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I'm a mother of four grandmother of seven and great grandmother of one. I have many hobbies and interests but gardening and rug hooking are my main interest at the moment. I live with my husband in the house that we built with the help of my brothers and have been married for 51years.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014


I been feeling a cold coming on yesterday around 3:00 o'clock in the afternoon as I was scraping  another section of barn ceiling. I had a mask on and I was feeling my throat getting dry. When I got home after feeding the calves I took a 1000 mg of time release vitamin C tablet and felt too tired to eat and fell asleep on the sofa.   I've been taking vitamin C at about every 4 hours roughly even during the night and I can feel that it's doing a good job.

So today I'm not pushing myself and I'm taking advantage of the rainy day to stay inside and rest a bit. I made a small pot of soup for lunch to get rid of some carrots.

I saw some little American Goldfinches at the feeders and I dug out my big lens and took some photo through a dirty wet window. I think the one on the left is a juvenile but I could be wrong...

A little Song Sparrow dining alone. A Chickadee came and stole a sunflower seed and flew away with it as quickly as he came. He was too quick for me.

I was trying to aim my lens on the little Song Sparrow on the cement when all of sudden this other sparrow landed on it's back.   The sparrow on the bottom looked up and the one on the top said Oopps and flew away, hahaha.

It was a bit damp in the house and I thought that I would be a good time to burn my spiny roes bush trimmings. They've been drying for a couple of weeks in a recycle bin. My leather work gloves weren't around  so I used my helping hand tool for grabbing things and it worked great. I bought that thing when our Value Village first opened up and only paid a few dollars for it the. I'm short so I use it a lot to reach. I got a few thorns stuck in the rubber tip and used a tweeser to pull them out.

I was careful not to put too much at a time as it burns rapidly then put a few small pieces of wood just to take out the dampness. Now my tummy is full and I'm going for a little nap.

It's the handiest tool, you can pick a whole bunch or only one little stick.

The the fun part is lighting the fire. It burns fast and so I was careful with adding a few small sticks of wood to warm up the house a little. Now I'm off for a much needed nap.
I hope that you had a good dad today. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. 



  1. warming up the house? wow. i'm trying to hard to cool mine down. :) hot and humid here.

    i hope you can stave off that cold!

  2. That fire looks nice! Hope you're feeling better.

  3. Oh, I hope you feel better soon! Isn't it fun to watch the birds? I wish they'd pose for me more often!

  4. Rest on a rainy day is always a good thing :) I hope you have a relaxing day Julia and that you feel better soon! Love the bird shots - especially the goldfinches.

  5. Hope you are feeling better very soon. Love a good rainy day!

  6. I hope you feel much better soon Julia, I am so sorry you are coming down with a summer cold. I do have a hard time even picturing it being cold enough to burn a fire.
    How wonderful though.
    Rest and take care of yourself.

  7. I'm sorry you're not feeling good and hope that cold is over quickly! You're probably making some folks jealous with weather cool enough for a fire! It's been hot and humid here but I promised I would not complain after the harsh winter we had! Have a good rest of the week!

  8. Hope you feel better soon! I love rainy days and if I have to be sick I prefer rain. I don't feel guilty about snoozing in bed like I do when the sun shines and there is so much to do.

  9. I send wishes that you will be feeling better very soon! It seems like the farm depends on you too much for you to be sick! xo

  10. It may be a infection of you since you made cleaning the barn ceiling. Take rest and get well soon!

  11. Julia rest! I hope you feel better soon. Hugs cheri

  12. Sweet dreams, Julia. Hope you feel better soon. Sarah

  13. Take care of yourself Julia, family, friends, & animals all count on you!
    Rest as much as needed & maybe put it in 2nd or 3rd gear, your 4th & 5th gear needs to be down shifted! Take it easy. Hope your feeling like yourself soon.
    Love the photos of the birds & the sphere feeder! Very nice!
    The fire looks so inviting & cozy for your naptime.
    Rest & rejuvenate.

  14. well, I almost missed your post! aw little goldfinches … aren't they cute?! as are all birds… just love watching them.

    hiss on your cold! you do what I do. I start hitting the Vitamin C … I try to take it year round but haven't lately and it's sitting right over there on the night table!

    A rose bush fire in your house. well? I tell ya… here in the USA South… we don't need no stinkin warming up … air conditioner going full blast! Got up to 96f I think it was … whatever it was ~ it's very hard to breath through the humidity… kids do it okay… I just stay in and watch!

    Then huge black angry looking clouds ~ all one big huge black … let loose~ cooled things a bit but then it's back to being a steam bath

    Hope your cold takes a powder! hiss onnit ;)

  15. Soup always makes me feel better. I need to get me one of those feeders.

  16. Soup always makes me feel better. I need to get me one of those feeders.

  17. Julia, we have been married for 50 years and this table and chairs were bought when we married.
    Your goldfinches are so much more colourful than ours.

  18. Oh I love the idea of a bird feeder in a cage It keeps out the squirrels.
    I also have so many black berry bushes I usually cut them down in spring but this year said I'll leave them till fall and enjoy the berries.
    Cutting them into small pieces to fit a container is hard.The thorns get so hard when they dry I find using this grabber people use to reach for cans on high shelves useful.Otherwise I take a long vine and cut it over the bin.
    I love thorny roses around the yard to use as a fence just because of the thorns .

  19. Julia I am a bit of everything A Wife 38 years A Mom A Gramma a free spirit. Love everything Wish the best for every one and sad for the world.
    I love to do craft, paint, crochet, knit, sew. photograph, carpenter fish motorbike swim, travel ... life is full of interesting things to live for and enjoy and most of all remember. You wonder why people would want to destroy and shoot bullets.

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  21. your stuffy nose rainy day cozy fire burning feels like a shot of vitamin c to my soul.....restful sounding day:) Hope you're feeling better; you sure know how to take good care of yourself when you need to and that makes me glad:) Hope the soup pot stays full of all the yummy goodness you need.
    Get well love,

  22. Happy Monday to you, Julia! I am having the same problems with the Blogger Dashboard! Thought it might be due to my ineptitude, so I'm glad to hear that you've had the same difficulty. Have a great day, and thank you for your loyal visits and comments! xo

  23. Sorry you have not been feeling well sweet Julia and I hope you are doing much better. I loved your bird pictures, you know how much I love birds. Those pictures are fabulous and what a great capture of the sparrow landing atop the other one. I have one of those tweezer tools and it comes in handy for a lot of things. Every time I use it I wonder why I didn't have it years before I bought it. : ) Be well sweet friend and get the rest you need. Hugs

  24. Hope you are feeling much better today, Julia!!! Good to rest and take care of You...you do so much for others! Hugs, Sunnie :)

  25. Oh I do hope your nap and soup helped with your cold. I know you needed a slow day you work way too hard.
    These are great photo's and what a shot you got with the one landing on the others back.
    I can't imagine a fire this time of the year since we are in the high 90's every day but seeing it made me want one. haha
    My air conditioner will be worn out by September.
    Let me know how your feeling.
    Love ya

  26. I love fire. It's one of those things you can watch forever, you know? I grew up camping and can light and tend a fire with the very best, but I don't get to play with it enough these days. Too busy being a responsible parent. *sigh* Guess it's time to go camping again. =)

  27. What a nice surprise you and the little wren had! Birds are amazing creatures and if they only knew how much they bless us with their presence. Really nice pictures.