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Saturday, January 3, 2015


Oh Lala, I've been gone a long time but it seems like only a few weeks. The time machine is broken and is going out of control...

When I started this post  it was still in 2014 but I got sick for 4 days and went to work at the farm sick twice a day and went to bed when I returned home. I'm still not feeling well yet.

I've missed visiting you because I just couldn't sit at the computer very long.
A lot has been going on since my last post so I'll try to condense it as much as I can.

My calf nursery is overflowing again with  more on the way... I've had 22 calves born since November 1st so I've been very busy.

We has a huge storm on my Birthday and it  knocked the power out. The new stove installation was delayed for 3 days, I was so tired from having to care for all the new calves being born  almost everyday and all the work that went with and the cold and everything else ...

We  really got dumped on and no heat in the house.... A view of the back deck from the sunroom door

Caught in the act... Sound asleep with layers and layers of clothing and a heat bag on my neck to warm up after work... Notice the Rug Hooking Bible on the table...

I had no internet for many hours. Can't even remember....
Even with the generator I was still cold but I had internet after they removed a fallen tree off the wires that provided internet and phone communication.

We hammered  out a wall of white and black speckle faux bricks, the wainscotting and a pine board wall was removed and George laid a sub floor over the old yucky  flooring.

The porcelain tiles were finally installed

I sanded the glue my husband had put on the wall behind the wainscotting and used some Polly Filla to cover all the uglies, but had to wait until later to sand as the stove installer came.

They had to tear the chimney liner and install a new chimney pipe.

This insulated pie was installed through the new hole cut through very hard bricks.

The new energy efficient stove finally installed.  It's an amazing stove that once lit stays lit for up to 14 hours so all you need to do is add wood and push a few livers and away it goes and it close the damper by a timer.  George loves it.

The library was emptied all over the livingroom  and I had my cookbooks and my gardening books  were put on the stairs. I painted the den and had some help from my granddaughter Jordyn.

I got the furniture all moved back in and the house just straightened out just in time for my daughter Christine and her little family's arrival on the 21st of Dec. The next morning she's reading a book brought by The Elf On The Shelf. He brought a new book  every day since December 1st to Christmas Eve. The boys loved it.

To be continued...

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone...  I'll try to catch up again as soon as I feel better.


  1. oh, my! sorry about the storm, power outage, no heat, exhaustion and illness! yikes! one thing led right into another, i'm certain! i'm hoping you are on your way back to normalcy, now that you've got heat, internet, power, and hopefully a few less expected calves coming by now!

  2. So nice to see a post. I am so sorry you were sick Julia. I can't even imagine being sick like that and no heat. I am glad everything is back and running. So many calves! I bet you are just completely worn out from it all.
    I like all of the pictures. I like seeing how your room was transformed. It is so pretty.
    Happy New Year to you.

  3. WHOOP WHOOP welcome back, get well soon would so love to be there to help you, that snow looks AMAZING, I am melting todays temperature 37C...... lost 3 kg this summer

  4. I am so glad to hear from you! Oh my, you do look cold in that picture- so glad you have had the new stove installed. I remember posting a photo of me similarly bundled in my old house which had no heating though at least it was a little terraced house!! The calves sound exhausting- take care of yourself dear Julia! xx

  5. I certainly was happy to see your blog pop up on my feed. I have missed you...Julia, you get more done sick, no heat, and all those calves being born than most of us do in a lifetime....I sure hope you are better soon...and welcome back....

  6. Sick, no heat and still farm chores to do. You are Wonder Woman in my book. My dear mom was the same way. I so admire you, Julia. I hope you feel better soon. Please take care of yourself!
    Happy New Year.
    Hugs :)

  7. Farm work is the hardest work there is...always something that needs done and no sick or vacation time! Winter is in full force by you and I hope your stove keeps you warm when the power is out! Feel better soon and welcome back....missed you!

  8. Oh my goodness, I'm sorry you've been sick, and with the cold and all the extra work of those calves! I sure hope 2015 begins better for you!

  9. Bless your heart! I am so sorry you have been sick on top of everything else going on. Hopefully that great new stove will warm you up and help you to recover. Glad you are back. I've missed you.

  10. I hope you feel better soon. Your stove looks wonderful and I bet it will be a nice relief when you lose the power again.
    Looks like you enjoyed your Christmas.

  11. Julia, that sounds horrible. Sick, with no heat, and farm chores! You looked cute all buried under those blankets. That's what I do when the power goes out too. Your new stove was worth the wait. Sounds like you will be warm from now on. Happy New Year

  12. Oh my dear Julia! It's so good to see your post! You have really been dealing with a lot and I always find in amazing how you keep your smile and positive attitude through it all! I hope you get to feeling better with each day and you can warm your body by that great looking wood stove! Please take extra special care of yourself now and sending wishes for a Happy New Year! Big hugs!!
    Cathy G
    ( love your HUGE collection of cookbooks on the stair steps!! No wonder you are such a good cook!!)

  13. No heat is awful. So glad the stove is up and working. Such a cute picture of yor daughter and grandsons.
    Now you.......have you had blood work gone . Could it be low iron or thyroid. Heavens knows you certainly have reasons to be tired. Hope you get some rest. Take care please.

  14. No heat is awful. So glad the stove is up and working. Such a cute picture of yor daughter and grandsons.
    Now you.......have you had blood work gone . Could it be low iron or thyroid. Heavens knows you certainly have reasons to be tired. Hope you get some rest. Take care please.

  15. No heat is awful. So glad the stove is up and working. Such a cute picture of yor daughter and grandsons.
    Now you.......have you had blood work gone . Could it be low iron or thyroid. Heavens knows you certainly have reasons to be tired. Hope you get some rest. Take care please.

  16. Oh, goodness, Julia! What an ordeal! So glad you have that stove installed! Hopefully the weather won't throw you a curve again this winter! It is miserable to be cold! You've certainly filled the time with constructive choices. Somehow it is time for you to find a place to put your feet up for awhile! My wish for you is that 2015 be a year of good health and happiness for you and your family! xo Nellie

  17. Holy cow you have been busy! Just realized I said cow- but I guess that is fitting! Can't believe all the new calves you have had. That is wonderful, but definitely take a lot of time. Can't believe the snow either! Sorry to hear you had no power and it sounds like it was freezing!

    I hope you feel better soon. May 2015 be a wonderful year for you!

  18. Oh how I hate winter!! Especially when the power goes off- that's so miserable-- doubly so when you are sick! I hope by now you are feeling better.

    Your renovations are coming along beautifully-- I actually like the look of the books stacked on the staircase-- lol! Omg-- can't believe all your new calves-- so busy!!

    Happy New Year dear Julia--

  19. Happy New Year, Julia, and Happy Belated Birthday! I am continually amazed at all you do every day. Glad you are on the mend and that your new stove is installed. Stay warm and healthy. Sarah

  20. What a way to start the New Year! Glad you are feeling better and the stove is set and ready to go!

  21. Hello,
    I will be praying that you will be well soon.
    I love the photo of you caught in the act. :-)

    We have it really cold here today. -30 wind chill, no fun.

    Stay Warm and looking forward to 2015 with you.

  22. Oh my...I am so glad that you are okay now! Winter is here now, too. We are expecting wind chills 25 below 0 F, And snow. We finally have about 6 inches here, with 6 more coming. Stay safe and warm. Hugs!

  23. Aw, you poor shivering little thing! You look cute in those bundled up photos! I like the looks of that stove. It's so cold in our family room!

  24. Oh my gosh girl, you have really had it. i can't even comprehend the amount of work 22 baby calves would take, but I'm sure one can spend hours caring for them. Then to be sick on top of everything. How horrible for you. I do hope you can reclaim good health soon. Very nice stove iindeed.

  25. My Dear Julia I do pray you are well again by the time you read this. Like everyone I don't know how in the world you do all that you do and never complain. No wonder you got sick with 22 calves to take of and everything else too.
    I thought of you often over the holidays wondering how you were doing. To hear that you had no heat in those temps in horrible.
    Glad you have a new heater.
    Looking forward to hearing how your doing.
    Happy New Year

  26. Happy New Year to you amazing woman!! I hope you will have a healthy year without quite that many calves all at the same time. And I so hope you will find some time to blog too because it is always so much fun to visit here.

  27. So sorry you've been under the weather! You still get more accomplished sick than I do when I'm healthy! Love the pic of you all cuddled up! What a great idea...reading a book everyday that the Elf brought...a great way to make reading even more fun. Bravo for Mom!
    Hope you are feeling better ,and that you are staying warm with the help of that handsome stove!

  28. Oh Julia. I wish you bottomless bowls of yummy chicken soup and the warmest of firesides, a few extra pairs of willing, hardworking hands on the farm for these hard times, and a bright blue sky-full of healing love whooshing over you all the energy and lift you need. So sorry for such a rough patch. You look adorable all wrapped up in your warmies:) Glad someone was with you the whole time.
    Love and get (and stay) well prayers,

  29. Oh my no heat! That is trouble & the snow that you've got! burrr Here in SW ON, it's just a -25C chill factor & I find that troublesome. The room with the stove is going to be so cozy & yes there's chaos to have change. lol Good timing with the Christine & 'the boys' arriving. I need to find the book about the Elf On The Shelf. I remember seeing him in the 60's but never knew the story. I've only heard how good things come from him & he's used as a bargaining chip by parents.
    So many calves to care for but I know your heart is in it. Do take care Julia & enjoy some warm family downtime. All the very best this 2015!
    Hugs Cynthia

  30. After reading your post, I feel like a wus for whining about bad weather down here in Alabama :)

    That was one heck of a snow.

  31. Happy New Year Julia. I am sure you are warm now with that stove and just in time it is freezing out. Hug B

  32. WOW .... I haven't checked even my blog I guess since Christmas Eve! wanted to catch up with you ... ! no heat in that kind of weather? oh, lord? I'd be dead... you're a strong woman, Julia B.! and all those calves... well? I've been fighting a nasty old cold for a week now and am still feeling yucky but a whole lot better... love your stove ...

    I see two more posts I want to read! HAPPY NEW YEAR ... my friend ;)