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Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I resisted changing to the new Blogger look.... Well what do you know, Blogger has a new look AGAIN.

 What a surprise this morning when I clicked on my blog and my first reaction was, "Oh no! Don't tell me that even though I  chose not to change to Blogger's  new look it came to me and I have to get use to this new look, grrrr.  It will take some getting use to it. I'm a terrible creature of habits.... I haven't figured out if I like it yet. I don't know if it's better or not, just different right now.

Everything looks so bare naked. Maybe it's better. I'm slow to change, must come with age.
I see the settings are on the right of the page which is a good thing, I suppose.

Well now that I've got my shock over with, let see if I still can do my thing...

Now there's my little man posing for a picture before going to the museum. I'll admit to being bias but I think that is a very handsome dude.

How nice to be able to talk to daddy on Skype even though he's miles away.......  Hooray..., daddy is coming home today after being a week away. James hope that  grandpy is feeling better soon.

James is playing at the kitchen party at the museum with friend Alex..

Mama distracted me while I'm trying to prepare dinner.

James love his dinosaurs magnets.

Now is time for serious reading.  

Look what mama found on Kijiji. Now James will be able to play with his beloved trains without knocking the tracks down.  Good move mama. 

James being fitted for a prosthesis. 

Being inked  is not really a tatoo I guess but heh, I got inked... did you?

Now the plaster mold is being put on, while Daddy is holding James. What a good boy he is.

Now my review regarding Blogger. Well what can I say.... uploading pictures is super fast and easy . No more having to go to the side to scroll to the top of the page to find the  picture icon, eliminating an annoying step.   It's much better than before.  I like this part.

The sun just came up after a weekend of downpour. I like that too. I wonder if Blogger has something to do with that.     

Have a great week, stay safe and healthy friends and thanks for stopping by. Leave me a comment and I'll like that too.  JB                                                                           


  1. Lovely photos Julia, After about a week of limping along, I think I will like it. It still takes me longer to do things. I do like how loading pictures is faster.
    James is a very nice looking little boy. You can just tell by looking at the pictures how much he is loved.
    I just enjoy looking at them so much Thanks for sharing.

  2. Okay, not sure I have notced the changes. Maybe because so many other computer issues are happening here.
    James is a sweet and handsome little guy. I'd be crazy about him as well.

  3. He is getting so big! I had no idea such little ones could be fitted for a prosthesis. He seems to be getting along fine, but that will be a big help I'm sure. Such a cutie he is, Grandma!

  4. Julia, James is one sweet, handsome, happy boy. He is growing leaps and bounds. I do not adjust well to change, unless it is on my own terms LOL, I am sticking with the old blogger format! Have a wonderful day, Julie.

  5. James sure is a handsome boy! I was surprised too, with the new Blogger look. I went back to the old way, and then read that it said it will be discontinued soon, so I figured I might as well learn the new way now. Sigh. Maybe it will be a good thing.

  6. julia, that little james is sure growing into a handsome little boy! sooo soo cute and it goes so fast! isnt skype a wonderful thing? we didnt even have computers when we were stationed in japan! it would be a piece of cake being over there now! enjoy your day! its finley almost 80 up north today!

  7. love your little man! so cute, and yes blogger is... different.. and still getting used to it! so fun to be near the grandkids... makes me miss mine all the more.

  8. Wow! He's grown so fast...looking like a little man!

  9. Awwww....James is a sweetie! Looks like he had a fun day and then he was so good getting fitted for his prosthesis. I'm always amazed at the courage and goodness of our little ones when they have to be patients. You should be so proud and I can tell you are!

  10. Julia ~
    James is just too cute and growing like a weed!
    Blogger made me install Google Chrome. I got it on the laptop but can't seem to get it on the desktop where I prefer to blog. I don't like change either!!!
    Pug hugs :)

  11. Hello,
    your blog is very cute!!
    James is very sweet.

  12. I love getting a little James fix! He is so charming. His train set up brings back memories. My sons played with those trains too. I was also shocked to discover the new blogger changes. I'm still stumbling around trying to find where things are. I still can't add new blogs to my blog list though...

  13. Good morning Julia, Did not think it was possible,as he is already a very handsome young man, but James is getting more so very time we see him. Hope he has good luck with his prosthesis. I love his train table,what a great find.I am with you on the blogger thing, but I guess we have to accept it.Take care and have a great week!

  14. Oh my gosh, James is getting big!!!
    And he's sooo cute! He looks like he's having a lovely time at the museum. Soon he'll be cooking in YOUR kitchen! LOL!
    I know what you mean about Blogger. Just keep it the same and quit making changes that only confuse the elderly! Ha-ha!!! I'm speaking for MYSELF, of course!
    I still haven't come to grips with the keyboard on my new laptop. It seems to have a mind of it's own.

  15. Julia - I have to say I agree with you - James is quite the handsome little man! He seems like such a happy little guy! Too sweet!

    Not sure I like the new blogger either but what can we do... sigh... :)

    Have a great day!

  16. First and foremost ~ that baby is a handsome dude, indeed!!! Secondly, I guess I haven't posted since the changes ~ I don't like change! I'll let you know!!

  17. What are you going to do if he get any cuter.
    I haven't been on here enough to notice the change in blogger. What a slacker I am.

  18. He has the sweetest face. He must be mellow because my grand daughter has a fit if she has diffrent shoes on.

  19. "The sun just came up after a weekend of downpour. I like that too. I wonder if Blogger has something to do with that."

    HAHAHaaaaaaa .. prolly so...

    oh, your little angels... what great pictures! such a brave little soul, your James.... sooooo handsome ;)

  20. What a handsome boy he is Julia!I am not use to blogger yet. ahhh!