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Thursday, July 11, 2013


A self portrait of a hot woman .lol

I don't tweeze my brows but that the only brow hair that grew back after my chemo. I used to have thick brows and I used to tweeze them.

This was me on Saturday, drenched in sweat. Not a pretty picture to look at but it seems that I'm not alone looking like this these days. It was hot and humid and I was cutting the lawn. I came in for a cool drink of water and saw this in the mirror before washing my face with cold water to cool down. Do I really look like this?

The sweat was dripping onto my glasses and I had to come in to wipe my face and also my glasses.Taking your own photo isn't as easy as it seems. I kind of look like a camel face.

Someone asked me if I like working at the farm taking care of the calves amongst other things. They looked at me as if it was the most disgusting job in the world. There are things that I really don't like but I have to do just because it needs to be done, but there other things that I like about working at the farm.

Every day encounters it's own set of minor problems that I have to deal with. A typical day will have one or two new twist to my routine because I deal with a living  bunch of animals big and small and even tiny and don't forget the flies...

For example this week we had another bull calf born and I needed to put fresh bedding in the calving pen. I had to climb a ladder that next to the pen,  this board ladder goes up against the wall to get to the hay loft. It's good exercise to tighten my butts muscles.

I forked a big pile of loose hay down from the loft and I came down to put it in the pen. I heard some new born kittens meowing faintly. I looked all around and I didn't see anything and I continued to fork the hay in the big calving pen then I saw the two tiny meowing kittens at the very bottom of the pile. They were not there when I went up or I would have stepped on them and they were not in the hay in the loft since I was taking the hay from a big round bale up in the loft. She buried them after I threw the  first bunch of hay down.

 I moved them in a save spot about just a foot away behind a sheet of thick white plastic next to the pile of hay. They will be safe there. The mother can see where they are but she just laid there doing nothing.

When I came back in late afternoon to do my barn chores again I was removing hay left behind in the bigger calf manger so I could them them their grain and there they were again, at the very bottom of the manger under the hay. I got a clean pail and I put them in and I placed them again in the safe spot but the mother quickly grabbed a kitten and rushed in the manger and buried it again right in front of my eyes. She hissed angrily at me and returned with the second one. Of course I couldn't let her burry her kittens there so I removed them again and put them back in the same spot out of the way. She then grabbed an older kitten  that is half her size, by the scruff of the neck and is trying to drag it away. The kitten is loudly protesting and she' s trying hard to kittennap it. I chased her away from that kitten and as soon as I have my back turned she tried it again.  By this time I'm getting pretty angry at her strange behaviour.
She tried that for a third time and I used the end of my broom stick to tap her lightly and I hollered at her and she let the meowing  kitten go.

I haven't seen her small kittens today but they must be buried under some hay somewhere. I will have to look. This is the weirdest cat behaviour I have ever seen.

What I don't like about working at the farm is I have to get up early and since I don't sleep well. I hate getting up early. I don't like that the section of the barn I work in is old and needs a lot of fixing and that the lighting is very poor. I don't like the smell or the flies on hot days, especially in August.

I like that I won't get fired if I'm late, I like working with the calves as they respond to love and they want to be hugged when I pass by.  They get so exited when I put fresh hay in their pens twice a day. They jump and kick and twirl around like rodeo horses. They all have individual personalities.

Some days I work harder and longer and some days every thing goes smooth and there are no problems.

I feed calves, little calves and  big calves that weigh almost 300 pounds and then they are moved outside and are bred. They are no longer in my care unless they are brought back in for what ever reason. I feed the cows  who calved and bull that are in my section or the sick cows and those that are brought in for breeding.

On another post I will go through a regular routine, step by step.

Progress on my pink scarf. That baby yarn is so soft and fine that it's difficult to knit even for me. I'm really not a good knitter.

If you still want to be my friend or a follower after this post, I'll count myself pretty lucky.
Stay safe everyone.


  1. Kittenap......I love that. But it really is strange behavior. I wonder what is so special about that spot?? Are you sure there wasn't a 3rd kitten under that hay?
    It really was hot on Saturday. Be careful out working in that heat girl! Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate (Maybe with a cold Keith's?) wink

  2. lol! You're too cute! That's a Summertime Lawn Mowing portrait if I ever seen one... maybe I'll get someone to get a pic of me the next time I mow... I think farm work is amazing. Most people I know can't manage a small dog, never mind a farm full of large animals! lol! And, you're likely healthier than most people with all the heavy lifting and exercise... I have no idea what the momma cat was trying to do.... maybe the area where the kittens were was too close to something she didn't like? Or, maybe the heat was just making her act "catty".. lol! ;-)

  3. Sounds better to me than sitting at a desk for 8 hours! And I bet I could have an extra cookie from time to time.

    I love strong women with a softer side. Makes me proud!

  4. HAhaaaa ... camel face... hahaa... oh, me. This must be self acceptance week... ain't it grand. You sure don't have many wrinkles and have a very nice complexion to be an old woman.... ;)

    that is peculiar cat behavior... poor little kittens!

    I absolutely love reading about your day. I wish you had time to do this more often. I look forward to reading about a life that is so different from mine.

    I can not imagine taking care of calves in the heat with flies. freakin ew but glad they have someone who hugs 'em.. that's what I'd do. big ol eyes

    I love your flowers and gardens and gazebo and sunroom and your childhood rug and all that stuff you do. BUT I do not and would not like your barn work.

    You ever going to retire from that? especially get someone to help in August ... ???

  5. I wish I looked as good as you do when I'm hot, sweaty and don't have any make- up on. Sounds like each of your days are an adventure and that you are never bored? I love reading your posts and receiving your comments on my blog. I'm happy I met you my blogging friend. Ronda

  6. My eyebrows came back the same as yours after chemo. I need to pencil in from the middle back, but of course I never do. I just walk around with half an eyebrow.

    Your mama kitten has a mind of her own.

  7. your last line made me laugh! and i look like you do - red-faced, dripping down sweat - every day that i exercise. getting harder and harder to walk/jog the driveway as we head into dreadful texas summer. (100 yesterday; 101 expected today).

    as for your cat and calf adventures, keep 'em coming!

  8. Never a question of following your blog, always. I admire your farm life and all the hard work you put into keeping things going! Your self portrait photos are great.
    As for the cat, she has a mind of her own......so long as the kittens are ok it is all good.
    take care

  9. You are adorable. I wish I could wear my hair that way. My head is too big and round. Honestly I look like you do most of the time. I keep having these cold sweats (my words). It can come on anytime. Like when I was flying home this last time. I sweat like crazy and my body is cold to touch. I just drip, just like your picture. I am too old for hot flashes, I think. I am just weird.
    I love that the claves get excited. You love what you do. I couldn't do it and I admire you for doing it. I love your stories. I have fun reading them to my husband.
    You are the greatest commenter I have. Thanks for todays. Those dolphin pictures are amazing. That dolphin kept kissing her. She is one special girl and I think the dolphin sensed that. She went shopping down on the ocean floor and brought her a yellow leaf. So glad that she had this wonderful experience. Wish I could have been there but I was excited while she showed me the pictures and told me all about it herself.

  10. I love reading your blog and will always be a follower. You just look how I look most days, sweaty and hot. It is just that way. I like reading about what you are doing and I enjoy cat story.
    Keep up the good work. :)

  11. P.S. That is one weird cat. Wonder what she is trying to do. Poor kitties.

  12. Julia, you are the sweetest thing! I love your farm stories and I'm always amazed by how hard you work. I do the mowing too and it can get pretty sweaty! That cat is crazy, but I think all cats are crazy! Even though I have a cat, I'm not fond of them. I take good care of Squeak, but I doubt I'll get another one. You look adorable in the self portrait! Have a good week and don't forget to keep hydrated on those hot days!

  13. I've never seen a cat do that. Interesting.
    I worked up a sweat yesterday too. The rain finally slacked off and out came the sun. The humidity was like 200% :)

    A farmer's work is never done.

  14. You are one more busy lady! One never knows what is going to demand attention on a farm! I must say that you handle everything with great poise. What unusual cat behavior!

  15. I love to hear about your farm life and your family.
    you always amaze me

  16. You have more energy than 2 30 year olds! I love the pictures and the stories. You do so much in a day, he stuff and she stuff. Keep up the good work.

  17. Julia, it's so nice to meet someone who is at home in her own skin....love your self portraits. I like to wear my hair like yours in the summer time but mine is much whiter than yours....

    I so admire all you do on your farm and the love and attention you give your animals....Your cat behavior does seem a little weird but who knows. Simon is always surprising me with his antics.....

    I love visiting you and your honest open approach to life. We could all learn lessons from you.....

  18. You are beautiful!!!
    I love that picture of you and the description of your day just makes me love you.

    I say if everyone could work that hard with the land and animals everyday there wouldn't be sad people. People need to work "by the sweat of their brow"

    It is a physically demanding life, but what a STAR you are!

  19. Love your "pixie" haircut! You are a natural beauty! All that hard work and sweat is keeping you young and fit. Enjoy hearing all about your days on the farm. Hope you found time to sit in your beautiful garden and sip something cool.
    Have a great weekend,

  20. Lovely to see a picture of you - tidy hairstyle. I think that mother cat must be trusting of you to let you see where she puts her kitties even though she hisses at you! Betty

  21. You couldn't scare me away if you tried! LOL!
    You are a lovely woman both inside and out, even when hot and sweaty!
    I so admire you for your energy and dedication to your home, family and farm work.
    Cats have minds of their own and sometimes it seems they do things that totally don't make sense. I hope your mommy kitty found a safe place for her babies.
    Hope you are getting some cooler weather.

  22. I remember those days of 24/7 on the farm. I don't think I could do it now. I looked like you the other day after weed eating. Dripping with sweat, covered in grass but wondering if it was time to move to a condo. I do miss kitties in the hay loft.
    Time for a cool drink and a long cold shower!

  23. Julia, you are wonderful! Love the pictures! I understand about eyebrows; I have little due to thyroid problems. Cats do weird things, especially when there are kittens. Our stray, Echo, used to relocate her grandkittens frequently, much to their mother's dismay. We would see her dragging them around, with their mother (her daughter) trying to move them back. Hugs.

  24. Your life is like my late sister who ran a farm. I applaud farm girls.

    A gal wrote here. Some people cannot even look after a dog let alone what you look

    after. Farm animals. I enjoyed your blog. First time visit here today.

    Hard work for you. I look like that when I was living at other place after cutting law.

    Sweat city and hair.

    You look pixie cute girly.

    I loss my eyebrows near end of brow when I was ill many year ago. So I know what

    you mean. Thank the good lord your a survivor of all you have gone through. I myself am blessed..

    We do not have to pluck the heavy brows now. Ya!

    Have a great weekend.

  25. Great hair cut, Julia! Your life on the farm is fascinating. Of course, we'll all keep reading! Hope you take it a little easy on the weekends.


  26. you are a beautiful and fascinating woman
    living a brave and inspiring life
    and I'm so glad you blog....so honored
    to be able to walk with you through your days
    because of it.
    Your stories are gems (like you).
    Big thanks for the wonderful share,

  27. LOL you look much better than me after I cur my lawn! I am bad enough to scare chilsdren and animals away probably. I love your writing by the way. Very inspiring :)

  28. Just try and get rid of us! You are such an interesting person, hard working and the best commenter!! We're here to stay!! You are an inspiration!!

  29. Julia -- you are a very busy lady! Thank you for visiting me in my little yarn room -- I am so happy that you stopped by for a bit.

    Your pink scarf is going to be just wonderful -- that yarn looks so deliciously soft:)

    I hope things calm down a bit at your house!


  30. I see we sport the same style hair-do sweet Julia. :) If it is as hot there as here all you have to do is step outside wait 5 minutes and you are wet with sweat. Doing work in the heat it is not long until you look like you went swimming in your clothes. Hope you were able to sit a spell, drink something cold and refreshing after all that hard work. Farm work is hard but for the most part I think it is enjoyable.

    I have never seen a cat act like that either. Hope you found the babies and they are okay. Hugs

  31. What a lovely blog you have here:) Do you have twitter to follow with??

    Check out my blog...If you want some cute Swedish decor inspiration:)

    Have a grea weekend dear

    LOVE Maria at inredningsvis.se

  32. Dear Julia, first of all I am still catching up on blogs and must admit this one was a winner. You are so dear. I just love reading about your days as it brings back every single memory for me. I do so remember the days going out and planning on doing the same old routine and there would be new chicks, new kittens, new ducks, new goats, you name it. I think your look adorable, sweat and all. And those horrible flies, oh would they bite, especially just before a rain. I sure am glad to be back and reading again and keeping in touch. I hope the cool weather we are having here reaches you soon. Take care and big hug your way :)))