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I'm a mother of four grandmother of seven and great grandmother of one. I have many hobbies and interests but gardening and rug hooking are my main interest at the moment. I live with my husband in the house that we built with the help of my brothers and have been married for 51years.

Saturday, May 31, 2014


After getting 33 comments  from my dear blog followers to keep on blogging, I take that as a hint that you want  me to swallow my pride and keep on blogging. It's awesome to have such support and I hope that you never have an accident like I did.

This is my first post since the nasty accidental DELETE of 24 of my blog posts. I wanted to wait to see if my son in law could tell me how to retrieve all my lost posts and put them back on Blogger in the order they were posted but he's busy and since it's a problem that he has never had to deal with before he thought that it would probably be time consuming and he's probably right...

I decided to retrieve my lost posts through my Google emails account and start photocopying them without the comments. All the comments are still on Google but I would have to print them one at a time as they came through the emails and that would take a lot of paper. I'm working backward to the oldest post.

So far I've printed 8 posts and it's kind of a tedious job but I'm having fun reading them over anyway.
I had to print them on landscape as a section of my post wouldn't print.  I'm sure that there's an easier way to do this more professionally but I'm just a babe in the woods as far as computer skills are concerned. Some of my photos are so tall that I've had to sacrifice a small portion in order to make things fit. I'm thankful that at least I could retrieve my old post this way. It's better than nothing...

May came so quick and went away just as fast. My daughter Christine and her family came for an extended visit and it was fun having some little people in the house and a house full of big people too. She's coming back in August for another extended visit, so were are all excited about that and I think that James loves it here. Last week he ran in his parents bedroom early in the morning and announced that he had to talk to me.

I've taken so many photos and I'll post some on other posts.

Tonight I'll give you some petals from my flowerbeds.

There are a lot more petals but that is already too many for one post.
Thanks for visiting and letting me know that you've been here.


  1. such pretty flowers you have! i like the stones, too.

    so glad you're posting on!!!

  2. Your flowers are so beautiful!

  3. So nice to see flowers where before there was so much snow and ice!
    I have no little ones to visit but when the older kids come and stay the house always feels so empty after they leave.

  4. Beautiful gardens, Julia!!

  5. Hi Julia...so sorry about your blog troubles, but so happy to hear you will continue to entertain us with wonderful stories. Your flowers are beautiful! All your hard work on those beds sure did pay off! Looking forward to seeing pics of James and Daniel.

  6. your gardens are so lovely it amazes me you have the time for them with all the other things you do in your day.
    keep on blogging I would miss you

  7. Beautiful flowers Julia. I am very very glad that you will continue blogging. The blogging world would not be the same without you :) I mean that!

  8. I dont stop by as often as i'd like but! Im so glad you are here! I love love blogging with you! Sorry about blog post problems.. So frustrating when we cant figure it out our selves, i bet you had a nice visit with your family.. Fun for all! And your gardens are a bsolutly beautiful! Im having problems commenting with this i pad so .. Anyway i just went out and took a picture of my first and only bloom so far! We are a good 3 weeks late. I hope to plant up my washtubs etc. next week. Enjoy your day Julia!!

  9. Absolutely gorgeous gardens! Yes... please keep blogging! You are such an inspiration with your gardens and rug hooking.. and who can resist the smiles of your grandchildren! :-)

  10. Oh, Julia! Your gardens are so professional looking. They are beautiful enough to be a tourist attraction. You have chosen the plantings so wisely for the best color effect. I am impressed!
    Thank goodness you are able to save your blog entries, even though it is taking some time. It will be nice to have a permanent printed copy of them for the future.

  11. I love your green thumb,your patience and most of all I love you sweet sister.

  12. I feel so bad for you, about your posts. However, I am happy that you have decided to push onward! You would be so very missed here! Hugs.

  13. Hi Julia: I'm so behind on reading and posting; but I'm happy to red that you're going to continue your blog. I'm feeling a little ambivalence about posting these days. You know, I'm simply recovering after my knee surgery; your post helps me to get back into posting.
    Your gardens are so beautiful and your photography too. I look forward to all that happens in your busy life.
    Now as for retrieving posts, it's so frustrating just how fast one can 'lose' data. I'm currently in need of time and effort to retrieve photos I 'moved' from iPhoto to Elements 11 ( a trial subscription that was deleted after my trial period). After the trial period ended and I'd 'lost' the photos, I decided to buy Elements 11 but found it's no longer available; so I purchased Elements 12. Then I found that I didn't have the right operating system in my computer - that's 'fixed' now but I've been out of commission lately (knee surgery). AS I get 'back into the groove' I need to set aside a nice chunk of time to all the photos back and organized . . . a pretty big project.
    Oh, well, it'll be there when I get to it - I hope!
    Dear Julia, keep that green thumb going; and, also keep sharing your wonderful life with us.

  14. Julia ~
    Your gardens are beautiful. Thank you for sharing.
    Computer problems are the pits but I'm glad you are working through them. I loved your comment about being a "babe in the woods".
    Happy Sunday :)

  15. Hello Julia,
    I am so glad you decided to keep blogging. I am relieved. I love your garden and your flowers are so pretty. So vibrant.
    I can see all of the work you have done.
    I am glad you figured out how to keep your blogs. That is pretty ingenious.

  16. yay! you're back ... and with such gorgeous photos of your garden. So peaceful and I could just there and smell the flowers all day long. ahh

    AND glad you were able to retrieve some posts... and extended visits with your daughter and babies... James had to talk to you did he... HAHAaaaa ... love it... little ol thing!

    It's muggy here today ... stormed last night ~ brough a nice cool breeze though and windows open ... nice. I even picked out a good cantaloupe! yay for me.. I have a terrible time picking a good one and so I did and I ate half of it a bit ago.... little things like that makes this ol woman happy.. ha and little bitty Charlie hugs...

    he likes to kiss now and you can get a mouth full of Charlie slobber... no noooooooo oh, me...

    you baking cookies today?

  17. Perfection! That's what your gardens are! Love all the colors...they scream "SPRING"! But heck, it's June and almost Summer. It's going way faster than that nasty W word went...(shhh...winter). Glad family came and everyone enjoyed the visit and I'm even gladder you've kept blogging! Have a good week1

  18. Julia that snow is good for all that green! Love your garden it's so colorful! Hugs Cheri

  19. Welcome back. I love the photos.
    After your episode, I made a copy of my blog data. I'd really hate to lose my work.

  20. Your 'petals' are beautiful! Thank you for sharing your such beauty with us! I've done up some flower boxes this year to display some of natures colours. Your perennials are gorgeous!
    Thanks for the viewing!

  21. Your gardens are beautiful! I feel your pain regarding losing your posts ~ remember when mine was all wonky ~ it is very frustrating! Love your posts and would not want you to quit!

  22. You bet that we hope you keep blogging. Your blog is one of my favorites! Your petals are lovely and your yard must look gorgeous right now. I am so sorry for what you are having to do to try to retrieve what you lost on your blog. Hugs sweet Julia