello,
    Your Christmas sounds like it was special and one you/we will always remember.
    It was a good reminder that I better order my seeds early. Last year because of the lock down some of my seeds were back ordered into June!!

    Happy 2021!

  8. I am glad you managed to get to church and sing for everyone. That is lovely. I would love to hear you sing Julia.
    Your lunch sounded delicious.
    The jigsaw looks really good. I am not so good at Jigsaws- I think I need practice! That's a shame about the kale seeds. I would like to grow Kale. I tried to germinate some but it has given up sadly! I might have to start again! My garlic is doing ok though!
    I always look forward to seeing your garden!

  9. Beautiful puzzle. We do love putting them together as well.

    Sounds like your Christmas was just right.

    I glanced at a seed catalog yesterday.

    I don’t want to take my Christmas down yet. I finally have a few days off and look forward to watching some hallmark movies and chilling out.

    Happy New Year to you and yours. I pray for the year to be full of hope and grace.

  10. My Christmas was nice with my children and their families coming to see me in small spurts. Not any big crowds and our church worship has been via video for a very long time. Happy New Year to you and yours.

  11. Happy New Year Julia! I hope your new year is the best. I am sure after 2020 we can look with hope to 2021.
    God never changes, aren't you glad! I wish you the best and looking forward to this new year. Blessings to you and your husband.

  12. Wishing you and your family a better year in 2021!!

  13. Happy NY to you and yours. Praying it will be better!!

  14. Hi Julia! Oh, your Christmas dinner sounds yummy! I'm glad you had a nice time. I hope your January is full of garden plans!

  15. Yay, I'm glad you are planning your garden, I love your photos that you take in your garden & try to mirror what flowers you are growing. Your backyard is so lovely in the summer when everything is alive with colour.
    The puzzle that you & George did is wonderful, I love roosters & that puzzle was lovely!
    Your dinner sounded so good, lucky were those that had some too. It is a sad time when people spent Christmas alone & this Covid has really played on everyone with the isolation. I alone pent 6 weeks in total isolation with my husband Bill working in Ontario, forcing me into isolation whenever he got home. So glad we are very compadable & enjoy each other's company. lol
    Stay safe & healthy. Happy New Year Julia! Hugs, Cynthia

  16. I had to go back and read your last post too. Your poinsettias are beautiful as well as your Christmas tree & the lovely angel.

    Yes, we were also on pins and needles during election and I volunteered to work at the polls even tho I was considered a high risk for covid-19. I'm glad I did. The election office was begging people to work and we put in long hours at one point I worked 16 straight hours with 1/2 hour lunch. I'm so happy we have a new president!! On the news is plans for climate change and to get started with electric cars and major auto industry are all on board (they now know there is going to be money in that). I'm still hoping for cross country electric trains for easier travel than airlines.

    President Biden is working hard to get a handle on the pandemic and vaccines have rolled out. I got my vaccination shot (first one) mid January and scheduled to take the second shot on February 3rd. Along the line with covid, my cholesterol level has gone up due to inactivity I believe. Last year's annual check up in 2019 shows my cholesterol level was normal. I've started walking twice a day and will increase the distance from 1 mile to three miles a day. I've always been active until covid hit and the parks and trails closed to public.

    Our family spent holidays apart. I felt so bad for my two nieces who lost their mother the day after Thanksgiving and all the necessary arrangements into Christmas. Hospital restrictions and other restrictions made it hard to be with them. I wept so hard my eyes were puffy for weeks. My nieces spent their holidays alone and grieving alone and no family members able to go over to console them. I broke the rules and had my son drive me over one evening fully masked and gloved so we don't infect one another in case we were none symptomatic. And yes, we clung to one another in one got the virus thank heavens. We're slowly coming to terms.

    thank you for sharing your daily makes it seem we are all here to help one another even from afar. A kind work or shared story goes a long way.