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Thursday, March 17, 2022


 Nothing much interesting is going on except that Spring is in the air...  I  opened the screen in the front door today to let in the fresh air. It felt so good. I'm so glad about the warmer temperatures. The long johns came off this week. I even wore my spring jacket several times. Happy St Patrick Day...

This is what my front lawn looks like late this afternoon. The snow is almost all gone but there's still some on the back lawn. I'm taking this as a sign of spring. The St John River is still frozen. 

Update:   The St John River is opening up in front of our house today, March 19th on the Feast Day of St Joseph. 

Another sign of spring that I witnessed this week is our resident eagle couple was mating at the top of a tall pine tree across the road. This was the first time I saw them mating. They have been here for many years. Eagles live for about 30 years.

 I did try to take a photo with my cell phone but had to put in a code to unlock it and in my rush, accidentally put it on video without realizing it and only took a  one-second video, lol. The whole ritual was over very quickly.

Another first for me...   This is the first time I see a blossom on one of my sweet potato plants. I never had any blossoms on my sweet potatoes last year, not even in the garden. I was wondering if I should leave it on and looked it up on Google and it said that I should clip it off as they only appear when the plant matures as it will stop the growth of the tubers.  But this is just a young plant...  Oh-oh, I see some mold growing on my window frame. I guess I'll have to do some spring cleaning.

My Coleus plants are growing well. I'm only showing you one plant. I've purchased my flower and vegetable seeds and have started to plants some that need an early start. It's still early.

Here's another sign of spring, my tulips are peeking up in the back of the house. It's still too wet to start cleaning the flowerbeds but it won't be long before I get busy with yard cleaning up at the rate that time is marching on.

 My left hip has been bothering me since January, and I hope that I will be able to do some yard work this spring.  Like many people, we no longer have a doctor and I've put my name on the list but it can be a very long time before we get one, I was told.

I picked up my hook and did a tiny bit of re-hooking but not enough to show you. I've been so busy with my Zoom prayer groups, learning new music for our  Lent, Holy Week, and Easter liturgy, and practicing with the choir and at home and I've been going to bed very late every night.

 One of my prayer groups will be winding up on Saturday night and this will free up a lot of my time as we've been meeting every evening since January. It's been a huge commitment for all of us involved in hosting and leading this prayer group. I've learned a lot about how Zoom works although I don't have a Zoom account of my own.  There is a core group of us who take turns to host. I have met so many great friends and hope to meet some of them someday. 

I'm sure if you drive a vehicle you have noticed that the price of gas has really gone up and I noticed the difference when I refilled my gas tank yesterday.
I still had a quarter tank of gas and it came to $84.87 Candian. At our Co-op, the price was $1.716 a liter for mid-grade gas.  Regular gas is a little cheaper. 

That's it for tonight, I hope that you all have a pleasant weekend.

Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment.    Julia


  1. Eagles mating and blooms! All good signs. Your eyes must have needed promising sights. I was in a greenhouse last week and I almost wept with joy at the strong earth smell and the warmth. Happy spring!

  2. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. I am so sorry to hear about your hip. I hope once it goes away you will be able to work in your gardens. You have such a green thumb. Its so nice to see that spring is making up there. Yes, gas has become so expensive. So cool about those eagles.

  3. Hi,
    I always enjoy your posts Julia. I learn something new each time. And I love when you share our information on your plants and planting.
    I started a few seeds yesterday. :-)

  4. How cool to see the eagles mating...even though you missed the picture.
    Signs of spring are popping up all over. I am happy to hear your snow is melting and the tulips are breaking through the ground. Do you have a problem with rabbits eating them? I only have a couple tulip bulbs and the rabbits get them every year.
    So sorry about your hip. This growing old is not for
    I so admire your faith. Hopefully you will have the opportunity to meet some of your Zoom friends.

  5. Your spring is definitely ahead of ours... We had several days in the upper 40's and two days it even got into the upper 50's (woo hoo!!) so things are melting...but there are piles and piles of snow all over yet. The hill above us has little snow left and the field across the way is almost clear as well, but our yard...not so much LOL. Aren't sweet potato blooms beautiful?? I plant vines each year in several of my planters outdoor and always marvel when they start blooming. I, too, hope your hip gets back to normal. You would be devastated if you couldn't garden like you always have. Will say an extra prayer for healing. Happy FriYay my friend. ~Robin~

  6. Yes Spring is in the air and now on the calendar tomorrow! I have daffodils poking up and since I don't have tulips I'll just have to enjoy them and the crocus! I've started cleaning out flower beds and I'm excited to get everything ready for planting. However, we can still get snow and planting usually waits until May! My sister got a blossom on her lemon tree and is excited to maybe get some fruit from it this year. You are a super busy lady but I know your faith comes first and foremost in your life. It's such a beautiful time for Church services and Easter coming soon. Love it! Have a good week Julia and I hope it continues to stay warm up there!

  7. So much to write about once you got going. It's lovely to read about your place. Is that the river that flows backwards at the Bay of Fundy? If so, I was there a long, long time ago and saw that happening, 1965 or so.

    1. Hi Inger, you are right, the St John River flows into the Bay of Funday. At low tide, when the flow of water from the St John River and the flow from the Bay of Funday collide, it causes a phenomenon called the Reversing Fall, causing rapids and whirlpool. It's quite spectacular and also a tourist attraction.

  8. Looks like you are having a lovely beginning of spring! Your plants are so pretty and I did not know that sweet potato plants have such lovely blooms! Enjoy these pretty days ahead!

  9. I don't think I have ever seen a sweet potato least not inside. I have had to in the garden but I don't it. Love the color of your coleus plant.