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Sunday, May 26, 2019


Today, it's raining again. We have had a day of sun and a day of rain, a day of sun and a day of rain all spring it seems.  While waiting for fair weather to work outside I've been working inside making a bed skirt from a very old bedspread. I won't say how old it is, you'll think I'm crazy for holding on to it for this long. It was way too short for the newer thicker mattress and the backing was falling apart. It was quilted from the factory and the thread was very flimsy so it was relatively easy to take apart.

Since the skirting was too short, I had to add another section to make it long enough. I used a white cotton sheet I bought at a Value Village a long time ago, it was like new. It's been sitting in the linen closet all this time. You can see the mattress on the floor on the right. Now my boxspring doesn't show.

I baked some lemon pies from scratch. 

While the sun was shining I put together a raised bed I bought on special at Princess Auto about a month ago.  I bought 6 in all...I planted some carrots called Yaya. I hope they are as nice as they claim. I have a blogger friend called Yaya. I hope they are as nice as she is.

I picked fiddleheads on our land by the side of the river. We couldn't pick last year because the flood came while the fiddleheads were up and Health Canada thought that they would be contaminated. This year, the flood came early before they came up so they were deemed okay to pick.

I know they look disgusting but after many, many baths the little brown skins that protect the tender fronds will all come off.

Here they are blanched for 2 minutes and then drained. I used my salad spinner and it makes the job so much faster. This is a delicacy that we look forward to eating every spring. At our Co-op they sell for $4.99 a pound.

The peas, onions, spinach and kale are all growing nicely.

The spring bulbs and flowers are growing as well as the lawn and dandelions. I've been pulling dandelions every day to try to keep them at bay.

Today, a rainy day, I posted on my blog to pass the time before dinner.
I hope that you all have a great weekend and Happy Memorial Day to our friend in the USA.

Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment.
Hugs, Julia


  1. I am super impressed at your productivity.
    Feel free to send your rain this way. We desperately need it and all we get is what I call 'incontinent pigeon rain'. Splat, splat and it is gone.
    I don't think you could buy fiddlehead here. Are they from a particular type of fern?

  2. To answer your question, it's the Ostrich Fern. You can find photos and description of this tender edible fern before they unfurl. They have a very short window for picking as they grow very fast. They can grow anywhere and transplant easily. They spread under by ground runners and will spread over time. Someone in the province has set up a commercial operation and sell to major grocery stores.

    1. Thank you. I don't know whether we get the Ostrich Fern here, or whether other ferns could replace it. Something to explore.

  3. Elephant 's Child, you would have to be careful to identify this specie as some other species of ferns can be toxic.

  4. You are always so busy, Julia. I wish I had a bit of your energy! I have been putting off making a new bedskirt and you have encouraged me to jump in and just do it! Your gardens look lovely...the pink tulips are gorgeous!
    Take good care,
    Robyn xo

  5. fiddle heads and lemon pie yummmmmm I had fiddle heads this week and oh were they good I had to buy mine no where to pick here. Your flowers look great.

  6. I've heard of fiddle heads but have never eaten are served? Are they seasoned? The pies look of Jack's favorites! A YaYa carrot! How fun and how sweet to mention me...and I'm sure those carrots are 10 times nicer than me! Ha! We've had tons of rain too and I hope it holds off for the parade tomorrow. Looking forward to the day off and getting some things done around here. Your gardens look so good and you have such energy! I hope the rains ease up for you too. Have a good Monday!

    1. Hi Yaya, the fiddleheads are served like any green vegetable seasoned with a little salt. I like them just plain, my husband like his with butter and my son in law like and others like a sprinkle of vinegar on them. Fiddleheads have a high iron content.

      I have made cream of fiddlehead soup, just like you would make cream of asparagus soup.

  7. That is a beautiful bed skirt, Julia! And, I'm admiring the bed's gorgeous wood and looks very well made!
    I haven't had fiddleheads in more than 30 them with butter and a little salt. Folks here in NJ don't know what they are...we would always enjoy them during our stay in Maine each year (don't forget the lobsta! lol!)
    Your gardens are lovely! So glad you are getting time to enjoy the things you enjoy doing...and that Spring has finally arrived in Canada! :-)

  8. Hi,
    I have never had a fiddlehead. I really should try them.
    Your gardens look great Julia!
    Can you believe, June is around the corner.

  9. Your bedskirt is wonderful! My mom and I made one 25+ years ago and I still am using it.
    I've never eaten a fiddlehead, but they look so cool.
    As always, your gardens look amazing. So much work. You are still the hardest worker I know.

  10. You have such a green thumb! Your flowers and your garden looks great. I wish someday to be able to taste fiddleheads. They looks so yummy to me. Someday. Your bed skirt turned out wonderful.
    Its raining like that here so that is why I am on the blog too. :) Take care Julia,

  11. Interesting. Never heard of fiddleheads. Janice

  12. Good job on the bed skirt sweet Julia it looks very nice. I have never heard of fiddleheads. The plants in your garden and the flowers all look healthy and beautiful. You are great at getting things to grow. You rain every other day sounds like the kind we had all through spring and before. Now we have flooding but not in my area. Those pies look yummy and homemade lemon pie is my very favorite, wish I could come have a slice with you. Hugs and have a great week sweet Julia.

  13. Hi Julia,
    You did a wonderful job on your bed skirt and I love how you used some things from Value Village! I LOVE that place! We call is Savers here in AZ!! I have seen fiddleheads before but didn't realize you could eat them!! I'm sure they were yummy!! The pies look amazing, too! I actually made a fresh rhubarb pie and it was so delicious!! LOVE RHUBARB!!! Your veggie beds look so good and I know you will enjoy all them when they are ready to harvest!! Nothing tastes so good as FRESH!!!! Hope the rain stops soon, but I'm sure it is making everything green!!
    Take care and have a great week, my friend!
    Heart Hugs~
    Julie xo

  14. I have never, ever eaten a fiddlehead. Fascinating.
    Do you put them in salads alongside everything else - as if you're dropping in a few cucumber slices? Or are they the main event? So interesting.

    The lemon pies baked fresh move me:) I'm such a lover of pie:)

    Thanks for sharing the window to your world, Julia.
    I always enjoy:)
    - Jennifer

    1. Hi Jennifer, thanks for your comment. Fiddlehead must be cooked to be eaten. I cover the fiddlehead with water and bring to a boil. The fiddleheads contain a lot of iron and the water becomes brown. I discard this brown water and add fresh water and a little salt and cook them till tender. They taste like a cross between asparagus and and young spinach.

      To freeze, I boil them for 2 minutes and plunge them in cold water and drain them well in my salad spinner and freeze them in portion size in freezer bags.

  15. fiddlehead is it

  16. I had never heard of fiddleheads! They look like they should be delicious. Your garden is lovely as usual.

    I hope the rain stays away for awhile. I'm a bit tired of it too and am ready for some really warm and sunny days.

  17. What ARE fiddleheads!??! They look like ferns to me! I didn't know you could eat them!?!?!!
    Ooh, I love your new raised beds! I am TRYING to persuade CBC to let me add one raised bed to our garden but because it is so small, he is very resistant! Your garden looks great. Well done on the Bed spread!!!xx

  18. Thought I'd check in my blog friend! It's nice and cool out so I'm putzen in the yard a bit. Yesterday it go to 91 so it was a hot day of putzen outside. I have never had fiddle heads and have never seen them in stores here, I know I would love them tho! Asparagus is at it's prime here now so taking advantage of that! Love you bed skirt, it's nice to get things done isn't it! Can't wait to see the bed w the quilt on it! Raised beds are a good thing! Mom loves hers she has radishes and onions about ready and beans are up. I need to get a picture of her tending her lil veg. Garden! Enjoy your day Julia! I hope the weather cooperates!

  19. And the lemon pies look delicious! Mom makes them for dad alot, I need to give them a try!

  20. I see that nothing has changed for you! I haven’t been reading my blogs and writing on mine in a couple of years but ~ you are still so hard working and productive! I love when nothing changes!!