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I'm a mother of four grandmother of seven and great grandmother of three. I live with my husband in the house that we built with the help of my brothers and will have been married for 57 years this February.

Monday, March 5, 2012


I've been promising update photos of the renovations and finally I got some to show. Our friend was supposed to give me three days worth of his work doing renovation in my bathroom. I had paid $600.00 at the Church auction a year ago in February 2011 for his work. He offered his work and the church got the money and he was getting nothing. That was his contribution. The poor guy was so busy all year and I told him that I wasn't in a hurry and not to worry about it.

                                   The new stairs

                                             View from upstairs

When he came in my house a few weeks ago and saw the stairs without a railing he was concerned about our safety and I told him that it was my next project.  I told him that I had wanted a nice oak stairs with a banister when the house was built but when I came to see the work, someone had already built a plywood stairs which was to be covered with carpet.  I was upset but didn't say anything at the time. My husband had bartered with an ironsmith to have an iron railing for a side of beef.  If you have been following my blog you know that when the carpet was removed I painted the stairs and the iron railing didn't fit anymore and was never replaced until now.

                                              The old stairs

Our friend said, I'll built you a nice oak stairs and I said," Oh great, I'll pay you". He said that he would give me a little bit more than three days of his work. I told him, "No, I will pay you for the work if you want to built the stairs.

He put three coats of Polyurethane and use a power sanding tool to sand in between coats. Today I uses some fine steel wool to sand all the wood and vacuumed and used a tact cloth to remove the fine dust but didn't had enough time to put on the 4th coat. I'll do that tomorrow.

This evening I finished removing the rest of the vinyl wallpaper in the bathroom and will paint the ceiling and the walls another day. The bathroom is not finished and we will finish it ourselves.

I love this type of tap that regulate the water temperature even when someone flushes the toilet you don't get a change of temperature to startle you.

         A nice large shower head with lots of pressure.

                              A nice ceramic corner shelf for soap and shampoo.

                              I love this ceramic tile floor.
The  sink and taps and the toilet are  installed but the tank is not installed yet.
There is still lots of work to do like install the light fixture, towel bar, toilet paper holder, mirror, knobs and hinges, sanding the cabinet and priming and painting the shelves, painting the ceiling and fan,painting the trim and door,  hanging  a few pictures on the wall maybe.

Tomorrow is another day. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for laving a comment.  I much appreciate it. I hope that you have a nice March break.  JB


  1. Wow Julia!
    The stairs and bannister are gorgeous!! That was worth the wait! I bet you just love it!! The bathroom is gorgeous as well! Everything takes a lot of time and patience..... but what a wonderful new space you are creating!!
    Take some time and just sit and enjoy it!! ( I know you won't) but you should!! Congratulations on your spectacular remodeling!!
    Cathy G

  2. wonderful wonderful wonderful you must me so happy!

  3. omg! it's absolutely gorgeous! Love the finish on the wood and the curving bannister ending! love it

    Your bathroom looks great ... hard to think what it looked like before... what a difference ...

    Hope you get a good night's sleep!

  4. It is all so beautiful. Renovations are so exhausting. It will be wonderful when it is done.
    I always thought bathrooms were the worst....we've been through three of them....then I saw your stairs.

  5. I love the way the stairs came out. So beautiful. Nothing like that gleaming wood! I'm looking forward to more bathroom pics of the finish!

  6. WOW! Those stairs are stunning... like leading into a palace! lol! The bathroom is beautiful too! Neutrals are so soothing... Now that you have all this work done, you should be able to relax this summer? :-)

  7. The wait was definitely worth it; the stairs are beautiful..I know you will enjoy them for many years to come....Your bath is coming right along and you'll soon be through with it...Thanks for all the pics,; it lets us see exactly what you are doing....

  8. Wow! What a difference! The stairs are absolutely beautiful and the new tub and tiles look fantastic!
    Can't wait to see them when we visit this summer! :)

  9. Your new stairs are beautiful! Just beautiful! I think I could walk up those without getting winded, just because of how nice they look! :)

  10. Oh Julia, the stairs and railings are beautiful, you must be tickled pink worth all the dust and stuff. The bathroom is looking good, I imagine you will be glad when it is all done. Thank you for sharing your pictures. Hope all is well with you and have a great week.

  11. Oh Julia, Everything looks so pretty! I love the pics and its nice when something gets done.Hugs Cheri

  12. I love your stairs. They look so nice, now I know what I will do when I take the carpet off the stairs. That is just beautiful but what a lot of work. Your bathroom looks great too. I like your tile and you do such nice work.
    I am so glad you posted pictures. I am glad you got railing on it now. That gave me sort of a panic attack knowing you were going up and down those stairs with no railing. I fall all of the time with railings. :)

  13. Julia ~
    Your stairs are gorgeous. Well worth the wait!
    Hugs :)

  14. Oh wow Julia! Those stairs are sooo nice! What a difference it makes!

    Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. I have been extremely busy and stressed and just plain tired so I haven't been blogging much. I was sewing on one of the houses for the quilt I'm working on this past weekend and took pictures as I went along - just have to post them. I decided after that that it's too time consuming to do a step, then take a picture, do another and so on so after this I will only take the picture of the finished block. It is a little more challenging than we thought it would be so it obviously won't be finished for a long time. So now my challenge is whether to start working on some of my other projects and just do a block when the mood hits or once a month or what. One thing I do know is that I have to start taking better care of myself or I won't be doing much of anything. I have to let go of this stress that's for sure!


  15. wow! look at all the new!
    love that rich gorgeous wood:)
    so happy for you,

  16. Oh Julia you must be so happy with the results of your new make over.
    I especially love the stair way. It is really lovely and your bath room turned out beautiful too.
    Hope your having a good week

  17. I honey came by to say hello. Hope you had a wonderful weekend and that you are well.
    Tomorrow my son Clint goes to the doctor to find out more about his kidney disease. I am praying it is not bad news.
    I knew you would want to know.
    Love ya

  18. Hey sweet friend
    Just checking on you to see if your okay.
    Hope your having a good week.