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I'm a mother of four grandmother of seven and great grandmother of one. I have many hobbies and interests but gardening and rug hooking are my main interest at the moment. I live with my husband in the house that we built with the help of my brothers and have been married for 51years.

Friday, August 28, 2015


Fall is at the back door waiting to come in and it's pickling time again.  I love pickling and love the aroma that waif in the air around in my kitchen.

My supply of Lady Ashburnham pickles have run out and they are my husband 's favorite and also the rest of the family's favorite. Since the cucumbers are plentiful, I'll be adding to my stash. Well, I only have 3 large bottles at the moment...

Here's what I've bottled so far.

From left to right, Mustard Pickles, Bread and Butter Pickles and Lady Ashburnham Pickles

Some of my first serious tomato harvest. My tomato plants are loaded with lots of green  Roma tomatoes  so there will be more to come...  I made some dehydrated  Roma tomatoes in olive oil but I didn't take a picture of the result. It made  half a quart and I put it in the fridge.

I use Roma tomatoes as they have thicker  flesh and less seeds and moisture.

I roasted some tomatoes with basil and garlic in Extra Virgin Olive oil. So very yummy. Apparently since they are concentrated they can be used instead of Sun dried Tomatoes.

Beet pickles

 My first Jalapeno peppers harvest  and this year they are hot.

I made all these pickled Jalapenos from that little harvest.

I've managed to hook a bit at night before bed time. I'm not liking the dark chocolate brown line in the middle and some other shape I don't like that I will change later.

The  brown upper segment I did last night.  The colors are a bit less bright  in real life and the off white is a dirty beige. Night photos are not the true colors.

This is my new Hydrangea I bought  on impulse at Cosco last year. They only grow 3 to 4 feet high.

 Some late summer bloomers

Some Heliotrope I started from seeds this past winter.  I  had tried them before and was not successful before. They require some bottom heat to sprout better.

Some sweet potato vines I'm trying for the first time also

What's left of my late summer flower garden that is still blooming. The rest needs to be tidied.

Again, these Geberas are  a first time experiment this year, also started from seeds. Rather expensive at $1.00 a seed but very pretty.

Another Gerbera

 and another pretty pink Gerbera

An off white  Gerbera,

Apologies for a long post but you know me by now.

That's it for now friends, it's past my bedtime and I hope that you all have a good sleep. Sweet dreams...
Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment, I so appreciate it.


  1. always impressed by your flower beds. :) glad your garden is producing well to give you plenty to pickle. :)

  2. I LOVED this post!!! I so love to see what people have grown! Can you tell us what the difference is between the 3 pickles? What's the bread and butter one about? Such an impressive glut of tomatoes. I've just got back from staying at CBC's sister's for the week so I'm hoping there will be some ripe tomatoes!
    The jalapenos are so impressive as are the gerberas. I've never seen gerberas on an actual plant before.

    The rug looks pretty impressive, what is the design? I can't remember from your previous posts.

    Hope you are well dear Julia.x

  3. Look at you go, JB! You are a great pickler! You work so hard. I wish you could have a lazy day but you probably wouldn't like it. Beautiful flowers, too!

  4. Those Getberas are beautiful. I've never seen those before. I hope you get seeds from them for next year.
    We usually pickle japalenos and some green tomatoes, but I'd like for us to do more.
    Our crops were not as good this year because of all the rain we had.
    Good update.

  5. Julia, your flowers are beautiful as always. It certainly seems that your new adventures you tried turned out perfect...I am amazed that you pickle so may different varieties. Have you ever tried Grape Leaf Pickles? They are my husband's favorite and everyone knows not to touch them. He has one source where he can get them and he keeps this lady's supply limited. I hope you have a wonderful weekend....

  6. My favorite flowers!!! But I can't make them live, no matter what I do. It's the only flower I tried with. I was told they're tough to take care of, so it takes an expert mind like yours to get it to work. Now I just do fake ones inside the house.

  7. Wow I love all of your canning. My goodness every thing looks fantastic . You must have a super green thumb. Everything is so pretty.
    Your rug is nice and I love your flowers. I have never had any luck growing Gerber daisies. I have tried for years. I thought it was just a fluke since I had never seen them growing but in pots. I am so glad you got some to grow. I need to try again. Same with Heliotrope. Yours is just beautiful. I have never seen hydrangeas like that. It is all so lovely Julia. Have a great rest of the day.

  8. Quite a beautiful bounty you harvested. Your rug got a little attention last night and you accomplished a little more on it....good going.

  9. Wow...you've been busy! Your full jars must make you feel so good...and your flowers are beautiful! I'm curious about the Lady Ashburnham pickles. I've never heard of them! I think til another year I need to do some researching. My cucumber plants all died this summer, so no pickles here this year. Thankfully I have some left.

  10. There's just something special about all those beautiful jars sitting on a shelf and knowing you grew it, canned it, and will enjoy eating it! I freeze a lot and haven't canned in a long time. You are inspiring me! I need to get out and clean up my flower beds and get ready for Fall....September's only a few days away! Can't believe it! Take care Julia...I love reading your posts and seeing all your talents!

  11. Hi Julia,
    You are quite the harvester, canner, and gardener!! The pickles look so yummy and I would certainly love to try them all!! Your pantry will be well stocked!
    All of your flowers are so pretty too! Bet the bees just love to visit!!
    Your rug looks lovely even if they aren't quite the true colors!!! Cameras and lighting can be so frustrating at times!!! Glad you got to sneak in some hooking at the end of a busy day!!!
    Thanks for sharing your amazing bounty!!!
    Warm Hugs~

  12. Oh, my friend, you are incredible! I wish I were there to help!

    With Bill trucking, we don't can like we used to. He likes spicy dill pickles. I love bread and butter pickles.

    Your flowers and hooking are gorgeous, too. Thanks for sharing. I love reading your posts.

    ☺ Hugs! ❤

  13. Canning time has arrived & the kitchen has the aroma of yummy canned goods that will be enjoyed in the cold winter months ahead.
    I can't believe that summers coming to an end - fall is my most favorite time of the year though.
    I've noticed the sunrise being later & the sunsets coming faster, with the dark evenings coming sooner. Oh summer where did you go?!
    Your late blooming garden is lovely, I purchased some mums to put colour back in the garden. I've really enjoyed making the garden this summer & will try some of the plants that beautifully displayed themselves in your garden, namely that gorgeous purple Heliotrope!
    Your rug is really taking form & the colours are so unexpected, it's truly a work of unique art Julia!
    Looking forward to seeing more!

  14. I love mustard pickles but sadly I am the only one who does. I made some last year.
    Your new rug is very interesting.

  15. Hi,
    I have never had mustard pickles, but they sure look good.
    I made Dill Pickles, Dilly Beans and more of both and might have one more batch of Dill Pickles. :-)
    My grapes are doing so well, and I think they are really close to being ready! Not sure what I will do with them all as of yet.

  16. Julia
    What a wonderful bounty, both veggies and your beautiful flowers!

  17. So far I have only pickled cucumbers and chilies. All your pickles are really interesting and you have good harvest from your garden. I like your garden, spacious and with so many varieties of plants and bloom.

  18. Oh my goodness you are getting the very best of Summer! Love those Gerberas... the center looks like needlepunch! :-) Beautiful progress on your hooked piece... very natural and peaceful shapes and colors... I'm going to have to start planning a canning garden for next year... your produce and pickling are going to be very tasty when the winter months arrive! Enjoy every last bit! :-) Happy Summertime to you and your family!

  19. You are one busy lady as always. So nice to see you are finding a bit of time to hook and it's lookin' good.
    All your canned goods look so yummy and your flowers are just gorgeous. Love that hydrangea and the gerbera daisies are doing so well. You sure have a green thumb.
    Hugs :)

  20. You have been one busy lady! I love seeing all your pickles and other foods you have "put up." We are in the middle of many, many pears and also many tomatoes, so I guess I am looking for inspiration or just plain company in my preserving :) Thanks for sharing all your projects. Inspiring!

  21. I haven't made pickles in years. There is only two of us that will eat them so it doesn't seem like the effort would pay off. Flowers are lovely! It is so dry here now that most of mine are drying up and even my big Hydrangea is wilted. I don't know how you get so much done and time to hook as well!!

  22. Julia...you are amazing! I know you have twice the energy I do. I also think your day has twice as many hours as mine does! Your Gerbers are so pretty! Your new hooking adventure is most interesting with great colors.

  23. Julia you have done a good job. you have so many varieties of pickles. I am not so much love in eating pickles. You have got a good yield of tomatoes. They have a wonderful color...

  24. What beautiful flowers in your flower beds.
    Thumb's up for your great looking harvest.
    You are one smart lady doing all that pickling. I could eat it with my eyes.
    My garden didn't fare well at all since we were moving and we weren't there to water it. I got a couple of Zucchini some cherry tomatoes and some Scotia tomatoes.My potatoes are still growing.I hope to have some big ones in there.My peas and Butter beans didn't grow at all.Cut worm got at them.Since we were moving we didn't replant.Have a great summer/spring. Hugs and Kisses.

  25. Oooopsy!Sorry I meant Summer/Fall

    1. It's OK Delcina. I'm kind of mixed up too when it comes to time and season. I never know what to wear and have to chane twice a day and sometimes three times.

  26. Hi Julia, I made soup today !
    I thought it was a big deal and then i read your post and saw your pictures and looked at my soup and let out a long sigh. Lol
    What a accomplished person you are , hugs cheri

  27. You are so industrious Julia! I always love to see what you are up to. I also bought a hydrangea plant from Costco. I can't wait to see if it grows as beautiful as yours does, if not I'll be knocking on your door for some advice haha!!

  28. Your late summer harvest is lovely
    and my mouth is happily puckered at the sight
    of all those pickles and put away treasures.
    Beet pickles, especially:)
    Thanks for sharing the view from your harvest,

  29. You have been very busy but just look at all those wonderful, yummy things you have made. They look so delicious. Your yard is beautiful sweet Julia and your late summer bloomers are too. I see you are back busy hooking too and it is looking good. Sure hope you are finding some time to rest...you do work so very hard. Thank you for your visits and all your encouraging words they are appreciated more than you can imagine. Love and hugs, Maggie

  30. Oh wow Julia you have been so busy again but what a harvest from your work. My mouth was watering especially over the pickles. I had to give them up when I was diagnosed with this heart trouble but boy do I wish I could be there when you open one of those jars. haha
    Your flowers are still amazingly beautiful! The hot weather here has been hard on the few plants I did manage to have this summer. I of course don't have gorgeous gardens like yours. Temps stayed in the 100's most of August so I am ready for cooler weather.
    I have missed you. I am having a rare good day so I am visiting a few friends and trying to catch up. I did a post today too which is very rare but I enjoyed doing it.
    Hope your well and taking good care. Glad to see you still take the time to do your awesome rugs.
    Love you

  31. So much amazing color! I'm impressed with your garden and all your canning. That's something I wish I'd thought to learn from my mom and grandmother--how to can. Maybe I'll have to have her visit and teach me :)

  32. Hello lovely! Thank you for the lovely comments- you don't have to catch up and comment on everything as you are so busy but it was much appreciated anyway! I hope you've had some rest!xx

  33. Julia-- that's some beautiful canning and preserving-- I always feel so good about myself when I do those things too. It will be wonderful when the winter comes! I hope you are enjoying your blog break...