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Sunday, January 8, 2023


I have nothing newsworthy to blog about but I thought of dusting my blog with a little post so as to try to have at least something to blog about.  I've pulled a few loops on my rug but nothing worthy of showing, just worked a little on the background. I haven't walked outdoors except to the communal mailbox to fetch the mail.  I admire those who walk even in cold weather. I put on almost 5 pounds this winter so far. I'm not complaining just because...

I've been somewhat inactive for the most part as the sky has been gloomy for days it seems. I guess you could say I've been in hibernation. I need sunshine to function on all my cylinders. lol... I've been doing what is necessary every day but  I've wasted a lot of time just watching some of my favorite YouTube videos. I avoid Facebook and Instagram because I feel they have nothing to offer me personally,   except for making me want more things that I do not need or want anymore as I'm satisfied with what I already have and at 76,  I'm in the winter of my life and I know that material thing won't bring me lasting happiness anyway. By the grace of God, my health is still good except for the usual old age minor discomforts. I'm already yearning for spring and new life.

Here is a picture of the usual after-Christmas puzzle. It measures 38.5 X 26.5 inches. I know that making puzzles is not everyone's cup of tea but I enjoy the challenge. 

Edited: This puzzle only has 1000 pieces and not 2000 as previously mentioned. The other one that I did was a 2000-piece puzzle which I was supposed to show here but somehow couldn't upload the photo because my iPhone was low on battery and I then forgot to upload it before publishing my post.

I think those Cats of the World kind of look ridiculously cute. I started to work on this 1000-piece puzzle after Christmas and finished it in four days. It looked easy but I found it was harder than it looked because some of the pieces were of different sizes and shapes and didn't all fit in straight lines. It was bought secondhand at the church fundraiser and I thought that there were pieces missing but in the end, all the pieces were there. 

I meant to post this photo in my last post but totally forgot about it. 

Wishing you all a peaceful day. Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment. I hope that the sun is shining where you are.

Hugs, Julia


  1. The sun is definitely shining here. Perhaps a little too much. We are going to be HOT today (which I don't like). Enjoy your sunshine - and yay on getting the puzzle finished. It is excellent that all the pieces were there too.

  2. impressive to do that puzzle in 4 days. It would take me 4 years easily. I am not a puzzle person as my mind doesn't seem to work that way...although I like other puzzles...figuring out "who-done-it"s, riddles, etc. but these kind make my head spin LOL. I do admire people who can to takes a certain kind of patience. Do you frame your completed puzzles or take them apart? Although we weren't supposed to, we did have some sunshine today. It has been a long, long, time since we have had sun. I guess I am completely opposite of you - As much as I love the sun and sometimes fantasize about living someplace tropical, I need grey days to recharge. Too many days of sun drain me somehow. ~Robin~ (The Cranky Crow)

    1. Robin, the only puzzle I got framed was a huge 5000 piece puzzle called Midnight Summers Dream that one of my daughter bought one Christmas. We set it up on the long kitchen table and it quickly became obvious that it would be a daunting task. Everyone gave up on it so I had my husband set up a make shift table using a sheet of plywood in the master bedroom and I closed the door so if any pieces would fall on the floor, our dog would not eat them. I work on it myself most of the winter and it's now hanging in our office. It's a beautiful puzzle. It measures about 5 ft 6 in X 3 ft X 6 in.

  3. Julia I always thought you needed a few extra pound anyway, glad you've put some meat on those bones. Cute puzzle for sure but I'd rather hook even if it is background. Binding however is another thing.

  4. Very cool puzzle and it does look very challenging. I would be afraid to buy a second puzzle not knowing if a piece or two was missing. Happy yours was complete.
    I cannot imagine a 5k piece puzzle. You need to show us a picture.
    Sunshine...not much in Ohio this time of year.
    Now that your puzzle is complete, you can pull a few more loops.
    I will happily give you 5 more!

  5. Ack! I think blogger ate my comment...or is comment moderation on? I will find out as soon as I hit publish.

  6. I use to love putting together puzzles. My gramma H and I use to love them! I wish I had more time to do these again.. I actually took my hook out and hooked some eggs over the weekend in between customers. Janice

  7. This is the time of year to put on a little (just a little) weight for like me, I am sure you will quickly lose it when spring gets here. I have been taking every opportunity to soak up some of the sunshine we have been getting, and even ventured out into the garden the last couple of days. I had planned to be hibernating now, but how was I to know the weather would be so nice. I love those cats. I spent time choosing favorites and decided on the black and white one at the front and the darling girl with the straw-looking hat on the left. Well, and I like the pirate too! :~)

  8. My husband hasn't done a puzzle this year yet. But 2000 sounds very hard to me.
    I try to get out no matter how cold it helps keep the cobwebs out

  9. I like the Cat Puzzle, that is so fun and cute. :-) I was trying to pick out a favorite cat. I think I will go with the fancy cat, dressed in black and pearls.

  10. I saw your comment on Inger's blog and came over to say hi and follow you. The cats on your puzzle are adorable, aren't they?

  11. Hi Terra, thanks for your comments. I clicked on both comments but somehow one didn't appear on my blog.

  12. Hi Julia! The puzzle thing is my sister's thing! In fact she bought one while she's here visiting this week. You will work off those pounds once Spring arrives because you are the hardest worker I've ever known! I've been having trouble finding things to blog about since it's been so drab here too. We're suppose to get sun tomorrow...hope I remember what it looks like! Ha! Have a good weekend!

  13. I'm so impressed by your puzzle skills. I started doing them last year and am only doing 300 pieces. But who cares, the main thing is I'm having fun.