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I'm a mother of four grandmother of seven and great grandmother of one. I have many hobbies and interests but gardening and rug hooking are my main interest at the moment. I live with my husband in the house that we built with the help of my brothers and have been married for 51years.

Thursday, October 7, 2010


It's been another busy day, I worked in the office for a bit and  I finally got the shed cleaned enough for now anyway. Now I can walk in and not feel like I'm going to be buried under an avalange of junk each time I walk in there.

I tried my camera and discovered that I need a card which was not included in the package.  What a bummer. So for today, I'm still using my little Fuji.

I think that I need a day of vacation because I'm getting worst. After lunch I changed into some street clothes and got my purse and hopped in the car headed down town to buy some calf feed. I had intended of stopping at Value Village to check on a coffee carafe  and at a camera shop to buy a card for the new Canon camera but half way to town I realized that I had put my barn boots on. Now picture me all dressed up with a purse and a pair of green steel toe, barn boots on. Go ahead and have a good laugh. I did as I realized what I was wearing. I'm getting as absent minded as Einstein, not that I can compare myself to him.

My small calves got dehorned this afternoon  and my expectant cow is still expectant.  This evening I did a little bit of hooking and here's the progress. I used some of April's green wool on three evergreen over the toboggan. Not quite finished them as I was getting my colors mixed up. Time to call it quit for today.  Thanks for checking up on the this old girl's blog.  JB


  1. Hi Julia,
    Your trees look great in the green from April.
    The barn boots gave me my happy thought before going to bed! You're not losing your mind, you're just saving it for the important stuff!!! (whatever that might be!) Really it's a sign of having too many things to think about and too many things to do in a day.

    Deiter getting so stressed out at the vet today was totally unexpected. He is usually calm through most any circumstance. We've taken him in the car other times (he was loose to walk around)and he was fine. I think it might have been the cage.

  2. Julia - I love what you are doing with your rug. The colors are wonderful. You're not the only forgetful one. It comes with having a busy mind!

  3. Thanks Doris and Pat. Yes I agree, too much to do and too much on my mind and add very tired to the pot and I'm due for a little vacation. I'll have to arrange for a short visit to my family up North of New Brunswick. JB

  4. Thanks for the invitation Christine. That would be a big visit. lol Hugs xox

  5. I left you a comment but blogger is being finicky.
    I just wanted you to know I left you a blogger award over at my page. If you want it just come by and pick it up. If you don't that is okay too.
    I just wanted you to know. :) I love your boots and going into town. I think that is a very cute story.

  6. Your rug is looking great. Love the detail you are getting.
    Don't feel to bad about the way you went to town.
    I came home from church on Sunday to discover I had on two different earrings. No one said a word.

  7. Thanks Katie, you made me laugh out loud and I'm on my way to put on my barn boots and going to the barn now. JB.