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I'm a mother of four grandmother of seven and great grandmother of one. I have many hobbies and interests but gardening and rug hooking are my main interest at the moment. I live with my husband in the house that we built with the help of my brothers and have been married for 51years.

Wednesday, January 23, 2019


Yes, it's snowing again. OK snow, you can stop now. We have more than we need and we don't want to be greedy.

A view of our snow supply on the deck from the back door of the sunroom. Yeah, history repeats itself and so do I. It's the same thing as last year so I go with the flow. lol...

Today was George's birthday so I baked a nice big carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. 75 candles are too many to put on a cake so I used pretend candles. It's one of my favorite cake recipes. The lighting was very poor but the cake was really good, lol...

My Christmas cacti are still blooming since November 16th even though I neglected my plants this winter. Some of the buds fell off and started blooming again after getting a good drink of water. They are almost indestructible but they are grateful for a drink of water. They dry fast in winter.

This is a Poinsettia that I got from Christine for Christmas 2017. A whole bunch of leaves fell off but it's surviving even though it suffered neglect also. It was late blooming this year. I think my restlessness affected my plants this winter.  I bought some soil and will give them some TLC and hope they will forgive me.

Thanks for stopping by and reading this old woman's rambling and leaving a comment. Please take care of yourselves, your pets, and your plants. Winter is hard on them as much as on us.
Hugs, Julia


  1. Hi Julia,
    Just popped in to see the snow in your area, it looks so much like the NE coast. Everything is in rows, the roads, the laneways, even to get to the bird feeders has been dug out & snow walls are everywhere!
    George's cake looks so good! I love that cake & its icing, lucky George to have such a great cook looking after him on his special 75th Birthday, Happy Birthday George!
    Your plants all look great, I need living green plants to get through the white winter, yours are colourful, you do have the TLC touch!
    Stay safe & warm as this next storm moves through, it's going to be a wet one!

  2. Oh my. We rarely see snow here (and are in the midst of a hot and sweaty summer) so these images are amazing.
    That cake looks delicious - and I love your forgiving plants too.

  3. Holy snow!!!! Wow Julia that's some crazy amount of snow you guys got man, oh man!! Your blooming Cacti flowers look amazing and so pretty but I am super impressed with your Poinsettia. Did I read that right, you've had that since 2017? You have a green thumb my friend. I have never been able to keep one past Christmas, not for lack of trying so now I don't even get a live one haha. You sure put the happy in birthday. That cake looks delish and I'm sure your hubby thought so as well. He's a lucky man, he is. Well stay safe and warm, might be a good time to get some rug hooking done haha.
    Warm hugs

  4. We are getting rain which is a mess! and icy! yumm your cake looks wonderful and I love carrot cake. You have a green thumb for sure and your plants show no neglect.

  5. Jilda would be in snow heaven there. Me, not so much. It’s nice to look at for a while but then I’m ready for sunshine.
    You reminded me, I need to water the plants on our screen porch.

  6. Your plants sure don't seem to be minding the snow! I've never seen a poinsettia that re-bloomed! Lovely! Hope you're staying warm, and I'm so glad you aren't still out in the barn fighting the weather!

  7. Your cacti are beautiful!!! I have one and it did not bloom this Christmas season.
    Happy birthday to George. That cake looks SO GOOD!!!
    Stay warm and safe. So happy you are not trudging to the barn!!!

  8. Now that is a snow! lol Happy Birthday to George. Sweet Julia your plants are just beautiful. The cake looks yummy and I bet George is enjoying it. Stay warm and safe sweet Julia...happy for you not having to get out and go work in the snow. Hugs

  9. I'd like a slice of cake please. Yum!
    My husband has a 24th of January birthday and I made him a pecan pie.
    xx oo
    Happy Birthday to your guy!! :-)

  10. What a nice birthday cake! My favorite too. That is so much snow!! I am always amazed at your green thumb. I would have already killed both plants.
    I am not really that good with inside plants. Happy birthday to George. I am glad you are cooking and enjoying your kitchen.

  11. Whoa! That's a lot of snow! Stay cozy!
    Your carrot cake looks delicious!

  12. Mmmmm....Carrot Cake! Happy Birthday to George!!!
    You certainly do have a green thumb! Those plants look amazing!

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  14. Happy Birthday George! I am happy to see your picture of the snow as I sit here in my summer dress. P.S I am in the process of uploading my old health articles again but I'll be updating on my other blog daily in the mean time. Might be a bit more interesting for you but I'm always happy to see your comments either way x

  15. Hi, Julia! Surprise! What a gorgeous cake! Truly delicious, too! Happy birthday wishes to George! We've had no snow this month, though it is definitely in the forecast for next week! We'll see. xoxo Nellie

  16. Our big storm last weekend melted a bit when we had a warm day last week. But the temps fell again and more snow this weekend. We're getting a blast of freeze from Canada next week. I love all my Canadian friends and I love Canadian bacon and maple syrup but you can keep the cold air! Ha! I'm horrible with indoor plants. I just can't keep them alive. I do better with the outdoor kind! Take care and be safe with all that white stuff!

  17. Oh how I second that emotion! I hate seeing the way some animals are mistreated especially during times of extreme weather. They deserve so much better. Makes me happy to see people treating animals and plants with kindness:) Indoor plants and Wintertime - yes, they need extra love:)
    As do we - keep taking good care of you, too:)
    Warm hugs, Julia,

  18. aww...thick snow
    delicious big carrot cake. Happy birthday to George.
    have a great day

  19. we have more than enough snow here too. hard to find places to blow it!
    now we have fridged temps. today -27 / -60 with wind chill. schools, mail and many others canceled! my sister has an old Christmas cactus, i dont do well with indoor plants but love my outside ones in the summer. i love carrot cake and especially the frosting! Happy Birthday George! im hunkered down with grandpup in my lap so trying to catch up with you a bit! much over dued! enjoy your evening Julia and thank you for pointing me to your tutorial on the gripper frame cover! love yours! and the prim kitty rug too!

  20. Your plants do well!!! Look how happy the cactus is and the Poinsetta! What a lovely cake for George- I hope he enjoyed it!
    We are waiting for snow here. Why is it not here!?!?!?!x

  21. That's a lot of snow. Your plants looks gorgeous. I had a Christmas cactus once and it was so small. Hope you won't get too cold with the Polar Vortex approaching the east coast.