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Saturday, September 11, 2010


Today it feels like Fall. I can feel it in my bones. I don't have the electric heat on yet and I like to postpone turning it on for as long as I can. I love the wood heat and usually put a pot of water on to moisten the air in winter or put a pot of home made soup to simmer slowly. No need of the old pot of water yet though, it's damp enough with the rain we got this weekend and the rain found it's way into our basement which added to the dampness. This problem will be fixed as soon as my husband gets some free time to remedy the situation. This means that I have to dig up my perennials flower bed in front of the house. Not happy about that....

The stove looked a bit pale so I added a coat of stove polish with and old rag while it was medium hot like it says on the jar of stove polish. The polish was all dried up and it said to add water if it was dried and that's what I did.  Afterward while looking for something to polish the stove I remembered that old piece of wool that was in my stash. I didn't know why I kept it but I couldn't throw it away because it was WOOL. It worked fantastic... I"m glad that I found a good use for it,then I threw it away. I've got another piece of that wool for next time.

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Now my house is cosy with just the right amount of heat and oh yes... I used some of my twigs to light the stove and it works like magic.   Now my bones are happy and I'm happy too for finding a good use for my not so good wool...  Have a great weekend, stay warm and safe and thanks for visiting.  JB


  1. Hi Julia,
    You have a Fisher!!! We've had ours for almost 40 years. They last forever! We've never even had to replace the fire bricks. Aren't they wonderful! Ours is the longer type with the single door.

    It hasn't gotten cool enough yet to light the fire. We have had to close the windows (boo-hoo!) because it's getting chilly.

    We seriously need RAIN here!

  2. Hi Pat, thanks for dropping by. Gee, we could have shared some of our rain.
    We got a good drenching when Earl snubbed us but it didn't last and then again this weekend. Now the sun is shining but the chill is in the air in the evening. They are announcing danger of frost tonight in the North of the province. We are closer to the south so we are still OK here.

    Yeah those fisher stoves sure are great although some of our fire bricks needs replacing. My husband put great big pieces of wood that he calls "night pieces" in it and sometimes he's a little rough on the poor bricks.

    Take care, JB

  3. Yes, the chill is in the air. I put my electric fireplace on tonight for awhile. Not the same as a wood stove but it will do.

  4. Kim, when it's cold and damp, any heat will do. An electric fireplace is cleaner than wood fireplace and a lot safer, the only draw back for us would be that we would have to pay electricity. We have a wood fireplace that we haven't used for a long time because we had a chimney fire once and the chimney liner must have cracked and it never got repaired so we haven't used it for that reason. My husband talked about of converting it into a propane gas fireplace but so far it hasn't happened... JB

  5. I never knew there was such a thing as "stove polish"....I learned something new today. Isn't it great to find a use for "old wool" or wool that we don't want to hook with? I think we all have trouble "throwing out" wool....even when we know we won't use it for hooking.

  6. Tamm , thanks for the visit... I should have taken a photo of the jar of stove polish but it never occurred to me as I was rather in a rush when I took the photos. I agree, it's difficult to throw wool away even when it's not suitable for hooking. JB