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I'm a mother of four grandmother of seven and great grandmother of one. I have many hobbies and interests but gardening and rug hooking are my main interest at the moment. I live with my husband in the house that we built with the help of my brothers and have been married for 51years.

Friday, January 11, 2013


I'm taking a wee break from taking my Christmas tree down today. I was getting tired so I sat at my computer and while I'm here, I may as well produce a post although it's just a boring one.

For some reason I enjoy looking at my priceless ornaments and wrapping them with tissue papers and putting them ever so carefully in the right boxes. They are priceless because I received them as gifts from my children. I have the name of who gave it to me and the year marked on the box. When I'm gone, they can all have their beautiful ornaments back. Each one were chosen with great care and love and given to me as Christmas presents. Every Christmas I've been receiving ornaments. They come from all over the world wherever my girls travels. I'll only show three as the rest is all packed in the totes. Some were bought locally when my kids were young and they mean the world to me too.

This is called a Li Bien Ornament and is painted from the inside through a tiny opening in a mouth blown glass. Because it's painted from the inside, the skill painter paints it in reverse... In Chinese, the phrase Li Bien means "inside". The skill of painting inside originated in the Qing Dynasty and has been a respected art for over 200 years. Each ornament is a work of art and no two are alike.

It came in this beautiful box with information.

This is a side view.

It was difficult to get a good picture because of all the light I have in my house.  I'm not complaining about all that sun  though.

This is a ship in a bottle and again not a great picture. I think this one came from Italy

This is another beautiful glass humming bird ornament.
I've been so not bothered by having my Christmas tree still up but it's really time that I put it away until next November.

Here is my latest update on my Childhood Memories rug. I ripped out the sky and built a section of the back of the house with my dad salting fish in the barrel. Somehow things looks out of kilter now but it's just a collage of vignettes...  My next step is to make a mud puddle for my pig.  He he.

I didn't had green split pea and ham soup for a while so I made a small pot. It was so yummy.

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. They mean so much to me. it's like I'm having a conversation with someone who lives just next door.
Hope that your day is going well. Enjoy your weekend.



  1. Your special ornaments are so beautiful and unique...I love them...And split pea soup...yummmm..I wanted to make either that or ham and bean with the ham from Christmas, but my adult kids kept begging to take just a little more home with each was gone before I knew it...
    Your rug is,,,all that beautiful work !!

  2. What precious ornaments each with it's own story! I'm happy to report my tree is down and put away!! Yay!!!

    your soup looks warm and delicious!

  3. I love your rug. I'm so impressed that you are actually designing it. I think I'm in trouble in the designing department because my drawing stinks. Maybe I can say it's a "primitive" rug, cause it will look like a 5 year old drew it.

  4. beautiful ornaments, wonderful memories.
    your rug is amazing!

  5. The ornaments are just beautiful. I have never seen anything like the first one. Beautiful.
    Oh that soup looks good. I haven't had that for a long time.
    I am glad you aren't having to chase a cow today, hah.
    Your rug is like a painting. So neat to have some personal history.
    You are a friend and easy to talk to.

  6. My in-laws would give us a dated ornament every year. I love looking at them when I put them up and take them down and remembering the year that we received them. I takes me back in time for a bit! Yours are beautiful and very unusual...I would also be very careful about packing them away. I made a big pot of ham and bean soup after Christmas. I wish I could learn how to make a small pot! Have a great weekend Julia! OH, your rug looks great and I bet that will be a wonderful conversation piece when it's done..all those memories!

  7. Julia ~
    I am an ornament junkie, too. The Le Bien ornie is breathtaking.
    Your rug is wonderful!!! Keep on hookin'.
    Hugs :)

  8. Hi Julia! Beautiful ornaments,what special memories and love your idea for the children when you are done with the beauties.
    Your soup looks so good wish I was there to share it with you,maybe you would be willing to share your recipe.The rug is a true work of art, what a great deal of work and love.Thank you for stopping by today and leaving your comments,I agree with you that it is like having someone next door share a conversation with you.Hope you have a great weekend and don't have to chase any escapes(cows). Take care!

  9. Those ornaments are beautiful. The "inside" painted one is amazing! I love your memory rug. You are creating a true family heirloom piece.

  10. I love my Christmas ornaments too. I have some that were my Mother's from before I was born, and I'm 71. They are worn like me but I love them. I enjoy your blog so much, I can never get enough of your stories.
    I can tell your cows are treated very well because she came back home on her own. Keep up the good work you do. I am enjoying watching your rug develop. Thanks for sharing your life.

  11. What beautiful ornaments! I love your memory rug, too. You are such a creative, talented person, Julia. I enjoy your stories, too. Hugs.

  12. Well, Julia, now we have three things in common!! Rug hooking, Christmas ornaments, and pea soup! Like you, I treasure my Christmas ornaments. Some are gifts, some we have bought in our own travels. they are all special to me, especially the ones from my children. I too, have some of those 'inside' painted ornaments, they are so pretty! Love your progress on your rug...such a story of your life. It is beautiful. As for the pea soup, it is my husband's favorite.
    I look forward to your bog--your stories are so enjoyable!

    1. Hi Roe, I'm glad that you enjoy reading my blog. You should have a blog too. It's a bit time consuming but a lot of fun.


  13. Is there anything better in winter than soup?

  14. I always get so sad when I take my tree down after Christmas - I go in a state of mourning :)

  15. Your detail on the memory rug is pretty amazing, Miss Julia!! How you find time is a wonder to me!! And make soup, too!! Do you sleep??

  16. I have about four HUGE boxes of Christmas ornaments and such. I am so sentimental about them. I haven't put them up in oh... about ten years? so sad.

    Each year I would buy a special ornament - I love them. Hopefully, I will get that Christmas spirit back one of these Christmases! I hope so. It used to be such a good feeling...


    Enjoyed, as always ... your warm and cozy blog ;) and oh, man? look at that soup... it's so cold today - wouldn't that be good...

    love your rug ~

  17. i love putting away my ornaments, too
    ...they're like a living history record
    and photographs of moments I don't want to forget.
    they bring back so many memories and feelings
    and I cherish each one.
    your artwork is amazing....the soup, too!
    hope you're enjoying this January
    and staying well and warm,

  18. Wow! Those ornaments are awesome. I can't believe the detail of the "inside" painting. I would NOT have the patience for that.

    So beautiful.

    I am always a little sad to have Christmas over and have to put all the beauty away.

    Hope you have a great week.

  19. Hi honey
    Never have I found your writing boring. I always enjoy my visits with you refreshing and interesting.
    Your ornaments are one of a kind and their beautiful. I have one of these painted from the inside and it amazes me to think of someone capable of making something this remarkable but then look at you and your gorgeous rugs.
    Especially the one your doing now of your memories. I love seeing these pic's of your rug almost as much as I love seeing your little James. All most I said. haha
    This rug does fascinate me and I think it is so beautiful. I love that your doing it and sharing it with us.
    I so need to start being creative again. I think that is one reason I get depressed is I am not creating anything worthwhile.
    Hope your staying warm. I think of you so often.
    Oh if you want boring you can read my post tonight. I actually received a bad comment from someone about my writing the post. I feel really bad that they are a reader of mine and took this post as me being mean. Come by and see if you take it that way. I sure did not mean it to be.

  20. Wow I love your blog, is more interesting and beautiful, congratulations. kisses from Spain.

  21. Your ornaments are lovely, Julia. What great kids you have. I love your rug -- nothing looks out of kilter to me. Have you ever seen Mary Shephard Burton's hooked rugs? ( She did a series of rugs with vignettes from her childhood, which remind me of yours. I can't wait to see yours finished! Sarah

  22. That rug! I forgot about it and now I'm all jealous again. You are so talented. I too love the sentiment attached to the ornaments on my tree. Yours are truly treasures.

    Blessings, Debbie