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Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Yes my pot is sexy and I know it....  For years I've cooked spaghetti in my dutch oven. I used a strainer to drain the water but when my daughter Christine came to visit from Ottawa, she brought me a gift. This beautiful Paderno spaghetti pot she thought that I should have. Thanks you Christine. I love  my new spaghetti pot. It's perfect.

There's my new pot with the cover on to bring the water to a roaring boil.

I love the glass cover and the fact that the pot has litre marks inside the pot.

We LOVE garlic at our house and I always add a handful of garlic cloves in the last 5 minutes of boiling. I just mix it with the spaghetti and those who don't eat garlic can just leave them. It does not add the taste of garlic to the spaghetti and you can't even smell garlic in the kitchen. You get the full benefit of the garlic. I do the same with mashed potatoes, only I mash them in the potatoes after they are cooked. You can hardly taste the garlic and get the full benefit and they are so good for you. I love garlicky dishes too

Here is my wholewheat spaghetti with some of the garlic showing and a bit of extra virgin olive oil so it doesn't stick...

My husband like his spaghetti like this with Old Cheddar on top before adding the hot spaghetti sauce.

I let them add their own parmesan cheese and hot pepper flakes.  We are very informal at my house.

Here is my husband and one of the young hired hand happily eating hot spaghetti for lunch. Unfortunately my son Vaughan was late from the field and missed the photo. He had his share too.

Two posts this week, I must have gotten my MOJO back.

I love your comments. Thanks for stopping by.   JB


  1. I have this strange love affair with all kitchen things that are shiny stainless steel. It must be like a raccoon that likes shiny things. Maybe it's because I've been a chef for so long!Enjoy. The strainer makes it so easy:)

  2. You know m gonna have that song in my head all day! But it is a hot pot! Love seeing your posts again.

  3. yum! i have been soo hungry for spaghettie and love cheese so am going to try the chedder next time! love your new pot! what a perfect gift! enjoy your day julia and soo nice to hear from you again!

  4. Better than a love affair with some strange man, for sure! LOL! What a nice gift.
    Your lunch looks yummy!!!
    Big YES! for garlic!

  5. You are very welcome Mom!
    It's a great vegetable steamer too.

  6. Mmmmm... never knew that about the garlic. I'll have to give it a try. Never had spaghetti with cheddar either... I'll have to try that too! lol!

  7. I have never seen a pot like that and do my spaghetti the way you do, now I know what to ask for for Christmas. That is pretty snazzy. Now I am going to try it the way you make spaghetti with the cheddar cheese. It looks wonderful.
    I am so glad you shared. I am also enjoying your posts. It is so nice to read what has been going on.

  8. Julia ~
    I just realized you had been dropped from my blog list. I don't know why blogger is doing this to me...ggrrrr!
    Good to hear from you. You have a beautiful family.
    Hugs :)

  9. Great tool! I've seen them but never had one..maybe Santa will bring one if I write him a letter this year! My hubby likes to eat his spaghetti with cottage cheese on the side. What ever floats your boat..I love the idea of the cheddar cheese!

  10. Now that is one fancy pot! Your spaghetti looks so yummy...I'll have to give this a try, my kiddo is an avid pasta lover.

  11. Yeah glad you are back. Thanks for visiting my blog. Looks like a fun lunch. I have never tried that. I did make eggplant casserole this week. It was yummy.

  12. Never been too keen on pots but that's a nice pot!!!

    Nice to see your husband! And cheddar on the spaghetti then the sauce ! Yum

    Your daughter is so pretty ! I clicked on her picture ;)

  13. Oh, Julia! This is scandalous! I'm shocked! It looks so nice though!

  14. I love spaghetti! I love the pot. I'm off to hunt for one on the internet.

    The dinner looks yummy. Very filling too.

  15. Julia I'm hopeful you have found your mojo. First let me say what a lovely family you have, and little James steals my heart each time I see his photo. Love the picture of father and son supermen. Now that is a spaghetti pot! What a wonderful and thoughtful gift from your daughter. I did make garlic mashed potatoes with dinner this evening, but never thought to add them to my pasta, great idea. Informal is my kind of dining! Sending greetings from Maine, Julie.

  16. I made whole wheat spaghetti last night, too! Love te pot !! Never thought about adding the cheese ~,yum!!

  17. What time is dinner, Julia? I'll be there! Sarah

  18. yum! Julia that garlic nestled in the pasta
    has my mouth watering! That is a fantastic idea
    ....I'm doing that tomorrow! Spaghetti it is!

    So glad for you about your new pot
    and appreciate the yummy pictures.
    I learn alot from you:)

  19. That spaghetti looks yummy! Even though its 7:25 am right now and I just had yogurt. Also, just LOVED all your family photos below. Just beautiful!


  20. That looks good. I'd love to have a pot like that.
    About clowns......thanks for your comment. I could guarantee that you wouldn't be scare of me. Seriously.

  21. Me again Julia. Actually your comment helps. He suffered so much when my cousin died. It broke my heart. None of us can bring her back. I am glad for him but the wedding just made me miss her. Thanks.