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Thursday, February 21, 2013


Who can pass on a great bargain? If I come across something I like and is in great shape and the price is right, I'll buy it. I've done that with books, cloths, household and hobby items, etc.  until the shelves are full and the drawers are full.

Now there are some items that I use a lot and I can justify getting it and I have no intention of getting rid of it... but I realized  that I've been storing a lot of stuff for future use like books I'll never read, or already read, things so I've been on a decluttering mission  and today I filled up my van and I mean filled it up with boxes after boxes and took it all to Value Village drop-off centre. It's amazing how much space that it  has freed and it feels good. Last Friday I cleared a whole bunch of ceramic bisque and that felt good too. I never took pictures of all the boxes I packed in my van today but it was a lot.

There will never be enough time to do all the things we would like to do and before you know it we are getting old rather fast. Man, it just springs up on you and then you realize that you'll never catch up. Too much stuff weighs on a person wether you realize it or not because it makes like less manageable.

I have an old paper shredder  that I bought secondhand when I had my ceramic business and I shredded newspapers to pack the fragile greenware for customers and it shred paper  so fine and I love this baby. This week  I've gone through years of personal papers, road maps etc and I shredded papers to my heart content.

See how fine it shreads. It's an old shredder used by the RCMP years ago. It's very noisy and very heavy duty.

This is just a sample. I filled three big clear bags today  and I ran out of bags. It will all go to recycle.I have many garbage bags filled with shredded paper but I'm not sure if they will take them in black plastic bags. They may have to be transferred into clear bags later.

We have run out of shelf space in the office and have to put boxes under the desk and table and that makes it almost impossible to clean the floor.

 We still have to go through office papers and oh boy, that's going to be a huge job. That's for another time.

After delivering my boxes today, I went to pay for the scratched paint repair job on the guy's truck fender and it cost me less than the guy had quoted me. He had quoted me a bargain because I was a customer for $395.50 tax included. When I went to pay the collision centre that did the work for the dealer and they charged me $349.99 tax included so I had a saving $45.51

In my rush to post I almost forgot about the thoughtful Valentine I unexpectedly got in the mail this week. It arrived at the right moment when I had been feeling down and it brought a big smile on my face. Kim from My Field of Dreams is such a sweet and thoughtful blogger friend and this is the second presents that she has surprised me with. Thank you so much for brightening my day. You are a real treasure. I'm sending you love and  hugs for now.

The wind is blowing and it feels colder tonight.
Stay safe and warm.


  1. You have been a busy bee!
    I love cleaning out clutter. I know that someone can make use of stuff I no longer need.

    Now that is some seriously fine shredded paper. It would be great for scarecrow hair!

  2. Deeeeecluttering... yessir! good for the mind ... I always feel so clean after I get rid of a bunch of clutter.

    I like the way your shredded paper looks! looks like you could make a hat out of it... haa

    What're you going to do with your savings? That's a 'found' amount and that kind of money goes into my mad money account to do something mad with it... bwahahaaa


    sitting here COLD outside ... ol rainy ol dreary ol icy day but the lake view was still soo pretty.

    I've done absolutely nothing but look at the stormy weather, watched the ducks and several crows ... crazy teevee ... fixed some sprouted grain miracle bread... ~ that's what it says it is... I'm waiting ~ didn't say what kind of miracle ... but HA keeping me from sugar would be the miracle! sigh

    I put it in my tiny electric skillet with a bit of canola oil and burned it good and proper then topped it with cream cheese....

    I am soooooo worthless and look at all you do. I might feel guilty but I'm going to have some Omega 3 chocolate milk first ~ says it supports brain health ... SO! with my miracle bread and brain milk... I ought to be sparking here soon.

    I'll keep you posted.... I hope your little calf is okay! little thing.

    HUGS ;)

  3. Isn't that KIm a sweet gal; beautiful and such a thoughtful gift......

    You have been a busy girl; can you come to my house for a few days.....All kidding aside it does feel good to get rid of all that stuff we don't use anymore....I've started but I have lots more to do...You are encouraging me to get with it...

  4. What a nice gift to get after doing all that work to make room for more cute things like that! Love that shredder too. I'm trying to declutter but it's a slow're my hero! Your car story reminded me of a car story of my own. I had a fairly new car and my son accidentally damaged the back bumper on the rubber that covered the bumper..anyway, when I was quoted a price of $800 to fix it I was appalled...why so much I asked? He said it would take atleast 8hrs to fix it..I told him I could take out a gallbladder in 25min. and he couldn't even fix a tiny scratch quicker than 8hrs? I declined and lived with the scratch until we sold the car!

  5. We have moved twice in the past three years so I did a lot decluttering, however we have a storage unit I need to go through cause I know there are things in there that need to go to a new home.

  6. Wow with all that shredded paper you could almost use it for cow bedding. Only thing it would only bed down about one calf :) I love to declutter...have done it many times over the years knowing that we wanted to full time when Art retired. I didn't want to have to go through tons of stuff. Really does make cleaning easier, for sure. Your Valentine gift was precious...good friend there. Getting lots of sleet, freezing rain and snow. YUK! Where is summer!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

  7. Well, we are on the same mission, because I have been downsizing & defluttering too. I began last Summer, stopped in the fall, to restart recently. Less is more, for me. It just gets to be too much.
    What a nice gift. Kim is sweet.

  8. busy as always!It always feels good to clean out.

  9. Julia,
    Thanks for the kind comments and healing wishes you posted on my blog.
    Decluttering becomes a major undertaking when we get older and have lived in the same place for a long time, not to mention having a ton of hobbies and interests! Giving the good stuff to a local thrift shop can help someone else build their stash! Ha!
    Brad and Kami are going to come when it gets warmer and we're going to tackle the attic, though they are also lovers of junk and usually end up taking a lot of stuff home with them. They don't have room for it either.

    Have a good weekend!

  10. It does feel so good when you can purge a bunch of stuff. I don't do it nearly often enough. I love that shredder. I've never seen one shred so fine. Ours is getting old and jams constantly.

  11. I love that paper shredder! That is such a nice big one.
    I think it is very nice to declutter. I am glad you are doing that it just makes life seem easier.
    I always manage to get more things done when I know I am going to be away.
    Your trip is almost here.
    I am glad you get to go do something and there will be babies to hold. That always makes me feel so much better.
    Thank you so much for your kind words. :)

  12. Julia,

    I agree - when I have too much "stuff" my life just feels cluttered and I find that I don't get much accomplished. I have kind of been doing the same thing - slowly purging stuff that I know I don't need or probably won't ever get to. I have tried to downsize my crafting and stick with just a few things that I really enjoy doing such as quilting, cross stitch, occasional crochet, and rug hooking. I have stuff in boxes in the attic for making jewelry as well as making cards. I put them there because I don't know if once I retire I'll have the time to devote to them or not. If not - they'll be going to the Goodwill. Boy, I'd love to have that paper shredder! Monday you'll be heading to your daughter's! That will be a good change for you and an exciting time! Looking forward to seeing pictures of your new grandbaby and your little guy! Take care!

  13. Hurray Julia!!! You're right! Too much stuff does weigh a person down. Keep on decluttering... and I'll be doing the same! That paper shredder is amazing! I've never seen so fine a shred... enjoy the pretties from Kim... she is a thoughtful and talented person...

  14. Hi Julia...doing the same at my's a real battle isn't it? The older I get the easier it is though. Having been a teacher it is hard for me to toss things that can be re-invented...teachers never throw stuff away!!! That is one powerful shredder...every one we have ever bought did not last too long, that one is a winner!
    Have a great weekend,

  15. It's a never ending job. I'm not sure where all the stuff comes from :)

  16. Hi Julia - I wish our paper shredder made strips of paper - it does cross shredding so there are just little bits - not useful for anything but the garbage! LOL What a sweet Valentine gift you received - especially since it was unexpected!

  17. Spring cleaning early, good for you!It does feel good to change things up Julia. I too am guilty of those pleasures of a good find & purchasing stuff. My husband laughs at me as I get things ready to donate & comments you purchase from there...then you give them your stuff. It's a circle of supporting our local economy. lol
    I've shredded a bunch just getting ready for tax time, your shredder looks fast & great to reuse as packaging.
    There's a saying I heard & like - Live Simple So Others My Live. Recycling works, good job Julia. You are the queen of hearts!
    Hugs CM-R

  18. unexpected packages in the mail
    are the best:)
    i love your de-clutter's so much
    lighter with less, isn't it.
    i do love the clean feeling
    of not having extras i don't need.
    stuff may just be overrated:)
    thanks for this inspire,

  19. I'll tell you that the show hoarders has done wonders for my cupboards and basement.. nothing like a good scare to put you into action!

    I'm so glad that you had such surprises this week.. the savings and the gift. Kim does such lovely work and she obviously understood your need.. what a friend. :)

    Blessings, Debbie

  20. Honey how I need to get busy again and do what your doing. Hopefully this post will inspire me to get rid of more of my things I no longer need.
    Like you I don't know how my age slipped up on me so fast and I have not the energy to deal with taking care of all I have accumilated over the years.
    So glad you liked the meatball recipe. I use one can of the the chicken and rice soup. It does read funny the way I typed it.
    I ate so much of it I won't be making it for a while. haha
    How did your trip go. I will have to catch up and find out.
    Think of you all the time wondering how your doing

  21. Wow, that is a great way of disposing your documents and other paper-related stuff in the house. You’ll have less clutter lying around, and you get to use them again later. Way to work smart! :)

    Ruby Badcoe

  22. I'd love having a shredder like that; thin strips perfect for my mulch pile. Today I dreamed of a shredder for plant material while cutting and hauling. Tonight I drag in my tracks as I stumble over all the clutter! Good you are decluttering while you have energy; the years can take a toll and then one can only look at the clutter and shake the head.

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